Internet Cover-Ups

  • YouTube deleted oodles of videos due to ‘privacy infringement’
  • Facebook bans people, deleted one of my pages and ‘temporarily lock me out of the other page’; I’d have to recognise photos of my ‘friends’ to get back in again.

UK Infringement of EU Directive

EU Parliament

Council of Europe


5 thoughts on “International

  1. Posts that they don’t like about israel, jews, zionist, cabal, illuminati, cults, the ‘elite’, elders of Zion, the synagogue of satan and nwo are often removed from joogle and jootube.. I don’t use Facebook but I know many people who have had accounts removed..

    Searches and pages are often ‘blocked’ to hide them, to limit views and deny coverage..


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  2. Yes after all it can be said that ,the above groups are all fully responsible for the Disgraceful murder and rape of children ,one only has to view videos entitled Jewish Ritual Murder ect to find the sordid History of these truly sick individuals , The Jewish Rabbis have been Raping their own at the Yeshiva Colleges here in Sydney and Melbourne ,and of course our churches have been doing the same thing for 2 centuries or more , but the Big Question is Will the Rest of the flock awaken in time to help the children /world Humanity ? or will we see the wrath of the Jew World Order Inflicted upon us all , Time is running out fast !

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