Why would cover-ups be necessary if there was nothing to hide? Abraham and Ella dreamt it all up, did they?

Actually, this case ‘validates’ the precedence of patterns of corruption:

The patterns of corruption and cover-up that have been documented in almost all historical cases of high-level organised paedophilia (for example, the Franklin Cover Up in Nebraska USA (John De Camp); A Nation Betrayed also in the USA (Carol Rutz) to name but two well documented cases outside the UK) appear to be apparent in the current case. These allegedly include (but are not limited to)

  • the attempt to discredit the victims and/or those who are supporting them;
  • the removal of child-victims from a protective care-giver making the victims extremely vulnerable (often resulting in fear-based retractions of the victims),
  • threats of serious harm or death to child-victims or their loved ones if they disclose or refuse to retract their disclosures,
  • the intimidation of witnesses and activists who can support the case,
  • the attempted or successful destruction of evidence,
  • the failure to interview key witnesses who can corroborate the allegations,
  • the pursuit of the whistle-blowers on spurious grounds rather than investigating the allegations that have been made …

In this case, first the Police:

  • Barnet Police – producing ‘retraction’ videos six days after the children had been taken into care and closing the case eleven days with ‘crime not confirmed’;
  • Metropolitan Police – producing farcical grounds of resistance.

Then the Courts:

  • Barnet Court – bringing the father into the proceedings as a potential custodian rather than a criminal suspect;
  • High Court – beginning by asking Ella for the Police videos that had been released to her by the solicitor she had sacked and ending with an unacceptable judgement.

Then the internet:

  • YouTube deleting videos
  • Facebook deleting three of my accounts
  • Google deleting videos off my Drive
  • deleting two of my petitions in an unacceptable way of communication, supposedly impossible to restore, not refunding promotion money supporters paid in.
  • Here is a petition for reinstating or explanation.

And, finally, the mainstream media…15 03 25 the-sin15 03 25 daily-fail15 03 25 daily-moron

15 03 25 psychopath


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