Lucifer [Satan and Devil] is the Secret God – producing ‘lying wonders’ – from

The above recording of a radio show and the text below are copied from the About page of the publisher of

The author’s outstanding professional training and life experiences, combined with deep feelings of betrayal, made me cry. Maybe you, too?

  • For me, it’s five days before my CRIMINAL trial in Blackfriars Court as a persecuted public interest whistleblower;
  • it’s a month since I finished STOP Forced Removals which I’m sending to Parlamentarians in the EU and the UK, as well as members of the House of Lords;
  • I managed to get to the Moses Room in the House of Lords to watch the Children and Social Work Bill currently being scrutinised. Initiated by the Department of Education, it is meant to
    • enshrine ‘corporate parenting’ as the right of access to children by Local Authorities against whom nobody can win in secret family courts;
    • give children a ‘personal advisor’ as the person paid for grooming into abuse;
    • according to official statistics, all trends are rising since 1994: the number of children in care, of being adopted and of same sex couples adopting children from care – against the parents’ will, of course…

The fabulous blogger and researcher into Jewish Paedophilia including Hampstead writes:

“The reason I am fighting every day is because after years of working and training to serve and protect the public, it was made known through military contacts I have and then through mainstream and alternative media, that all of my childhood hero’s including but not restricting to Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris and Michael Jackson have been raping and molesting children. To add to that, I became aware of multiple paedophile rings in the British and American intelligence services, the police, the British and American governments, the British & Netherlands royal family and others.

When I made my oath to the British public to serve and protect, I entered into a contract with the British people that I would lay down my life to protect them, their families, their freedoms, their right to believe in anything they wanted. After years of deep study, working more than 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, for roughly 6 years, I have had no choice but to come to the conclusion that while I gave an oath to protect the public and their families, certain members of our society who we put in place to protect us, have no commitment to us as we do to them. In fact, the very people we think are there to protect us and our families, are the ones selfishly doing the abuse, for power and rank. That abuse involves not only the rape and murder of British children, but also the intentional targeting of our people with chemicals that increase our risk of dying and catching deadly diseases. The British government has been and still is experimenting on the public in breech of the Nuremberg Code while the media, bribed by the intelligence services, targets people who bring attention to issues.

I feel deeply betrayed, I feel deeply hurt, I feel deeply saddened, I feel ashamed of my government and its key institutions which guide public life. To end this post, writing this article made me cry, because I took my oath deadly serious and because I am aware of what is happening, I am being targeted by my own side.

One last thing, why do I call this blog JewishPaedophilia, simply put, not out of racism, but to raise awareness of an issue that needs addressed and brought to light, because Jewish children matter, as do Arab children, as to Christian children, as do all children. The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow.


The reason the articles are sometimes rough and scatter brain is because I hate writing, but I am being forced to write in order to help my fellow man. Understand we are at war, war is psychological as well as physical, war is being inflicted upon us by members of our own side who are deeply religious and deeply extreme in their views. To hopefully bring some sort of peace of mind to those who are angry and upset, we have all been lied to, doctors, nurses, police officers, psychiatrists, psychologists, etc. Just because a person is a psychiatrist or psychologist, just because a person may have tonnes of qualifications, doesn’t make them any more intelligent or any less susceptible to lies, I know this for a fact. If you don’t know what the word propaganda means, I suggest you learn for your own sanity. I do not claim to have all the answers, I do not claim that everything on this site is factual, I do not claim to be a writer or journalist but a normal citizen and member of the public, use your own judgement.


2 thoughts on “Lucifer [Satan and Devil] is the Secret God – producing ‘lying wonders’ – from

  1. We have all been betrayed. We were promised law and order and we were cheated. There is a lot I liked in this post. Bill Cooper, for one, is/was an amazing revealer of secrets and evil. He was outright assassinated. 2nd, I have referred to “Mind Control cults” on my site. But “Intelligence Cults” is a good one, too. All Intelligence cults practice Satanism in their “craft.”

    I really like the title of this post, where Satan is called a “secret god,” for indeed, he tries very hard to remain secret for many reasons. None of them being for any good. His best weapon is that most do not believe he even exists. No one will prepare for an enemy that does not exist.

    As to what can be done or not, we will all give our utmost. what shall come of it all is up to God. Since we battle a force so strong and so out of reach, God is the only one who can check that force, Satan.

    Sabine, I give my best hopes and prayers for you in your upcoming trial. My desire is to see you free.

    Satan is and will continue to provide lying signs and wonders. We have seen many and many more are to come. They getting more obvious and more open. And people will become more obvious as to where they stand or not. Its all about bring the world to just 2 choices. The contrast between those two choices could not be any more extreme. The choice seems obvious to me, but humans have been cultivated to be worthless. School systems have been at work at least since 1860 in the USA, to condition and program young minds to make them useless. the schools were progressively made worse to the point now where they can not think or act in their own best long-term interests anymore. Their minds have been effectively disabled.

    so those choosing god are not going to be many by comparison yet still said by Revelation to number as the sands of the sea. I wait to see how that turns out.


  2. Dear Sabine and Belinda,

    Well, my dears, the clock is ticking…

    Is obvious to me that you cant even consider that when the Master Jesus passed through the spiritual experience called “Great Renunciation” 2,000 years ago – and did so in full physical fact – he was telepathically to Lord Maitreya, the World Teacher, or Christ, and Leader of our planetary Hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom and Compassion. Therefore, in a mixture of confusion, pride, jealousy and fear, you have invented with other fundamentalist cults in America a contrary idea that those Masters worship Lucifer. That word does not mean the same thing as Satan or the Devil, but refers to the planet Venus, meaning Light-bringer. This fact was explained very clearly in the first few editions of the magazine published by Mabel Collins and Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (the author of The Secret Doctrine). They described Venus as the Over-Soul of our human race on planet Earth.

    Anyway, perhaps you will like to see a new crop circle, which was created yesterday by a spaceship from that planet, which seems to offer us the idea that the clock is ticking towards the time when the Christ, Lord Maitreya, will be allowed under the Law of Human Freewill to make His Face known more clearly that that Law has made it possible up to this point in time. A spiritual Law that takes account of your hostility and indifference, or fear, as well… and so He can use no power given to Him by two other great avatars, known as The Spirit of Peace and Equilibrium, and the Avatar of Synthesis.

    It is the overshadowing powers of those two great Beings, Who cannot come any closer to us that the buddhic or higher intuitive plane, which adds force to Lord Maitreya’s connection with the Buddha (whose real name is Shakyamuni) from His Centre, Shamballa, and those additional spiritual forces will support His ability to offer mankind, as a whole, a great revelation regarding immortality, and the unity of all religious teachings; no matter how much they have each been distorted by the followers of the Buddha’s disciple. Prince Gautama, and the Christ’s disciple, Jesus; and Jesus’s disciple, Mohammed.

    There are signs and wonders, indeed, but no matter how wonderful a sign may be… nothing will remove a deeply ingrained prejudice, of course!

    Here is the link which will show you that no human being could possible have created this crop circle without leaving any marks in the surrounding area, or within it… if, of course, you have an open mind.

    My Master just asked me to send you one of his satsangs, or spoken teachings, published by our Ashram… but I don’t know which one might be of interest… so instead I will add a message from the Tibetan Master, whose humble and hard-working disciple is Benjamin Creme.

    May I remind you that the reception of such messages is not through lower mental mediumship or astral channelling, but via a telepathic overshadowing – which is not even the same as straightforward, or ordinary, telepathy, which takes place on a daily basis between sensitive people…. mother and child, lovers, etc. That overshadowing, when witnessed by those who are clairvoyant to various degrees has additional visual and sensory symptoms which prove that there is no wishful thinking involved on the part of the person receiving the messages, but a divine and extraneous force full of light and love…. Having been present since 1970 and witnessed most of 140 messages being transmitted and received in this way, it accounts for my convictions and lack of doubt regarding the truth within these messages.

    It’s called THE ONE WHO KNOCKS…

    I have also had first hand experiences of meetings with both the Master Jesus, who was my old Master before I was transferred to a different department, (headed by Lord Babaji in India and his spiritual lineage, down to Paramahamsa Yogananda) and Lord Maitreya in person, who has given me some much needed additional personal advice and help, in order to support my own private decisions regarding my future job.

    Best wishes, Aditya.



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