Mainstream Media

The mainstream press has been used before to cover-up criminality: Sir Nicholas Wall published his judgement regarding Vicky Haigh and her daughter in the press before it appeared on the official data base of judgements. It is terrible to read judgements where ‘black’ is ‘white’ and ‘white’ is ‘black’ and no way of challenging it. Similarly, the press was used by Haringey Council in the case of the Nigerian Musas when they were falsely sentenced to seven years imprisonment.

In the case of the whistleblower kids, the mother, her partner and I are Victims in Exile to avoid imprisonment by secret family courts. In 2006 Harriet Harman MP said in Parliament [see Col 633] that 200 parents a year are imprisoned by secret family courts!

Justice Pauffley published a Press Release with the headline Satanic ‘cult’ claims dismissed by judge which was picked up by the Daily Mail, The Telegraph and The Guardian. Later the Ham & High ran smear articles. In my view, the purpose was to prepare public opinion for handing custody of the children to their allegedly abusive father.

Furthermore, Barnet Police used the Harassment Act on behalf of the alleged abusers to arrest the mother and me. See Police Raid on the site of Hampstead Research that publishes excellent videos about abusers online.


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