Metropolitan Police

Please note: 

  1. Barnet Police took the children under ‘Police Protection Order’ on 11 September 2014.
  2. They closed the case on 22 September 2014 with ‘crime not confirmed’.
  3. More about the critical timeline is here.

We filed a Judicial Review on 22 December 2014 – against the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police – requesting the case to be re-opened.

  • Here is their defence as Grounds for Resistance.
  • They informed Barnet Council about our use of ‘confidential documents’ who applied for an extra High Court hearing before the scheduled start on 20 January 2015.
  • They informed Haringey Council about the mention of the name of a sibling of Baby P in the Witness Statement regarding Police reports and interviews, which resulted in taking the author to court.
  • Haringey Council’s barrister requested the evidence to be destroyed.
  • Barnet Council’s senior solicitor Suzannah Hargreaves wanted to write to the list of interested parties making the same request. The interested parties include three MEPs in Brussels.

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