The secrecy of family courts is being used to commit crimes to cover-up crimes:

  1. the Judicial Review (JR) that we filed on 22 December against the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police was ‘acknowledged’ with a ‘weird and wonderful set of Grounds of Resistance‘ where ‘black’ becomes ‘white’ and ‘white’ is painted ‘black’;
  2. the Witness Statements by the retired constable, regarding the Criminal Reporting System (CRIS) reports and the Achieving Best Evidence (ABE) interviews are very critical of the Police’s decision to close the case;
  3. Haringey Council were informed by the Met and started proceedings against the author of the Witness Statements;
  4. Barnet Council were also informed by the Met and added an emergency hearing because ‘confidential’ information was supposedly submitted with the JR;
  5. barristers suggested to ask all interested parties to ‘destroy the evidence’; that includes MEPs I’m in touch with in Brussels;
  6. a psychiatrist has been found to discredit the medical evidence and claim that the scarring is due to constipation;
  7. the High Court Judge Mrs Justice Anne Pauffley claimed she could and would deal with the mother’s issues, but didn’t and doesn’t:
  • the Judicial Review to re-open the case by Police
  • the reasons why the Local Authority are holding the children
  • the Non-Molestation Order against the father
  • the inequality of contact between mother (fortnightly) and father (weekly), even though before the allegations, the father was allowed to see the children only twice a month.

In fact, when the Judge ignored the mother’s Position Statement, it became clear to the mother that she has no intention of returning the children.

The subsequent internet exposure includes internet cover-up by YouTube and Facebook.

Hence I submitted

which was added to my petition to Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent in the EU Petitions Committee.


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