Blairzhit: Hampstead. The Finders, Belgium and the Franklin Scandal

Breaking Down The News: Satanic Paedophile Cult at Christ Church, Hampstead

Co-Creating Our New Earth:

Educate Yourself: “Papa Kills Babies” ~ Two Young British Children Expose Ghastly Baby Decapitation Murders & Sexual Abuse by Teachers & Parents of Large Satanic Cult Among Schools & Church in Hampstead, London

Mindspace Apocalypse: The Story of Alisa and Gabriel Dearman and Paedophilia in High Places

News Inside Out:

Nick Davies [The Guardian]: The sheer scale of child abuse in Britain – published in November 1998!!!

reddit: UK Child Abuse Whistleblowers (Papa Kills Babies) – What We Know so Far

Signs Of Our Times

The Vigilant Citizen: Children describe Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice

The WE: Paedophilia rampant through the British Elite and Governmen


Veterans Today: Anonymous Leaks Satanic Cult Member Names, Places, Phones

Wake Up World: Suppressed Paedophilia Allegations Reveal Culture of Satanic Ritual Abuse

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