There are many initiatives that have been deleted due to ‘the other side’ being paid ‘to do their job’. However, this is valid today, 19 April 2015:

TapNewsWire – a most remarkable blog composed from contributions by its readers.

Aangirfan – the best researched of all blogs I’ve come across.

Crimes of Empire – with excellent posts regarding the Hampstead case.

Alan Wrightson – with excellent initiatives and analyses specialising in secret languages and consciousness.

The Coleman Experience – extra-ordinary in its style – exposing ‘Filthy Britain’ – and suspiciously stopped…

Ritual Abuse – the first web page on Ritual Abuse, Crime and Healing in 1993 as well as Ritual Abuse since 2011 and Survivorship.

Co-Creating Our New Earth – from New Zealand – working while I’m asleep and vice versa


Some of my own:

Battle for Britain’s Children – the ceaseless efforts of another McKenzie Friend par excellence.

Voluntary Public Interest Advocacy – an Association of McKenzie Friends assisting Litigants in Person

Punishment without Crime – a revamp of veteran observer and advisor Ian Josephs’ Forced Adoption

National Inquiry into Organised, Orchestrated and Historic Sexual Abuse – triggered by abuse survivor, whistleblower and victim of 3 police forces, besides HM Prison Services, Brian Pead aka William Brian Freeman

Victims Unite! – my most popular website with over 400,000 hits since August 2010

Sabine McNeill – leading not only a social life with meaning, but also a professional life with zest.


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