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The author’s outstanding professional training and life experiences, combined with deep feelings of betrayal, made me cry. Maybe you, too?

  • For me, it’s five days before my CRIMINAL trial in Blackfriars Court as a persecuted public interest whistleblower;
  • it’s a month since I finished STOP Forced Removals which I’m sending to Parlamentarians in the EU and the UK, as well as members of the House of Lords;
  • I managed to get to the Moses Room in the House of Lords to watch the Children and Social Work Bill currently being scrutinised. Initiated by the Department of Education, it is meant to
    • enshrine ‘corporate parenting’ as the right of access to children by Local Authorities against whom nobody can win in secret family courts;
    • give children a ‘personal advisor’ as the person paid for grooming into abuse;
    • according to official statistics, all trends are rising since 1994: the number of children in care, of being adopted and of same sex couples adopting children from care – against the parents’ will, of course…

The fabulous blogger and researcher into Jewish Paedophilia including Hampstead writes: Continue reading


WHAT NEXT for #WhistleblowerKids and these ‘hidden crimes’ of #ChildSexualAbuse? #CSA

15 02 23 Forsdyke letterYvonne Cooper MP, in her role as Shadow Home Secretary, announced in the Mirror that Labour warns Britain faces more child abuse storms as ‘overwhelmed’ police struggle to cope — Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper will call this week for urgent action to address the “hidden crime” of child sex abuse.

How about creating a force named “Police Against Child Abuse”?


  • The dates of the ‘fact finding’ hearing are:
  • Tuesday-Friday 3-6 March and Tuesday-Thursday 10-12 March
  • Empowerment Mondays have been the core for demonstrations outside the Royal Courts of Justice for over a year, and they will continue from 10 – 2 every day during this case.


  • While the Russian Consul had already attended a court hearing in Barnet and the High Court and met the mother’s parents, he will now ensure that someone from the Embassy will attend the Court and will visit the children.


  • just as a criminal lawyer and a barrister have come forward of their own volition, a journalist wants to take it upon herself to investigate.
  • I want to see the Arrest Warrants CANCELLED, just as my committal to prison was withdrawn by the paedo father’s barrister, in cahoots with the mother’s barrister who was also targeted to end up behind bars.