My Playlist of Disillusionment

Compiled from videos on YouTube only:

Hard satanic evidence by the children in the global context:

These are the mechanisms that define power structures and hold them in place – categorising all aspects: 

  • the whistleblower kids as witnesses, victims and survivors
  • child snatching as the most heinous of institutionalised white collar crimes
  • the secrecy of family courts as the hypocritical legitimisation for child snatching
  • forced adoptions – against the will of the parents – are one of the characteristics which make the UK unique across the European Union
  • child sexual abuse – not only ‘at home’ in families but also the ‘establishment’ in the UK aka Filthy Britain
  • institutionalised child sexual abuse – in care homes, with foster parents and in the global elite
  • the necessity for APOLOGIES and COMPENSATION FUNDS besides THERAPY for healing irrepairable wounds and traumas.

But the ‘Age of Disillusionment and Empowerment‘ has begun:

  • victims and survivors are waking up
  • ‘professionals’ don’t deliver their jobs and become un-believable
  • institutions abuse their positions of authority and lose their credibility.

The illusions become apparent:

  • institutions wouldn’t exist if ‘money’ couldn’t be created from thin air
  • employees are ‘just doing their job’
  • nobody is accountable or responsible.

We need to build new realities!


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