@MoJGovUK “You’ve won”, said barrister. NOT GUILTY says judge; therefore Jury doesn’t hear Defendants’ cases. Happy Ending under the Shard!

16 07 18 Happy Ending

“No prison!” is another way of formulating victory!
On this warm summer evening 16 07 19 Ham and High
under a spotless sky, we celebrated in the beautiful garden of the Lion & Unicorn, the charming pub in Kentish Town with a delightful 16 07 14 Ham and High 2theatre.

I got to know it thanks to Far from Fiction – a play that asks whether women harm themselves or whether society harms them such that they harm themselves, because women can’t be loving mothers in a patriarchal world…

How can their children become loving partners and loving parents when nobody teaches life, living and loving?

The notion of theatre as therapy continues to intrigue me:

  • who are we as actor, director and playwright of our life?16 07 18 David and Sabine v
  • how do we create our stage?
  • who creates our illusions?
  • who are the masters of deception?
  • how can we learn to distinguish between realities and fantasies?

We have to find out for ourselves.

Just like Faust who made a deal with Mephistopheles

One day / event / experience / relationship at a time – before, during and after this life time….

This is the music that accompanied me through our trial:


8 thoughts on “@MoJGovUK “You’ve won”, said barrister. NOT GUILTY says judge; therefore Jury doesn’t hear Defendants’ cases. Happy Ending under the Shard!

  1. I am delighted and tickled to death! I am sorry you ever had to go thru all that. But often we are sharpened by our trials and are taught resilience. And now its forward to the next hurdle after you enjoy some recuperating, right?

    You know, I also sense some sort of change in the tide. I am encouaged by it. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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  2. Yay!!! Congratulations Sabine and to everyone who stood up for those beautiful, courageous children!!! You paid a very high price, but those two brave children, and all the others like them, will know that there are people who believe them, and there are people like you, who are courageous enough to risk EVERYTHING for them!! Congratulations!! I am having a celebratory party (and many prayers of thanks) for you here in Australia!!

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    • Hi Reina. I spoke to you on the phone a long time ago. At that time i had just helped Renée ( formerly Maureen) escape from her hopeless, tragic situation in Sth Gippsland Victoria.
      I had no knowledge of SRA at the time, but i learned much from Renée and several other survivors.
      There appears to be many, many brutalised victims still trapped in the interconnected SRA networks and yet our Support groups in Australia seem to be doing nothing to help.
      In fact they never respond to communications and remain silent. Obviously they have been infiltrated by Occultists or are too fearful to take any action to help our huge numbers of victims.
      Since helping Renée and attempting to help others i have found that i have to suffer persecution along with Renée and although a few Govt Ministers have formally said they are aware of SRA in Australia, none will actually help in any way.
      Please read Renée’s blog in which i have assisted with in only a small way in relation to the persecution we have suffered together for nearly 12 years. The most serious abuses we have suffered are not mentioned because we try to not spread fear but as you can see, things have been and still are very difficult.
      Do you know of any decent solicitors, because we have not been able to find any.
      Do you know of any decent support groups or networks we could find to assist us and other victims and survivors in Australia??
      I hope and pray your situation is better than it was years ago and i hope your family is well.
      I would dearly love to be able to speak with you and i know i could share extremely important info with you, but i don’t know how to contact you.
      My email michael.mathews12@hotmail.com

      Renée’s blog http://www.escapingritualabuseinaustralia.com

      Hi Sabine, sorry to hear about your continued problems and i know very well what your going through, due to my own experiences.
      Great to hear everyone here is in unison with Christ who will save us all soon enough.
      Does anyone know of the wellbeing of Alisa and Gabrielle ??


  3. Well done Sabine and Neelu. I’m so pleased for you although I can’t help wondering if this was the judges way of ensuring that a lot of facts and information was not made public. I suppose that time will tell.


  4. I assume this means the prosecution case has been thrown out for both defendants as there is very little of substance regarding it in this post? Am I right? Another with a brief report of the proceedings would be very helpful, if and when you, or some one else, gets the time. If my interpretation is is correct – hearty congratulations. Hopefully it was a ‘trial’ that made you stronger.

    “In this you rejoice, though now for a little while, if necessary, you have been grieved by various trials.” (1 Peter 1:6 ESV)


  5. Congratulations Sabine.
    The delay leading up to a trial is very stressfull and even when you win , it is more often of relief and feeling deflated than feeling like celebrating. Maybe someone can post a link to a more detailed account of what happened .
    I have learnt that your health is more important than anything else , so if you need a bit of pampering, me time , holiday then take a break. The worlds troubles will still be there afterwards , to fight the good fight.
    All the best Peter B

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