Internet Cover-Ups

Internet Cover-Ups or Net Neutrality!? 

  • YouTube deleted LOTS of videos produced by many different people.
  • Facebook bans people, deleted three of my accounts.
  • Google Drive appeared to delete the contents, but going back to their previous version fixed it.
  • deleted three petitions without adequate warning and apparent non-restorability.
  • Google delete posts from Aangirfan
  • Google censorship is another article on the excellent Aangirfan.
  • took down a beautiful site for first time visitors:

20 thoughts on “Internet Cover-Ups

  1. YouTube, Facebook,Google, are all US based. In the US there are is data protection laws and they differ dramically of state to state that no one is sure what they are. Better to use services and servers located in Russia or Iceland.


  2. Perhaps this is WHY…….WHY are we being RULED with NO HUMILITY – NO HUMANITY.

    Its obvious that these “corporate interests” are working to deliberately hide information they do not want lots of people to become aware of.

    Everyone in the world has noticed how we are losing so many HUMAN RIGHTS – Changes to Constitutions in secret, Changes to BILL of RIGHTS and removal of the RIGHT to DUE PROCESS – removal of rights to PRIVACY, RIGHTS to FREEDOM, RIGHTS to OWN PROPERTY…..these are all HUMAN RIGHTS.

    It is my contention this is all coming about because we are no longer RULED BY PEOPLE – as we once were – if RULED by PEOPLE you have HUMAN RIGHTS – because those Rulers are living breathing human beings……

    So what has changed – and more concerning – WHY is there more change on the way????

    I believe its because – “CORPORATIONS” now rule over you – A corporation may be legally permitted to ACT as a PERSON – an inanimate “HUMAN BEING” – but it is NOT a HUMAN BEING – A Corporation does not BREATH, it Does not have feelings or emotions and it certainly has NO HUMILITY – if you understand this = you can see that if we are now ruled by an INANIMATE NON LIVING ENTITY – Legally ACTING as if it were a PERSON – PRETENDING to be HUMAN – then you should all be able to see why this entity will NEVER GIVE out HUMAN RIGHTS = because it is NOT HUMAN…….

    I worked in the POLICE =- when they were a PUBLIC SERVICE to PEOPLE – Today – the POLICE is a CORPORATION driven by PROFIT – if you start to understand this – then and only then will you see why HUMAN rights are being taken away… non human enterprises.

    And it will only get worse when the CORPORATION – the NON HUMAN ACTING as a person = owns all the JAILS for example – that privately owned Corporate Jail will demand MORE PROFIT – which infers more CUSTOMERS – and similarly with Corporate owned Social Services which demand PROFIT over providing SERVICES…….

    This affects EVERYONE – even those “people” defending and working for the CORPORATION – the NON HUMAN ENTITY…..I say “People” working for Corporations – as opposed to HUMAN BEINGS – because they have become like the corporation – the non caring, non living, legal entity ACTING as if it were a PERSON.

    This I believe is the Concern facing all living HUMAN BEINGS = regardless of Race, Gender, Religion.

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  3. Whats the SOLUTION…..

    How do we remove or change the Psychopathic Corporation?

    In NORWAY I worked with a CORPORATION – which employed ALL its PEOPLE on the same wage – the exact same salary for everyone………yes the toilet cleaner was paid the same as the CEO……

    it was the CEO who told me the story…….

    Why is this important – because here was a corporation – managed and controlled by HUMANS of Equal stranding -so the corporation had HUMILITY….it was not just a legal entity ACTING as if it were a person.

    This I believe is the answer…….at least it will go a long way towards correcting the current concerns and bring HUMAN BEINGS back in charge of our destiny.

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    • Kindly explain the title and address of the corporation you worked with? I am interested in educating people about the immorality of wage differentials, which is the foundation stone of class prejudice and inequality, selfishness and greed.


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