Nation’s Child Abuse Inquiry MUST Investigate Kendall House Atrocities

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Kendall House, a Church of England run care home in Kent has come back into the spotlight with the publication of a report detailing the harrowing treatment of the girls who stayed there.

The review, which was carried out by the Church of England, confirms that the practices at the care home were appalling and included heavy sedation, solitary confinement and other forms of psychological and emotional cruelty for resisting unauthorised medication, and routine violence. Several of the girls at the care home also complained that they were regularly raped.

Many of those young girls who went on to have children, gave birth to babies with defects as a result of the drugs they were forced to take – doses often greater than would be given to a horse. The Church was sued by a former resident, and the claim settled out of court.

A formal apology from The Church has been…

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2 thoughts on “Nation’s Child Abuse Inquiry MUST Investigate Kendall House Atrocities

  1. Never ever trust anyone simply because they are associated with the church. In 1990/1 John Walford, the barrister who aided and abetted his clients deceptions by standing by and remaining mute whilst his client put a fairy tale to the court which was different to and conflicted with, the ‘pleaded case’ which he had personally authored 5 years earlier, was at that time, and until just recently, the chancellor to the anglican church, here in Bradford, West Yorkshire. The original pleaded case being both rejected by, and conceded to judge Arthur Hutchinson, meant that he knowingly received his share of the £32,000 of Legal Aid funds which had been gained by fraud and deception. One would not expect this kind of conduct from such a fine upstanding pillar of the community but it happened!!!


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