Church Deliberately Concealed Child Abuse Evidence From Police

Deja vu???

Researching Reform

Lambeth Palace, former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey and the Sussex arm of the Church of England are under pressure this morning to explain why critical documents relating to jailed paedophile Bishop Peter Ball, were not handed over to authorities.

Lord Carey denied the existence of a cover up last year, but in January 2016, the CPS published letters of support for Bishop Ball, which included a communication from Lord Carey.

Equally serious is the allegation that the cover up, which allowed Bishop Ball to continue to work within the church, enabled Ball to silence other victims of sexual abuse who came to him with their complaints. Phil Johnson, who was abused by Bishop Ball as a young man told the BBC that there had been instances of abuse which had been reported to Ball who had then failed to act. As a result of that failure, other boys then went on…

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4 thoughts on “Church Deliberately Concealed Child Abuse Evidence From Police

  1. It is rather evident that all positions of prestige and power are protected from prosecution for sexual crimes. How many times do we have to see this to get it? All those of influence and power are pure evil and without out a doubt in my mind, Satan followers/worshipers. There, that will give Hoaxstead something to screen copy 😛


    • Yes truth1, no doubt you are correct. Bible prophecy tells us that Govt’s and Authorities will become fully controlled by the Satanic forces in our current “last days time frame”. Jesus said our times would be like the times of Sodom and Gammorah shortly before God completes the ruination of mankinds outrageously corrupt rulership over mankind.
      All rational. loving people are aware of our current situation where evil is strongly prevailing and the unrighteous are ruling over the righteous. Safety for our children and healthy families is now a distant memory and grossly perverted people and organisations are constantly obstructing and perverting justice on all fronts.The satanic religious/political 1776 plan to deceive people into believing that satan does not exist has been very effective and the Govt systems denial of the existence of SRA and vast organised CSA networks has allowed evil people and organisations free reign over our societies. The massive growth of atheism and lunatic new age religions has caused the rapid loss of very basic common sense and knowledge as planned by the satanists and their many allied secret societies. the USA President JFKennedy was murdered for trying to outlaw these evil organisations and after his death they were able to vastly ramp up their programs for the destruction of genuine Christianity.which is the only decent restraint against world wide satanic control.
      Our public services, churches, universities, courts,law enforcement etc have been incremently infiltrated by satanists/pagans with a vested interest in causing social breakdown of our societies, whilst having the insane false hopes in satan being able to take total control of earth but Christ Jesus has been appointed as our Universal King and will soon cause the Prophesied Great slaughter of all evil ones.
      Thank you all again for your loving work for our children and families and i hope many more people will promote publically the wonderful work Sabine McNeil and Belinda McKenzie are doing at great cost to themselves.
      Renée Emmanuel and i have also been persecuted for years but we are very happy to suffer along will all of you loving people.
      If Sabine and or Belinda are in need of financial assistance, please let me know and we will help if provided with the right contact source. We are not wealthy but we would like to help if needed.


      • That was a very good post. I agree the 1776 event was a disaster for decency. On the other hand, the 1620 one was very good. It began a long steady stream of unpopular non-mainstream Christians moving to the USA to gain some freedom and a chance to rise a little from the bottom where they had been kept. In fact, the USA is considered the most problematic nation on earth due to the amount of independent Christian thought and adherence that came about in this nation. Now they want to get rid of it at all cost. To the world: be careful of what you ask, for you might get it.


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