Verbal Swords and Visual Weapons

The European Dimension of the ‘Whistleblower Kids’ Case:

  • Say it on – a dynamic version of Powerpoint – as succinctly as possible.
  • And as an e-book in progress – to be launched when I dare to return to the UK.

For Newcomers: the Allegations on the Key Videos:

ONLINE FACT FINDING about the Abusers Online:

So far, 22 superb videos by Hampstead Research with frequent blog posts.

APPEALING to the BBC and Police to Investigate:

1a: Executive Summary:

1b: Petition leaflet for Police:

1c. 30-page Crime Report for BBC and Police:

APPEALING to EU Parliament Investigate and the EU Commission to Enforce EU Law:

2a: Executive Summary

2b: Petition 1707/ 2013 Update

2c: The full 21-page Report which I handed to the First Vice-President of the Commission


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