Secret High Court

Secret High Court with Mrs Justice Anna Pauffley

First hearing on 16 January 2015 with Belinda McKenzie in court:

  • despite the judge saying “the genie is out of the bottle”, she ‘confiscates’ the Police interviews
  • Judge Mayer had ordered police disclosure which solicitors had received
  • mother sacked two solicitors and a barrister before working with us as McKenzie Friends (lay legal advisors)
  • Belinda McKenzie is asked to give an undertaking on behalf of theAssociation of McKenzie Friends to keep the proceedings confidential

Between hearings:

  • Barnet’s barrister meets the judge behind the mother’s back (reason for appealing) to arrange an Order for me to appear
  • I am ordered to remove a post that mentions the mother’s name as it might lead to the identification of the children.

Subsequent hearings:

  • only one McKenzie Friend is admitted to the court room; how many barristers are acting for the other side? The father’s, Barnet Council, Camden Council, Haringey Council, Cafcass…
  • Barnet file Position Statement that mentions 3 councils want to stage a prosecution against me.
  • Mother and I are subject of an Injunction re publications on the internet, i.e. ‘contempt of court’.

From exile since 11 February 2015:

  • I file an Application to Discharge the Order, after having left the country, knowing very well how victims of white collar crimes are being treated.
  • I receive a phone call from Colindale Police who want to speak to me re ‘harassment’.
  • A criminal lawyer comes forward to speak to them on my behalf.

Mother Mother leaves the country

  • 9 Police (most in plain clothes) show up at her house without a warrant. Lawyer sends them away.
  • Belinda McKenzie who was as McKenzie Friend in the court 3 times with the mother is not admitted without her.
  • Belinda writes about her loss of faith in a fair trial.

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