Alleged Abusers Online

15 03 06 CCPS4

The web is a remarkable reflection of good and bad people enhancing their character.

Hampstead Research has been focussing on making remarkable videos – exploring the online presence of the 70+ alleged abusers.

Now there are:

Evidence against the father whom the children accuse to be the leader of a cult is on

  1. Dearman Does Hampstead – revealing some of his fake profiles
  2. The Hampstead Cover Up: Papa Kills Babies – retracted in Police interview? By my dad.
  3. The Hampstead Cover Up: Ruffling some Feathers – Ricky Dearman’s online activities
  4. Dearman Pornographer? – Predictive software detects the film maker
  5. The Defenders of the Cult – Part 1
  6. The Defenders of the Cult – Part 2
  7. Questioning the CRIS Report – 15 Questions and 2 Constables: DC Rogers and DI Cannon
  8. What are the Odds of the children lying? Includes an Analysis of the Police interview with RD.
  9. Ricky Dearman Video Analysis – his BBC interview.

The children’s testimonies are on

Altogether, 22 videos in chronological order – about Christchurch Primary School (CCPS): CCPS – in support of the petition that was taken down with 16,000 signatures:

The medical records confirming what the children have said.

  1. Connections – between companies and their directors
  2. Police Raid – a legal rep keeping 9 Police at bay so that the mother can escape
  3. The Teachers – with Facebook connections between some of the alleged abusers among teaching staff
  4. The Churches – more connections about more of the abusers – asking the question whether Hampstead churches have been infiltrated by alleged abusers.
  5. Polly and her teaching assistants as friends on Facebook
  6. The Lock and Shoe shop in Finchley Road tube station
  7. Reply to Dan – a video comment regarding the shoe shop
  8. Ella’s Witness Statement – accusing the abusers
  9. Tennis Coaches – possible connections?
  10. Investigations – a cult trafficking and murdering babies
  11. The Sponsors – of the school
  12. Friends on Facebook
  13. Zooming in on Christchurch
  14. The Network – Part 1
  15. Dearman’s Judgement 2010
  16. Porno?
  17. Dearman – Child Pornographer?
  18. The Network – Part 2: Taxi Drivers
  19. When Tricky meets Vicky
  20. Forensic Linguistic Analysis of Retraction Interviews – Part 1 and Part 2
  21. Who was Involved?
  22. Dearman BBC Analysis
  23. The Big Dig – Part 1
  24. The Big Dig – Part 2
  25. Big Dig 3
  26. Big Dig 4

According to our experiences, the judge is expected to hand custody over the children to their abusive father. But, so far, it appears that the children refused to go with their father and therefore are in ‘care’ for another 6 months.


20 thoughts on “Alleged Abusers Online

    • If the kids are given over to the grandparents what is the guarantee that the mother and her abusive boyfriend won’t be able to take up where they left off. Have you looked at the history of the mother and boyfriend?


  1. Cannot believe that they are even considering giving the children too their father, when he is allegedly the instigator of all the abuse allegations. They need to be safe, and if the court will not hand them over to the grandparents, then they should be with foster parents, until the allegations are properly investigated. Abusers like these rely on the fact that their perversions are so horrific, that no one will believe it is actually happening. Please take this seriously, the children’s welfare is paramount.

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  2. I can’t believe that anyone would consider giving those children back to the mother, who is already under a supervision order for neglect. This coupled with an abusive violent partner with a previous record for abusing his own children. You couldn’t make it up.

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      • Hi…The mother’s supervision order is mentioned in the court documents. Part of it included attending parenting classes. The little girl, in the first police interview, before the later recantation, describes how Abraham treated them in Morocco. She is innocently justifying it but still has the bruise on her face, she also describes water torture. She says but we wanted him to hurt us…The school also had to call social services regards Abraham’s aggression toward the children at the school. The comment I made about him abusing his own children, I can’t confirm but there has been statements made regards that from some internet posters who claim to know his family. I signed Sabine’s petition in haste before really looking into this and I regret it. I just want what’s best for those children, I think they have touched us all.


  3. Everything I have posted here is true. I admire a cause that would address family court secrecy and children having a voice in the care system etc…in fact any form of abuse. I can only appeal to your heart and ask you to see the home environment the children have left behind. Not to skip or gloss over it but to perhaps give it the attention it deserves.



      • Hi Sabine.

        It might have been a different home before the exposure and your visit. I say that in the sense of, we cannot really say how it was when the children were there. I have not spoken about any other issue. You have a platform Sabine and people listen. Those children shouldn’t be with the mother and Abraham, the grandparents may be a viable alternative, I can’t say, but I can see it being a complicated issue.

        Sometimes the mask that people wear can deceive us but there is no doubt in my mind that Abraham has been abusive to those children with their mother’s tacit approval. That is not to say that there is not more to this whole thing. I am not trying to address anything else. Just the idea of returning those kids back to their mother. You are a pretty sharp cookie, why not delve a little into Abraham’s past? Would you really like those kids to end up somewhere he might be around them?

        Thanks for replying.



  4. It’s well known that shills will before long be trolling blogs such as this, who’s job it is to throw the public off the scent.

    Body language, tone of voice, etc, do not lie! The depth and consistency of detail together with the focussed sincerity of both kids in the first two police interviews compared to the fidgeting and more stilted responses in the third interview’s say’s it all.

    Alisa tried to stress in no uncertain way that Abraham’s water treatment and light spoon taps (forget the term they used) were purely a technique that worked to combat the extreme psychological pressure the kids were under that was hindering them from speaking out.


    • It is easy to call someone a shill. I have no intention of throwing anyone off the scent. I am only addressing where the children would go. I wouldn’t even be on this blog if I wasn’t receiving updates via e-mail because I signed the petition. I have only spoken the truth. Verify for yourself if you doubt me.

      With regards to those light taps. Both children still bear the marks. In your haste towards believing whatever it is you believe please do not assume that the children were in a safe environment before all of this.

      I signed the petition, got my daughter and my niece to do the same. I have no agenda other than to want what is best for those kids. Please at least accept that my concern is genuine. I seek to undermine no one.



      • Thank you too Sabine, I did think my comments would be removed from this blog. I just wanted to bring my concerns to your attention without upsetting anyone.

        Thanks again



  5. These kids are telling the truth…eveyone in New Zealand is talking about this, justice needs to be served God help the children of Hampstead!!! may good win this battle and bring down the evil powers that be….

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