Satanic Abuse Survivors

Any search will give you results. Here are some samples:

Satanic ritual abuse and Project Monarch in the UK – an alleged case – an excellent 9-minute video:

Cathy O’Brien may have been the first who ‘came out’ in the US.

Fiona Barnett is the most prolific Australian survivor who names high profile abusers in the US and Australia.

David Shurter is well known in the US for his experiences.

Laurie Matthew, herself a survivor, wrote books about survivors and set up a charity in Scotland.

Belinda McKenzie is the spokesperson for Hollie Greig whose experiences in Scotland were comparable to what the whistleblower children have reported.



2 thoughts on “Satanic Abuse Survivors

  1. Why is there no contact form on this website? I am trying to surive ritual abuse. But I have no-one to turn to. Church of England were involved in it with me and they’re doing all they can to cover it up.


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