The Case

The allegations of the children are on this 1-hour video.

The case was listed as LB Barnet vs Draper but the Local Authority complained that this could identify the children in this blog post of mine. Hence an Order that required me to attend was produced by barrister Hannah Markham talking to HHJ Pauffley behind the mother’s back.

I was ‘like granite’ according to Belinda McKenzie when addressed by Her Ladyship, after the usher didn’t even want to tell us where the hearing was taking place. It had been moved from her Court 32.

In the courts, it had changed from ‘private law proceedings’ between mother and father for years to ‘public law proceedings’ where first LB Camden and then LB Barnet were the ‘Applicant’.

Summaries are under:

  1. About: the critical timeline before the children were taken on 11 September by Barnet Police who closed the case with “crime not confirmed” on 22 September
  2. Contempt & Courts: Barnet Family Court and the High Court
  3. Harassment & Police: complaints on behalf of the parents who abuse their children.

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