Online Petitions

15 03 17 Petition 240 have removed three of our petitions. This is a great pity, as they are the best of all petition platforms in terms of ability to communicate both with supporters and ‘targets’.

At last count, 1,184 signers asked High Court Judge Mrs Justice Pauffley NOT to hand custody over the children to the father they accuse:

Previously, we had nearly 16,000 signatures after two months on the petition to

And as the legal team grew, we planned for

  • 15 03 17 Petition II 240Joining Private Prosecutions against Relevant Individuals and Authorities.

That had gathered nearly 300 signatures, before both of them were taken down. I publish the thread of communication here.

Regarding the patterns of corruption and cover-ups, this petition is by Tom Watson MP:

Regarding the case, there are still these for you to sign:

Regarding forced adoptions and the secrecy of family courts, these petitions are live:


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