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The author’s outstanding professional training and life experiences, combined with deep feelings of betrayal, made me cry. Maybe you, too?

  • For me, it’s five days before my CRIMINAL trial in Blackfriars Court as a persecuted public interest whistleblower;
  • it’s a month since I finished STOP Forced Removals which I’m sending to Parlamentarians in the EU and the UK, as well as members of the House of Lords;
  • I managed to get to the Moses Room in the House of Lords to watch the Children and Social Work Bill currently being scrutinised. Initiated by the Department of Education, it is meant to
    • enshrine ‘corporate parenting’ as the right of access to children by Local Authorities against whom nobody can win in secret family courts;
    • give children a ‘personal advisor’ as the person paid for grooming into abuse;
    • according to official statistics, all trends are rising since 1994: the number of children in care, of being adopted and of same sex couples adopting children from care – against the parents’ will, of course…

The fabulous blogger and researcher into Jewish Paedophilia including Hampstead writes: Continue reading


@twitter Join the Dots and Spot the Patterns: from JFK to Satanists in MI5 and MI6

The magic of ‘Related Articles’ did it again: when publishing Who’s Afraid of McKenzie Friends and Why?, it pointed to The Kennedys; Cabals; Mysterious Deaths on the fabulous blog Aanirfan from which I quote, copy and paste:

Maxwell Knight

Maxwell Knight was a Satanist.

He became a novice of the occultist Aleister Crowley.



Aleister Crowley


Maxwell Knight worked with Ian Fleming and was the model for James Bond’s boss.

Ian Fleming – the classic heterosexual? / 



According to Knight’s MI5 friend, Joan Miller: “Knight’s first wife Gladys, I learnt, died in the Overseas Club after some sort of occult misadventure in which the notorious Aleister Crowley was involved.”


Overseas Club

Knight recruited Tom Driberg as an agent for MI5.

Maxwell Knight : Biography – Spartacus Educational.

Tom Driberg (left) with Guy Burgess. Both were gay and both were spies working for both sides in the Cold War.

Driberg was a gay friend of the Kray Twins who ran a pedophile ring for top people.

Driberg was a Satanist and friend of Aleister Crowley.

[Sex: Tom Driberg, rent boys, Aleister Crowley, the KGB. / Tom Driberg : Biography – Spartacus Educational / JIMMY SAVILE, THE KRAY TWINS, CLIFF RICHARD.]

Black magic, spies and child abuse

Crowley worked for MI5.

[The Great Beast / Aleister Crowley Was A British Intel Agent]

Crowley has been described as a heroin-addicted Satan worshiper.

Crowley wrote:

“For nearly all purposes human sacrifice is the best.

“For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force.

“A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim.”

(Aliester Crowley–33 degree Mason Who Knew about Human Sacrifice)

Jeff Wells quotes the following:

“There is an international cult that believes that the path to illumination and spiritual liberation is through the rape, torture and sacrifice of children.

“The cult is highly organised and protected by a network of middle- and upper-class professionals, who are either cult members, or access the ‘services’ of the cult (eg child porn/prostitution, rendering them vulnerable to blackmail).

“The cult is modelled on Crowley’s writings, as is evidenced by the internal pseudo-Masonic ‘degree’ structure, the existence of OTO-like ‘chapters’, and the doctrine of ‘strength’, ‘master/slave’ and ritualised rape.”

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Forgive Everyone Everything: no 28 of 45 #Lessons in #Life

15 12 24 Lesson 28I got this slide show for Christmas this year.

Lesson 28 hit me most:

  • Forgive Everyone Everything.

That requires quite an effort of

  • turning pain into courage
  • changing anger into pity
  • and transforming emotions into understanding, it seems.

For what is my motor for standing up for Children’s and Grandchildren’s Rights?

I’m sure it’s outrage above all else. At all those perpetrators who not only commit crimes but also cover them up.

  • Who not only kill, abuse and torture physically, but also online, emotionally.
  • Who collude, conspire and contrive, with 40 or so false accounts.
  • Who are hypocrites and intimidators, liars and fakes, abusing position and power, assuming ‘authority’ with wig and robe, uniforms and cells.

And I have to forgive all those victims who hate us as ‘rescuers’ and McKenzie Friends for not having ‘solved their case’ for them.  Continue reading

The #Law, its #Enforcement and the Investigation of #Crimes by the “evil and/or foolish” Internet Court of Public Opinion

When is it Lawful to Remove Children from their Parents?

  1. The Theft Act 1968
    1. The Children are the property of their parents and not of the State.
    2. Children are stolen by the State with the aid of MAPPA: Multi-Agency Public Protection Agreements.
  2. The Fraud Act 2006; Fraud means:
    1. obtaining property by deception (at risk of future emotional harm)
    2. obtaining services dishonestly (reports from fake ‘experts’)

When is it Lawful to Assist Victims as McKenzie Friends?

  1. The Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015
    1. Police commit an offence, if s/he exercises their powers and privileges improperly.
  2. The Criminal Damage Act 1971
    1. McKenzie Friends are having a lawful excuse to prevent children screaming to be heard from being damaged or endangered, as they are acting under the duress of the child.
    2. Case Law.

When is it Lawful to Report or Expose Crimes?

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Character Reference from Rev. Canon Peter Challen for #SabineMcNeill #WhistleblowerKids #HampsteadScandal

A Character Reference for Sabine McNeill

from  Rev. Canon Peter Challen, Chair Christian Council for Monetary Justice.

I testify out of 25 years association with Sabine McNeill in the longing and action of searching for inclusive justice, that she is a woman of stature among many with whom she has worked, and with many more for whom she has spoken out bravely in complex, sometimes crucifying, situations.

She has high intelligence, a rather rare selflessness in her gifts of time and energy and a persistent altruism that makes her fearless in the cause of compassion. She has shared with those she meets a vision and passion for a rediscovery of genuine justice in society, giving a sense and place of identity and dignity to everyone without fear or favour.

I have witnessed occasions when she is speaking, as so often she does, in support of others less articulate and informed than she, when her passion may have over-ridden discretion; but I have never doubted the sincerity and integrity to which she is devoted.

Being out spoken in a society where vested interests often hold powerful sway requires courage. Sabine McNeill is a person of such courage in setting an example from which many have benefited.

Sabine and I have in common the oddity that we each had a father who urged us to retain integrity with the refrain..’All Power to Your Elbow’, which led us both on our life-long paths to speak out for compassion and against injustice.

Rev. Canon Peter Challen
Chair, Christian Council for Monetary Justice

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@BBCRadio4 #betrayal #mis-representation #PublicInterest: The #Satanic cult that wasn’t, 8pm

Channel IV reported about Satanic Ritual Abuse already in 1990, calling their program LISTEN TO THE CHILDREN. But the BBC knows better: they promote the ‘next generation Savile’ in the Victoria Derbyshire show and deny the allegations of the ‘whistleblower kids’ in their program The Satanic Cult that Wasn’t. Here I asked the Producer to withdraw my implied consent:

15 04 23 BBC Radio 4Dear Joe [Kent]

I let you know in no uncertain terms that I was far from happy with Melanie’s interview last week. [I had in fact refused to make the connection with the mother. IF ONLY I had seen the announcement for tonight at 8pm! But Joe led me to believe that it would be a half hour programme called ‘The Report’. Only later did I discover that two other activists had been interviewed. He phoned one of them asking her to change her mind about withdrawing her consent. But he did NOT phone me!]

This is therefore to let you know that I am withdrawing my implicit consent to the interview I gave on Monday 13th April 2015.

No matter how you’ll cut, I do not want any of my words to be part of “The Report” for I KNOW that my words will be used for mis-representation, since all questions were biased in the first place.

Melanie even went as far as saying “there is no evidence”. That is neither reporting nor investigating. Continue reading

Arrest at #Whistleblower Demo re #Assange for Offence at #ChristChurch #HampsteadScandal

Here’s the link to the above video.

Whose afterthought was it, I wonder, to arrest Christine and Neelu at a public demo for an offence two weeks prior – on a Saturday so that they would spend a whole weekend in a cell?

Would the arresting officers have known about the Dispatches program broadcast in October 1990 about Satanic and Ritual Abuse involving the killing of babies at a church? The title was Listen to the Children… Yes, children are screaming to be heard!

Re the Hampstead Scandal, it’s been suggested that the Archbishop of Canterbury should be made aware of the distinguishing marks of Father Paul Conrad and his associates.

The petition to ask everybody with distinguishing marks to come forward has just reached 1,800 signatures. Have you signed it?

And here’s one that asks the Council of Europe, UN and The Hague to investigate.

It’s decision time: which side are you on: