Paedo Father wanted to Commit me to Prison

It was the weirdest ‘training experience’ for what I’m going through now: court documents threatening me with committal to prison.

The reason? I had omitted to delete a judgement relating to a paedo father from the website I had built for Vicky Haigh, the first mother named by John Hemming MP in Parliament, together with her Doncaster Council. On that site I had also published information from another mother who couldn’t get her son back from his abusive father. In fact, his judgement is published on the Isle of Man in an anonymised fashion and was completely explicit in terms of abuse of the child. BUT the judge didn’t think so!

I wrote about my experience here:

  • I had published a blog post where the father would be able to recognise himself, but nobody could identify him – but before the hearing I had set it to ‘private’
  • his barrister attacked me quite viciously at first
  • but then she got together with the mother’s barrister and together, they drew up a ‘consent order’ which I still haven’t seen to this day.

But the result was that they WITHDRAW their application!

So much about the fakeness of these secret family courts. They are being used by whoever runs the show, for whatever purpose they want to achieve.

And that DEFINITELY applies to the case of the whistleblower kids, too!


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