15 02 21 Kids PetitionAfter this Position Statement was dismissed by HHJ Pauffley, we decided to publish the petition to Return the #WhistleblowerKids which the mother edited.

Then I sent an email to the Home Secretary The Rt Hon Theresa May MP advising her that I added her address to the list of decision makers and recipients.

A week later I reminded her asking for an answer. No response.

Lady Justice Goddard acknowledged the email I had sent her about the baggage she is inheriting as Chair of the National Inquiry into Sexual Abuse. After all, I had given From Hillsborough to Lambeth to Fiona Woolf’s assistant when they were before the Home Affairs Committee.

The email to the Home Secretary who is responsible for Police as well as the National Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse got published here on the TapNewsWire and the rest is internet history. It seems I must have sent it also as an update to the petition signers, for the Tap told me that it had spread on Facebook already. That would be the connection with who removed not only this but also a subsequent petition asking for Private Prosecutions. They also closed my account. I told the petition story on video here.

A petition asking Mrs Justice Pauffley NOT to hand the custody over the children to the father was also taken down.

Now we have a petition to establish a Royal Commission, especially as there is a precedent in New South Wales: Corruption, Reform and Paedophilia!

Our petition to the House of Commons:

John Hemming MP’s various Early Day Motions have also been ignored:

Hence our petition to the EU Committee

In the enthusiasm and commitment of social media activists, this petition has also emerged:

And here’s the solution we recommend for the Establishment to somewhat save face:

My petitioning history is at


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