The Judgment

The judgment consists of 165 Paragraphs paving the way for the children to be given to the father they accused: Why Ian Josephs Advises Mothers NOT to report Crimes of Abusive Fathers: they lose their children

It is published on the official site as well as in Family Law Week.

But will the internet community of good people allow that to happen?

Abraham Christie was framed already in a ‘strategy meeting’ on 09 September 2015. He’s the ideal fall guy.

Here’s Belinda McKenzie commenting:

And a video compiled from different sources on judgement day:

Here’s the comment by an astute observer:

  • That judgement is the most disgusting, offensive garbage I have ever came across.
  • Fact: no investigation has ever taken place.
  • Fact: the character assassination of Dr Hodes is a disgrace and unlawful because she cannot give evidence against Dr Hodes as she has no credentials to do so!
  • Fact: the character assassination of Mr Christie is unlawful as he has never been convicted as a predator and her claims are a complete lie because both the mother and Mr Christie got the children to GO TO the police!!!
  • You tell me one person who is guilty that has tried to convict themselves? This does not happen!!!!
  • Fact: this judge has to be arrested under EU law because none of the alleged were interviewed!
  • Judge Pauffley is a total outrage. She cannot dismiss all of the evidence and label us crazy. That woman should be arrested. Incredible the level of corruption she has promoted. What a ghastly person!!
  • All in all, this judge is not fit for purpose and to say the children were coached is outrageous. If she feels that then where is the polygraph test!!! This woman will burn in hell for her sins.

I have now gathered everything pertaining to the judgement on

  • Meetup – the platform to substitute the petitions that were taken down with nearly 16,000 and 300 signatures each.

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