How You can Help 1

Brave little Alisa and Gabriel say they want to help protect children, so they decided to “face their fear” and tell people and authorities about the continuous sexual assaults on their friends and them perpetrated by their father, teachers, social workers, police and others.


You can help:
1. JOIN event: click “GOING”, post, comment, like, share
2. EMAIL Justice James Munby [see below]
3. RALLY outside the Royal Courts of Justice on Tuesday
4. Sign the petition:
5. Contact Interpol:

Alisa and Gabriel have been taken away from their mum, the abuse is being covered up and they are in danger! Their father is being allowed access to them and their mum has fled the country to escape incarceration on bogus charges.

There is a custody hearing this week and it has become apparent to advocates that Justice Anna Pauffley is complicit in the cover up of abuse and has no intention of returning the children to their mother.

PLEASE EMAIL the head of UK Family Courts and ask him to intervene and return Alisa and Gabriel to their safe mother.

Justice James Munby:
[See below for pre-written message to copy and paste.]

Instead of investigating the kids’ very detailed accounts of serious sexual assaults and murder, the children were taken away from their mother and coerced to recant their reports – likely after having been told they will not see their mother again if they do not (as is the pattern in paternal sexual abuse cases). This was done by police and social services who have been named as perpetrators and Justice Pauffley is going along with it. There is no way this case can have a fair hearing in the local jurisdiction.

Protective Mom Ella and her legal advocate, Sabine, have had to flee the country since bogus arrest warrants were issued in an obvious attempt to intimidate, silence and disempower them. Both fear being jailed if they return. But Sabine has not been silenced; she has a comprehensive blog about the abuse and the cover up:

If you are in the London area, you can join the mother’s other legal advocate, Belinda, and many supporters outside the Royal Courts of Justice from 12 to 2 every day of the trial. The best day to come is Tuesday, March 3rd:
Strand, London WC2A 2LL

EMAIL: write your own or copy and paste
Justice Munby:

Dear Justice Munby,

I have become aware of the sexual abuse case of Alisa and Gabriel. Justice Anna Pauffley is not doing her job and should be removed from the case. She is disregarding abundant evidence of sexual assaults, including medical evidence, and is ignoring the fact that a proper investigation with which to gather further corroborating evidence has not yet been conducted. She has kept the children in care for six months and given visits to their identified perpetrator who threatened to kill them if they told about the abuse. They have been deprived of their mother, who has never harmed them and has been their primary bond and caretaker.

There are many things which point to a cover up of the sexual abuse, not the least of which is to separate the mother and children which effectively silences them. Now that you are aware of the facts of this case and the evidence of a cover up, if you do not intervene and protect the children by giving them back to their safe, loving mother, I will consider you complicit.

Thank you

You can also email Home Secretary Theresa May who is heading the Inquiry into Sexual Abuse Cover Ups. Let her know she should investigate this case because children could be in danger now.

For other actions you can take:

Contact Interpol; Subject: Alisa and Gabriel



The cover up:

Full video of kids disclosing to mother and her friend:

First police video of Alisa reporting:

First police video of Gabriel reporting:

Playlist of all videos:

WhistleBlower Kids Blog:

FB page:

THANK YOU for your activism in protecting children!

[Pictured: Gabriel and Alisa; Ella (top left); Advocate Sabine (top middle); Advocate Belinda (top right); Home Secretary Theresa May (bottom left); Justice James Munby (bottom middle); Judge Anna Pauffley (bottom right)


Social Media CourtWatch and Rally for Alisa and Gabriel

3 March at 12:00 in PST

You were invited by Sara Smallaxe


4 thoughts on “How You can Help 1

  1. Done and I added some more including this:

    “This is systematic state-organised and state condoned crime of the worst possible kind and has recently been declared a terrorist act by Prime Minister David Cameron who has stated that in cases of wilful neglect by state officials to act is complicit to an act of terrorism which is punishable by 5 years in jail. I feel this sentence is too short for people who do not act to stop extreme criminal offences such as these. The process of law has not been adhered to in this case and in goodness knows how many others which have not been brought to light.”

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