I started this blog to provide context for the petition Return #WhistleblowerKids and #AbuseSurvivors to their Russian family! – the case of 2 children who were removed from their mother, after they reported to Barnet Police what they had experienced whilst in their father’s and their school’s ‘care’. However, the petition was removed after having reached nearly 16,000 signatures – one of the many cover-ups to ensure that what the children had to say does NOT get out there. Since then, their allegations have been collated into these videos as ‘raw evidence’:

  • Privately recorded videos
  • Police interviews
  • Distinguishing marks of their abusers.

YouTube has deleted oodles of videos, but they can still be found.

This page is for Newcomers who may want to believe the children but who cannot understand why and how this can be happening. The case is the worst of all child snatching cases, as it concerns: 

  • 20 ‘special’ children who seem to have been adopted for the purpose of abuse;
  • 60+ children who remain at risk;
  • 120+ named abusers (you need to scroll down) under the auspices of their father, the leader of a satanic cult, including teachers, parents, clergy, Social Services, Police, CAFCASS;
  • 16 Police stations and 20 individuals;
  • 8 schools and a church.

Before Jimmy Savile died, nobody spoke about paedophilia. Now there is a National Inquiry into history abuse. But abuse survivors are NOT happy with the official approach.

Before the first videos of the whistleblower kids were spread across the internet, nobody spoke about Satanic Ritual Abuse, except adult survivors who have a hard time talking about it. The official line is to deny it, as the judgement in this case has done. How you make sense of it all, is a ‘gradual shock therapy’ of waking up, I’m afraid.

Sceptics should go to Evidence and Cover-Ups, as well as Internet Cover-Ups which is also reported on Mainstream Media.

Activists can lobby those with the power to return the children to their mother:

Activists can also lobby those with the power to prosecute the perpetrators:

  • the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe to re-open the case, as we requested in a Judicial Review: bernard.hogan-howe@met.police.uk

And activists can promote the issues touched by this case:

  • tweet #whistleblowerkids and #ChildSexualAbuse or #CSA or #SatanicRitualAbuse or #SRA
  • join groups on Facebook, even though they may get banned and deleted
  • promote petitions, including the one below.

More on the TO DO page.

The Return the Whistleblower Kids! petition was published after High Court Judge Dame Anna Pauffley ignored this Position Statement in her hearing on 26 January 2015.

It became clear to the mother and her McKenzie Friend (lay legal advisor) that the judge had no intention of returning the 8-year old boy and 9-year-old girl who had made the most extra-ordinary allegations against their UK father.

Here’s the critical timeline:

05 Sep 2014             Reporting of Crime with ABE (Achieving Best Evidence) video interviews of Boy (8) and Girl (9) by Barnet Police.

09 Sep 2014             Strategy meeting between Child Protection Officer (Tina Bailey), Camden Family Services and Social Work and the Director of Children’s Services (Martin Pratt). Decision by xxx and yyy to put the children into care: LB Camden.

       2.20pm               Alleged phone call by Jean Clement Yahirou to Barnet Police that children make threats to kill Mr Christie, the mother’s partner. Referred to DI Cannon.

10 Sep 2014             Review Strategy meeting: criminal history provided by Barnet Police about Mr Christie but not the accused Mr Dearman. Second ABE interview was decided.

11 Sep 2014             Joint home visit with the police: ABE trained Social Worker Bethan Thomas.

LB Camden applies for Emergency Protection Order (EPO)

11 Sep 2014             Second interview after which the children are held back at the Police Station – under ‘Police Protection Order’.

12 Sep 2014             Hearing of Private Law Proceedings between father and mother in Family Court of High Holborn, with HHJ Gargan – used to ‘consolidate’ with Public Law Proceedings and granting the ICO

                                     Transfer of Court Proceedings from LB Camden to LB Barnet, joining father Ricky Dearman as 2nd Respondent

16 Sep 2014             Application for Care and Interim Care Order, LB Camden

17 Sep 2014             Interview with children of alleged retraction of accusations.

Case Management Hearing No 1 – Mother represented by solicitor, herself ill.

22 Sep 2014            Decision by Barnet Police: Case closed. “Crime not confirmed.”

Review Strategy meeting: Barnet to present case and apply for Interim Care Order (ICO).

26 Sep 2014             DI Fernandez of Barnet Police tells the mother that case is closed.

22 Dec 2014             Judicial Review filed against Commissioner of Metropolitan Police to re-open the case.

Continuation on Contempt & Court, Harassment & Police and Evidence.

Here’s the Position Statement that gave rise to ‘going online‘.

19 March 2015: The Judgement published

04 August 2015: Appeal Hearing when I was arrested

February 2016: Decision to extend the children’s care ‘indefinitely’, rather than hand them to their father.


33 thoughts on “About

      • Ms. McNeill, Can you please tell me who has these poor little children right now? Did the mother get her children back or has she stayed out of the country? I wish to help. My help would be extremely direct. Writing letters is a waste of time. Sometimes you have to go to the top. Thank you for an update as to the exact state of this poor family right now. Thank you for all your work.


      • Ms. Mcneill, Can you please tell me if the mother was able to get her children back or if she is still estranged from her poor children? I wish to help directly. Thank you.


        • Dear Helpful Supporter

          The children are with their 3rd set of foster parents in Kent. The appeal by her excellent solicitor was lost yesterday, mainly because she stayed out of the country and did not submit a ‘witness statement’. They expect and want her to come but we also expect the children to be given to the father.

          The custody hearing will start tomorrow. Belinda McKenzie and Tracy Collins were ordered to be before Mrs Justice Pauffley with a GAGGING ORDER tomorrow, too. I am not allowed to write about what happened to me yesterday in the RCJ at the appeal hearing. But the shock was such that my damaged hip is still hurting badly…

          With many thanks for your support,


      • Thank you Sabine for the information. I am not in London, but I have family there I wish to involve in this matter. What is the day and time of the court hearing? Thank you. The children will not go back to Ricky. That will not happen.


  1. Is this helpful? I just needed to separate allegations against AC and The RD Cult:


    (Lifted mostly from medical report)

    17.05 .07 Report of Domestic Violence by father RD towards mother ED

    03.11.08 ED’s eldest son (J to Banker) reports RD to police for assault on ED
    Given as attempt to break ED’s scull (RD arrested)

    23.08.09 Domestic Argument between RD and ED reported

    2009 RD ED separate

    18.10.13 Neighbour reports AD and GD crying – Cold and Hungry on Balcony
    (Was this due difficulty coping with bad (TRAUMA INDUCED) behaviour by AD and GD due to as yet unknown CSA?)

    March 14 ED accepts Parenting Support – Neglect issue closed

    May 14 AC moves in with ED

    17.06.14 Court grants RD 2 weekly contact with AD GD

    05.09.14 AC’s brother in law (Special Constable) reports accusations of Cult Sexual Abuse to Barnet Police

    08.09.14 Strategy Meeting reported as being on this date in NHS report

    09.09.14 Strategy Meeting reported as being on this date by SMcN etc.

    10.09.14 (ABE) Achieving Best Evidence interview with

    11.09.14 Police Protection Order issued re allegations about Cult Sexual Abuse and being hit by AC

    12.09.14 (HG of NHS) Examination of GD written up on 15.09.14

    22.09.14 (DH of NHS) Completes reports of injuries by Cult and AC
    Cult injuries consistent with anal sexual abuse (AD and GD)
    AC injuries admitted by AC as follows:

    “Abraham has admitted to slapping Gabriel, and also to hit them with a spoon but NOT any of the other hitting allegations.”


    “The kids were always fighting with each other, non stop, and now let me tell you WHY Abe hit them with a spoon and also G on ear”

    “Abe caught the kids molesting each other sexually. He told them off and asked why they did this and where did they get this from, no answer.

    Then second time both caught them at it again, and this time they decided to separate them into different bedrooms. This is when hell broke loose for the next couple of weeks or so. The kids broke into many fights with each other. They also made Abe and Ella life hell: putting poo in their foods, and on their toothbrushes. They refused to talk and told Abe that he would have to fight them to get the truth. And then the final straw was when they were introduced to a little 3 year old girl and within 20 min they were found to be molesting the little girl sexually. Abe lost it and slapped G. Later demanding them to talk he hit them on head with a spoon, still nothing. He then told them they could not eat or go to bed till the truth was said. And that’s how and why.

    [Blogger’s comment: their father had threatened to kill them if they were to talk.]”


    History of domestic violence by RD against ED

    ED has on one reported occasion neglected the children their being found on balcony cold and hungry. ED has accepted help on this.

    In a new co-habiting relationship with AC AC observes inappropriate behaviour by kids whereby his brother-in-law reports CSA to Barnet police.


    AC has hit kids.

    Kids have anal injuries as per their report of Satanic Sexual Abuse by their Father’s Satanic Cult.


    Father is without question physically abusive to Mother.

    Mother has without question and admitted being neglectful at least once leaving them cold and hungry on balcony but matter resolved.

    AC has without question and likewise admitted he has hit children due to their outrageous behaviour.

    Injuries to children are consistent with their allegations of slapping and hitting with a spoon by AC but this would be consistent with the extreme level of underlying trauma and confusion manifest by the children due to their reported experiences of CSA which has nothing to do with ED or AC but to do with RD and the school.

    The children’s most serious testimony and injuries are consistent only with Anal Sexual Abuse by their Father’s alleged Satanic Cult involving the school.



    • I’m not sure whether mother would accept the balcony story, but I’ll find out.

      In any case this IS a helpful overview!!!

      Thank You!!!

      Above all else, the Police Report makes it clear that AC was being stitched up right from the beginning.


  2. […] But remember: she was advised by her lawyer to plead guilty for having abducted her own son, when she relocated to Spain! And her immigration lawyer had advised her to withdraw her appeal. You can’t make it up, how the lawyers helps the government to govern better… All due to the Legal and Social Services of Barnet Council – the same as the Whistleblower Kids… […]


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