The most recent evidence consists of remarkable videos produced from online presence of the alleged abusers:

  1. 13 minutes asking the question “Why has Katy Forsdyke, head teacher of Christ Church School, Hampstead not opened the doors of her school to public scrutiny?”
  2. 10 minutes about Facebook connections between the alleged abusers.
  3. 15 minutes of the ‘police raid’ at the mother’s house
  4. 6 minutes about the infiltration of churches by alleged abusers.

More are being produced regularly by Hampstead Research.

The evidence of the criminal nature and past of domestic violence of the father:

  1. 5 police call-outs and 3 reports; one included the cracking of the mother’s skull, prevented by her older son calling the police;
  2. 2 non-molestation orders;
  3. the mother had a Residence Order in place, before the children made their accusations.

The evidence of the veracity of what the children are saying is manifold:

    • medical records commissioned by Barnet Police – confirming scarring in the anal area due to injuries from many months ago:
    • Witness Statements produced by a retired constable regarding the Criminal Record Information System (CRIS) of the Police and the Achieving Best Evidence (ABE) video interviews – critical of both the closing of the case and the quality of the interviews
    • the consistency with which the boy and girl keep saying the same things, with the same level of detail:
      • distinguishing marks around the private parts of teachers and parents
      • sexual preferences of their abusers
      • the use of plastic willies and injections when children scream
      • the times and places used for the abuse.

These comments were left by a parent of a child at Christ Church School in Hampstead:

15 02 22 Wiggan 1
15 02 22 Wiggan 2

Christ Church School have closed their website and changed all their staff.

Connections between parents, school staff and abusers are highlighted in this excellent 10-min video.

The first video produced by the same analysts explore companies and directorships.

All the info from the school website http://www.christchurchschool.co.uk has been recorded here:

15 02 22 Schoolsnet

On 5 Feb 2015 the head teacher sent a letter to all parents that I published on What Next for #WhistleblowerKids and these ‘hidden crimes’ of Child Sexual Abuse?

A commentary by US Alex Jones on UK Richie Allen’s show starts at minute 25 about


20 thoughts on “Evidence

  1. Hi there.

    The McDonalds on the High Street in Hampstead closed on the 17th of November 2013, not 2014. That is not the only McDonalds facility in Hampstead.

    Kind regards.


  2. Hi there Great work and Thankyou ! I cannot access the Schools website copy , due to them asking for password and username to an unsecured connection ? can you advise how I can view their old website ect thanks


  3. Ok then ,I also just wanted to say ,that I have been studying cases of abuse against children ,for some years now and it appears that the Governments from all over the world are involved as well as Royalty ,Very sad ,but what is sadder is the response form the Public ,seems it is just me , me , me ,.

    This will be the tip of the iceberg and I really hope that these selfish ignorant people [the public ] wake up real soon. I think this whole thing is scripted and Humanity is in grave danger when we all wake up together, not if but when ,and it will be this year . that star of David was typifying …….

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  4. Is there any secondary verification for the person who made that You Tube comment being who they say they are? It seems that her comment is being stated as a proven fact, yet as we all know, anyone is able to set up a you tube account and claim to be whoever they wish. Has anyone in the Hampstead area looked more deeply into who June Wiggan is? Is there a person connected to the school with this name in real life?, etc. This is not intended as a criticism Sabine, I am behind what you are doing Sabine, but these are the sorts of question that will be asked by people.


  5. Hi Sabine,
    I found a link to a lot of the police interviews with Gabriel and Alisa.
    I’m so shocked to see that they have retracted certain details of their alleged abuse.
    I can’t help feeling that they have been brainwashed into saying something different. The policeman is feeding them lines. Poor children look absolutely exhausted.
    This footage has just made me even sadder and very confused.


  6. I have also just seen this video….I find it very very suspicious.
    Gabriel is obviously acting and saying exactly what he has been fed by ‘Pappa Hemp’.
    I thought ‘Pappa Hemp’ only came up during the police interviews when the children said they were making it all up.
    I assumed it must have been after a skype call with their Father but this is obviously taken on the plane home from Morrocco.
    It’s too contrived.
    This has not been shown along with all the other videos so publicly…..I wonder why?
    There is something very suspicious about Abraham Christie.
    I just don’t know what to believe now.



  7. http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?79778-Shocking-new-video-about-Satanism&p=934114&viewfull=1#post934114 (see post #35).

    At the time of posting this, 1500 signatures are now required. Link: https://www.change.org/p/hampstead-alleged-abusers-come-to-be-examined-we-demand-that-the-alleged-abusers-with-apparent-distinguishing-marks-come-forward-to-be-examined-by-independent-trusted-doctors-and-the-police?utm_campaign=responsive_friend_inviter_chat&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petition&recruiter=2844331

    I do not have a FB account and have requested someone ask ARAYA SOMA if she is aware of the changes on her petition but so far nobody has obliged. I can not see where to contact change.org for an explanation. Obviously we’re not going to get anywhere in this area of the case if the number of signatures required continues to increase by 500 every time the target is reached.

    I’m leaving this information here with the hope you can get further than I can in finding an explanation as to the cause of this and (depending on the explanation) a true target figure.

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  8. Concerned Citizen ? You Don’t sound to concerned to me ,Do you always bag out people who have children’s welfare at heart ? are you concerned for the poor folk who are accused of all this ? or are you concerned for the children , What sort of Looney would put kids up to this sort of thing ? you obviously Don’t do much study on the subject ,You Know Prince Phillip is a Low life too don’t you ? Never heard of paedophiles getting knighted before have you ?


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