The Case in 30 Paragraphs

Barnet Council vs Ella Draper and Ricky Dearman and their two Children

Background history

  1. The Russian mother and the UK father met through Yoga. He seems to have been tipped off by the mother’s former husband Mr Will Draper, father of her oldest son James (17). Mr Draper wanted more children and Ella didn’t which seems to have been one of the reasons for divorce.
  2. The children were born in 2005 and 2006. Mr Dearman and Ella were never married. In fact, there was a lot of domestic violence resulting in a Residence Order in 2011 for the mother and two Non-Molestation Orders against the father. The mother’s 6-page chronology addresses the problems she had had with the father, while observing her children’s distressed behaviour. She also addresses the relationship between her children and her current partner Abraham Christie.
  3. After what she calls an attempt to kill her, the mother felt too intimidated to press charges. She never suspected sexual abuse to be the reason for the children’s unhappiness. But she did seek help and took them to the Tavistock Institute, where the older son had already counselling sessions due to the violence he had seen by his stepfather towards his mother.
  4. The father didn’t have contact for a whole year (2009) and never contributed financially to their upbringing. Despite the mother’s concerns, the court allowed unsupervised contact every Saturday from 10am to 6pm. In 2014 it emerged that he instigated the children to steal cash from the mother and her partner as well as to use her credit card.

Disclosure of Abuse

  1. During August 2014, whilst on holidays in Morocco with her partner Abraham Christie, the children broke the deal they had with their father not to ‘talk’ – for fear of being killed. Mr Christie saw them touch each other, asked them who taught them and the answer was “Papa”.
  2. Due to the ensuing disclosures and the seemingly outrageous nature of the children’s allegations, the mother and her partner spoke to the children separately to piece a story together that involved 18 more ‘special’ children, 70+ abusers, 8 schools and a church. The mother documented this in an 11-page document with which she introduced her cry for help to me in November 2014. This document was later published on the internet – allegedly by MI5 – and used to criminalise the mother and myself: Barnet Police used Section 4 of the Harassment Act, claiming that we were responsible for its publication on behalf of some abusers named.
  3. Before the family left Morocco and back in London, they recorded the children on some 20 short videos, capturing the essence of their allegations: “Papa kills babies, he is the boss, the leader of a strange culture, they do sex to us, Wednesday is sex day. We dance with the skulls in the church. We decided to stop touching each other, stop touching ourselves and face our fears.”
  4. While Mr Christie wanted to keep the children abroad, the mother felt responsible for the other children. Hence they contacted Jean-Claude Yaohirou, Mr Christie’s brother-in-law, a constable at Haringey Council, on 04.09.14. The judgement after the ‘fact finding hearing’ of 26.03.14 referred to an audio recording of this meeting which, together with other incriminating evidence, was apparently hidden from investigators.
  5. On 05.09.14 the mother and her partner took the children to Barnet Police where they were interviewed, also on 11.09.14 when they were taken into care by Emergency Protection Order.
  6. From all of these videos it is apparent that the children were relieved to talk but the older girl was also astutely aware of “the Police doesn’t help” and “my father knows that we talked. He’s going to come and kill us.” The first foster parent recorded nightmares regarding these fears, while the actual abuse as well as the killing of babies was reported in rather ‘matter of fact’ ways – a characteristic very common for abuse survivors.

The Role of the Statutory Authorities

  1. Camden Council and Barnet Police seem to have been tipped off by the disclosure to Jean-Claude Yaohirou on 04.09.15. He reported the allegations to Scotland Yard. DI Cannon and seven others are listed as investigators on page 3 of the 77-page Police Report (CRIS).
  2. While a drive to check the locations had taken place, the father as the main accused was only interviewed on 15.09.15, as on this 48-page transcript with comments that question both Police and the accused father in this blog post.
  3. Barnet Police produced a 77-page report which contains “Crime not confirmed” as an entry on 22.09.14. A former constable of the Met wrote a Witness Statement re the Police report as well as the Police interviews, concluding considerable shortcomings not up to professional standards.
  4. The Metropolitan Police produced these deplorable Grounds for Resistance in response to the Judicial Review that the mother filed to re-open the case.
  5. Barnet Court held four secrete hearings before Judge Vera Mayer who transferred jurisdiction to the High Court Judge Mrs Justice Pauffley. That resulted in a number of hearings leading to this judgement that was published by the mainstream media before it was handed down: Satanic Cult claims dismissed.

Medical, Forensic or Other Evidence

  1. Barnet Police commissioned medical examinations of the children that confirmed anal scarring due to the insertion of plastic objects over a long time. The expert Dr Hodes of UCL gave also evidence in the hearing. However, the judge did not attribute much weight to these examinations.
  2. It is felt that forensic evidence was not sufficiently established by Barnet Police.

Court Actions

  1. Even though the children had reported a long list of criminal charges, Camden Council instigated Public Law Proceedings in the Family Court and passed their application to Barnet Council, since that was the mother’s home with the mother, father and children as Respondents. Four secret hearings were held before Judge Vera Mayer who transferred jurisdiction to Mrs Justice Anna Pauffley in the High Court of the Family Division.
  2. A Judicial Review was filed on 22.12.14 against the Metropolitan Police to re-open the case. It resulted in these Grounds of Resistance as well as the inclusion of Haringey Council who took a former Met officer to court. In her Witness Statement re the Police Interview she had mentioned the name of a sibling of Baby P in a document downloaded from the internet.
  3. A number of hearings had taken place since 09.01.15 when the mother and I prepared this Position Statement for 26.01.15. After that hearing she and Belinda McKenzie came out, convinced that the judge had no intention of returning the children to the mother.
  4. On 11.02.15 Belinda McKenzie read this Position Statement of Barnet Council to me that mentioned the support of a prosecution against me. This made me flee to Germany. A day later, 9 police in plain clothes attended the mother’s house. She escaped while a lawyer was talking to them, not letting them in without a warrant of arrest. The charges against both of us were the supposed harassment of the adults whose names were published by Anonymous on Veterans Today, but removed since. Both mother and I deny this publication categorically.
  5. The mother’s flight from the UK caused her absence in court proceedings. Belinda McKenzie who had assisted the mother in both the lower and the High Court was not admitted by Mrs Justice Pauffley in the mother’s absence.


  1. Satanic Cult claims dismissed by Judge appeared in the Daily Mail before the judgement was handed down in court and published on Bailii. The only reminiscence of ‘truth’ was a reference to the audio recording of the informal reporting to a Haringey Constable on 04.09.14. He happens to be a family relation of the mother’s partner Abraham Christie and informed his colleagues before the mother took her children to Barnet Police. The judgement dismissed not only the allegations, but also the medical reports as well as the internet community who was described as ‘evil and/or foolish’.
  2. A Radio 4 and BBC interview with the father made it clear that the purpose of the judgement and its publication was to pave the way for handing custody over the children to their father whom they accuse – a pattern observed by many McKenzie Friends over many cases and years.

Current Situation

  1. Since then Aseem Taj of Hanson Young has been instructed by the mother and filed an application for permission to appeal which was refused. A secret hearing took place on 15 July 2015 and on 23 July.
  2. The next appeal hearing has been scheduled for 04 August and the ‘final’ 4-day hearing regarding the custody of the children for 06 August – with a petition addressed to Mrs Justice Pauffley.
  3. The children are with their 3rd set of foster parents in Kent.

What you would like us to do for you/the children?

  1. Get the children handed to the grandparents.
  2. Get cast iron assurance for mother, partner and myself to return to the UK without threat of arrest and / or imprisonment.
  3. Get compensation for all concerned, including two activists who were arrested and jailed over a weekend. One of them awaits a trial in August. The other one went back to the US.

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