We Need Your Help 2

The Association of McKenzie Friends has operated as an unincorporated, unfunded network of individuals.

We each have used our own personal funds to help victims, also in prisons, and assist litigants in person, also in courts.

But now we have set up The Knight Foundation as a charity so that professional services can be employed, such as solicitors and barristers who have helped for free so far.

The Donate button is here.


One thought on “We Need Your Help 2

  1. For Belinda Mckenzie

    I note the v for vendetta mask (anonymous mask) man appeared on videos outside Royal Courts. He is very convincing yet in the middle of the recording he presents a document with David Icke’s name on it and the 1930s Geneva Convention bankrupting the various countries including UK. There was also a woman campaigning besides you and mentioning the same document and a Uniform Code that we should be aware of. By simply googling the Uniform Code we can see this relates only to a piece in US Legislation and not at all relates to UK or International legislation. Also David Icke is a well known conspirationist. All said my friend and I believe they discredit your campaign by mentioning things which are untrue or conspirationist / ludicrous. Eg the royal family members are lizards, David Icke. We support your campaign but we would not like your campaign to be associated with such characters nor their messages.


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