What Needs to be Done

The text below was taken from a comment by Tim Veater to this post:

DESPERATELY SEEKING: Police Against Child Abuse

and I have inserted my comment.

All efforts should therefore be directed to:
1) lodging an effective appeal against the fatally flawed Pauffley judgement;
— which has been done, but we don’t know the contents;

2) challenging the Metropolitan Police’s decision not to continue to investigate the children’s allegations;
— that was the purpose of our Judicial Review which Pauffley wanted to ‘hijack’;

3) take legal advice on the feasibility of taking out a private prosecution on the available evidence;
— that was the idea of the solicitor who came forward to protect and defend me; it led to my publishing another petition that was taken down by Change.org;

4) continue the private research to investigate the children’s claims;
— that’s best done by http://www.hampsteadresearch.wordpress.com;

5) make an ombudsman complaint against the London Borough of Camden;
— excellent idea! Barnet, too, though!

6) pursue a complaint against specific aspects of the Metropolitan Police investigation;

7) institute letter campaigns to MP’s and Government Ministers;

8) maintaining efforts to bring the case to the attention of European Institutions;
— see my next blog post re BRUSSEL NEWS;

9) involve as far as practical the interest of the Russian Government;
— must be up to Ella and Russian speakers;

10) organise peaceful mass protest;
— 23rd May on Hampstead Heath at the ‘Paradise entrance’: https://vid.me/JJZB
— 30th May is an opportunity – led by Czeck MEP Tomas Zdechovsky;

11) organise (Channel 4; UK Column; abroad?) mainstream station to produce a balanced TV programme

12) newspaper campaigns

These are only suggestions and I may have overlooked other possibilities. No campaign can be effective without an organisation, resources and committed as already demonstrated by Sabine and others. How this will develop awaits to be seen. The bottom line is that we cannot forget the children or their allegations.


2 thoughts on “What Needs to be Done

  1. Great suggestions hope to be back on board soon in fact trying to shake myself awake from the blur of attack on every angle …..am travelling to UK again soon so hope to link up and see what miracles we can participate in for children everywhere as well as terrorised and brutalised traumatised parents and loving family too….

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