Victims in Exile

On 11 February 2015 Belinda McKenzie made me aware of Barnet’s Position Statement which said that they would support a prosecution against me. Thus I took the plane and left.

I have visited enough falsely imprisoned parents and victims of white collar crimes to KNOW that prison is NOT an acceptable option.

On 12 February 2015 Ella Draper had 9 officers in plain clothes outside her house. She managed to escape to flee the UK, too.

This Penal Notice had been made against both of us on 10 February 2015.

From abroad I filed an Application to set the Order aside.

Her UK partner Abraham Christie fled, after his flat was raided. He had been set up as the scapegoat in the ‘strategy meeting’ that was held on 09.09.14 between Police and Social Services of Camden and Barnet Council.

Please note: Ella had phoned me as she had found my website for the Association of McKenzie Friends. Since November 2015 I had written all legal submissions for Ella, including the first Affidavit that her barrister did not want to defend. Hence she dismissed him and the second solicitor, realising that they are not working in her or the children’s interest.

We filed a Judicial Review on 22 December 2014 against the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police to re-open the case. The Grounds for Resistance we received were like reading ‘black is white and white is black’, as we had seen in a 30-page judgement concerning this Lithuanian boy who had been given to his abusive father.

I had begun to publish very general blog posts:

Two different McKenzie Friends had accompanied the mother into Barnet Court for two hearings, after the sacking of solicitors and barrister.

How can you take seriously SECRET courts concealing the MURDER of babies?

Hence I made this submission to the Petitions Committee of the EU Parliament:

In Barnet Court, Judge Vera Mayer

  • ordered WEEKLY contact for the father and FORTNIGHTLY contact for the mother with whom the children had lived all their lives
  • held four hearings before she passed the buck to Mrs Justice Anna Pauffley
  • ignored Ella’s requests for Non-Molestation Order, inequality of contact and a justification for keeping the children.

Hence we put an Application for a Non-Molestation Order together but were sent back to the High Court.

In the High Court, Mrs Justice Pauffley

  • asked Belinda McKenzie to give an undertaking or ‘corporate gag’ on behalf of the Association of McKenzie Friends
  • held a private meeting with the Barnet’s barrister to get an Order for me required to attend
  • didn’t allow Belinda to represent the mother after she fled, so that none of us know anything about the ‘fact finding’ taking place in secret
  • and then delivered and published a judgement that resulted in these witness statements from the internet public that she calls ‘evil and /or foolish’.

2 thoughts on “Victims in Exile

  1. It’s my opinion now that they wanted to intimidate Ella into leaving the country by sending the police to her house dressed in civilian clothes. Who does that? Is that even legal? I believe they needed the mother out of the picture in order to hold a true secret court with a corporate gag in McKenzie Friends.


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