The Issues

Police Cover-Up

Barnet Police

  • 11 Sep 2014: Emergency Protection Order to keep the children after video interview
  • 22 Sep 2014: Case closed, crime not confirmed
  • 13 Feb 2015: Receive phone call from Colindale Police station. There is supposedly an Arrest Warrant out there, possibly even EU. Neither my solicitor nor the mother’s barrister have anything confirmed in writing.

Metropolitan Police

  • 22 Dec 2014: Judicial Review filed against Commissioner of Metropolitan Police
  • They inform Haringey Council who start proceedings against expert who had submitted a witness statement
  • They inform Barnet Council who start proceedings against mother regarding the use of the Police videos.

Secret Family Court in Barnet with Judge Vera Mayer

  • Residence Order ‘discharged’
  • Interim Care Order based on Section 31 Threshold: the actual or likely suffering of significant emotional, physical or sexual harm

According to police records, the plan was made in a meeting on 9 September: the partner Abraham Christie was to be stitched up and the mother’s mental health was to be questioned.

  • Two previous Non-Molestation Orders ignored
  • More contact with father after allegations (weekly) than before (fortnightly)
  • More contact for father (weekly) than for mother (fortnightly)

Secret High Court with Mrs Justice Anne Pauffley

  • despite the judge saying “the genie is out of the bottle”, she ‘confiscates’ the Police interviews
  • Judge Mayer had ordered police disclosure which solicitors had received
  • mother sacked two solicitors and a barrister before working with us as McKenzie Friends (lay legal advisors)
  • Belinda McKenzie is asked to give an undertaking on behalf of the Association of McKenzie Friends to keep the proceedings confidential
  • Barnet’s barrister meets the judge behind the mother’s back (reason for appealing) to arrange an Order for me to appear
  • I am ordered to remove a post that mentions the mother’s name as it might lead to the identification of the children.
  • Barnet file Position Statement that mentions 3 councils want to stage a prosecution against me.
  • Mother and I are subject of an Injunction re publications on the internet, i.e. ‘contempt of court’.
  • I file an Application to Discharge the Order, after having left the country, knowing very well how victims of white collar crimes are being treated.
  • I receive a phone call from Colindale Police who want to speak to me re ‘harassment’.
  • A criminal lawyer comes forward to speak to them on my behalf.
  • 10 Police (most in plain clothes) show up at her house without a warrant. Barrister sends them away. Mother leaves the country.
  • Belinda McKenzie who was as McKenzie Friend in the court 3 times with the mother is not admitted without her.

Child Snatching

  • Institutionalised child snatching takes place at 1,000 children per month or 1 every 20 minutes as Channel IV publishes
  • Social Services say “it’s policy”, confirmed by John Hemming MP and Austin Mitchell MP

Forced Adoptions: without Parental Consent

Child Sexual Assaults (CSA)

Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA)

Internet Cover-Up

  • YouTube deletes videos
  • Facebook bans people
  • Google delete the contents of my drive

17 thoughts on “The Issues

  1. I think you are doing a wonderful job Sabine! But just wanted to point out that the Macdonalds in Hampstead closed in November 2013 not 2014.
    I am not wishing to discredit your work in any way, I just don’t want someone else to discredit it with such a technicality.
    Thank you for all that you are doing☺️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dear Sabine,

    I don’t know if I can be much of help living outside of the UK, apart from signing a petition and spreading the word via social networks. In the name of all mothers I really appreciate what you do and adore your bravery to bring this case out to public. I’ve been following this case since I learned about it and not because I am Russian. For I’m aware of the deplorable situation in the UK regarding the child abuse (CSA, SCA). For I want to stop children suffering all around the world.
    By the way, if Ella’s children possess Russian citizenship as well as the British, maybe there is a chance to get the embassy or Russian ombudsman involved?


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