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Regarding the testimony by Alisa 9 & Gabriel 8, – 2 min. More on

This had been sent by veteran campaigner and McKenzie Friend David Pidcock:

​Involving daily rapes and murders of children and babies by teachers, headteachers, social services, Police, nurses…etc…in UK schools, below and many others satellite satanic rings in schools in the UK: 

  1. Christchurch School, Christchurch Hill, London NW3 1JH — 020 7435 1361 — MP Glenda Jackson
  1. Highgate school, North Road N6 4AY — MP Lynne Featherstone —

  1. Heathside school,

Heathside Preparatory School, 16 New End, London NW3 1JA — MP Glenda Jackson

  1. Fitzjohn’s primary,

86A Fitzjohn’s Avenue, Hamstead, London, Greater London NW3 6NP — 020 7435 9797MP Glenda Jackson

  1. Perrochio School, — Holly Bush Vale, London NW3 6TX MP Glenda Jackson — 020 7435 4135
  1. New End, New End Primary School. Streatley Place. London NW3 1HU — MP Glenda Jackson
  2. Northbridge,

North Bridge House School is an independent school located in London for 2½ to 16-year-olds. The school has four different locations for different age groups. The first, located in Hampstead on Fitzjohn’s Avenue, is for 2½ – 5 year olds. The second, located near the first, on Netherhall Gardens, is for 5 – 7 year olds, and the third is located in the former campus of The Royal School, Hampstead, and is for 13 – 16 year olds. Finally, there is a building in Camden Town on Gloucester Avenue for 8 – 13 year olds.

  1. Devonshire house Preparatory School, 2 Arkwright Road, Hampstead, London, NW3 6AE, Telephone: 020 7435 1916


  1. Junior School Address: 69 Fitzjohn’s Avenue, Hampstead, London, NW3 6PD Telephone: 020 7431 3466 MP Glenda Jackson

PLEASE feel free to take the appropriate action with the appropriate authorities for the immediate release

​of Alisa & Gabriel ​to their loving mother Ella Draper, so she may take them to safety in Russia, outside the satanic rituals of the UK.  Apparently, the children have been in Police “protection” whilst their dad has access to them since the videos recorded by Police in Sept 2014.

​Alisa & Gabriel, together with all children in the above implicated schools in UK need urgent rescuing strategy….

  1. Contact OFSTED – Linda Marriott – Ofsted – Applications, Regulatory and Contact team – Telephone: 0300 123 4666

Email: — Website: ‪ — Ofsted on Twitter at: ‪

OFSTED is the Schools Inspection public service to ensure schools keep up with educational standards – question is, are they involved in the cover up or they had no idea – if latter is true, why have they not yet closed all schools down since receipt of email on 12th Feb 2015 at 12.30 see REF 1 below Ofsted reference: CAS-318142-NV2LBX

1. Contact IPCC, SFO & Police – The videos were made in Sept 2014 by Police, who found nothing to investigate and closed the file… Yet they have effectively “kidnapped” the children back into the father’s influences…who had threatened to kill them for speaking out – the children have probably been tortured further and must be rescued immediately.

A) Serious Fraud Office, 2-4 Cockspur St, London SW1Y 5BS,

B) Police Commissioner, Metropolitan Police, New Scotland Yard, Broadway, London, SW1H 0BG,

C) IPCC, PO BOX. 473, Sale M33 0BW,

2. Contact the local MPs, Councillors and MEPs Enter the postcodes of the schools to send this or other letter to them to take the appropriate action for the return of the children Glenda Jackson MP & Lynne Featherstone MP

3. WRITE TO CAMDEN BOROUGH COUNCIL Social Services, Chief Executive, Directors,


5. MAKE A FREEDOM OF INFORMATION REQUEST into the failed Police investigation:

6. Contact NSPCC – 42 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3NH — 020 7825 2500

7. Invite mainstream media to cover the kidnapping of these children from their loving mother Ella and the crimes being covered up.

8. Remind the above public organisations and servants of their personal liability, if they continue to act with Dishonour in a Commercial Lien in the sum of £1,000 per day per child that the schools continue to trade dishonourably by refusing to shut down immediately, and continue trading with satanic ritual crimes.


———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Linda Marriott <>

Date: 12 February 2015 at 12:30

Subject: Acknowledgement

Name of School: Christ Church Primary School, Hampstead

Ofsted reference: CAS-318142-NV2LBX

Thank you for sharing your concerns about the above provider. Ofsted takes this information seriously and will make it available to inform the inspection planning process of the school’s next inspection.

Your complaint has been passed to Ofsted’s Complaints about Schools team to review. The team will establish whether Ofsted can consider your complaint further and aim to respond to your complaint within 30 working days of the date of this acknowledgement.

If your complaint contains information which Ofsted feels raises concerns of children not being safe, we have an obligation to forward your complaint to the respective local authority, without delay. This is so the appropriate agencies can consider the concerns.

During the review of your complaint, the school, its board of governors and other organisations may be contacted. If you wish to remain anonymous in this correspondence please inform the Complaints about Schools team as soon as possible by emailing or phoning Ofsted quoting the above reference.


Linda Marriott

Ofsted – Applications, Regulatory and Contact team

Telephone: 0300 123 4666


Website: ‪

Ofsted on Twitter at: ‪


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