@twitter #Satanism doesn’t exist? Temple of Baal NOT to Open in Times Sq & Trafalgar Sq on April 19!!!

Judge Pauffley Bitch

What a relief in today’s update:

From the denial of child snatching in the secrecy of family courts, child sexual abuse, torture, baby murder and human child sacrifice to celebrating it?

Watch out for April 19th in Times Square and Trafalgar Square, after which 100 more temples are meant to follow… Or is it all a hoax to ‘capture’ our imagination to be pre-occupied with Evil?

Here is an analysis of the announcement as it ‘coincides’ with the Festival of Blood Sacrifice to the Beast – from April 19 to May 1.

Here is a brilliant biblical analysis from ‘Brother Steven’ on Israeli News Live:

If the announcement is true, there will be enough Police to ‘protect’ the organisers from ‘us the people’, but there’s never enough Police to investigate sexual abuse

Meanwhile, here are some more ‘preparatory’ links:

This is the news today as well as the link above

Just as there is always enough money for wars, but never enough for health and education… But who wants to think about the creation of money and currency?

In our face, unless ‘we’ do ‘something’…

Here are a few more links – at least for waking up – if not also armchair activism before ‘real’ street and hands-on activism.

  • Do we need to accept this ‘enforced religion’?
  • Have we all been so numbed and dumbed down that we are unable to THINK and KNOW?
  • Can it get worse than this hijacking of our mind by Big Brother – exactly as in George Orwell knew?

Watch the laws changing:

And the two whistleblower kids and their over 60 friends?

  • At the mercy of their parents and some 120+ adults, including 20 police based in 16 stations…
  • Welcome to the ‘end times’???
  • Let us shine our light even more brightly than EVER!!!
  • Remember: Fear is the Mind Killer, said Alisa and Gabriel!

Asking HM Government to set up a Royal Commission into Ritual and Satanic Abuse is like asking turkeys to vote for Christmas, right? But maybe we can give them some ways out of their moral dilemmas and conflicts of conscience?

Here is another link questioning the difference between TRUE and FALSE about inaccurate rumours and Foul Baal

And here is the 1776 Agenda of the New World Order – they’ve been pretty successful over these 240 years. BUT we do have our conscience, our human spirit and the internet!

The rest is SEARCHING in your heart and online…


15 thoughts on “@twitter #Satanism doesn’t exist? Temple of Baal NOT to Open in Times Sq & Trafalgar Sq on April 19!!!

  1. Such a well written piece!!! So many good questions, too!

    It has been said that those who do not take a stand on something or for something, will fall for anything. And yes, that means Satan as well. Of course, his followers do not admit his existence. Yet his Statues pop up everywhere now, or his pagan sock puppets.

    And to answer your question, yes, it can get worse and it will. This if the result of getting rid of God in our lives. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

    So we got what we wanted. A world without God. Of course, maybe we shold be more careful of what we ask for, as We might get it.

    Times, laws, and seasons will be changed, for sure. Its in prophecy, Daniel, I believe. Our world will be turned upside down.

    “But maybe we can give them some ways out of their moral dilemmas and conflicts of conscience?”

    I don’t think they much care for a way out. They will resort to force, Satan’s favorite tactic and one the UK has always liked as well. Besides, I find that compromise on causes us to sink deeper in the mire. I place my trust in God, that He will supply help or bolster us to brave the onslaught.

    Can we fix this? I don’t think so. Once the genie gets out, you can’t put it back in. We made our mistakes long ago and set this in motion. That is our lesson to learn when God starts the world over again. But god left a promise thru his son that all would be exposed before it was all said and done.

    And It pains us to know what our world has become, but I suggest that in this darkness, there is some light of sorts. We have the opportunity to be a part of the defense team of God and stand for something, and have our lives preserved or restored to us for it. And we can better learn how to live correctly, so as not to fall into this trap ever again and to teach our children and love our children so that they are not vulnerable to liars and deceivers with supernatural powers, but no morality and only hate for us. That is not such a small thing to obtain!


  2. I strongly recommend a couple comments, as well as the fine article on Psyops presented by Crimes of Empire, a WordPress blog by Mr. Robertson. His careful detailed arguments and supporting evidence of their phony fake nature is excellent and as well, the comment of truth1now (yes, I am shamelessly promoting my idea) who now shortens his ID to truth1 on WordPress, posted an idea on how consciousness and learning comes about. It is a process we know little about and it was a major part of the conflict between Satan and God regarding exactly what the nature and merit of God’s human creation was or not. Since our enemy is Satan, we might do well to understand more about what he did and what he missed way back when the dispute started. Mr. Robertson supplies plenty of pictures and videos. He was determined to prove the lying deception that is behind false flags. Avoid it and you will be the poorer for it. truth1 knows these things, ya know. 😉


  3. Me thinks Sam is a little upset at hs dark Lord Satan’s exposure. Get used to it Sam, you might have the world for the moment and for the rest of your buddies short times, but you all and Satan, will be exposed. Here and in many other places, too, if I have anything to do with it. God will have something to do with it. You can be damn sure of that, Sammy boy! Yes, Satan can throw us in prison, but in doing so, he admits he as something to fear. I do not fear free speech, but I know you do! Cheers!


  4. Ah ha ha ha ha ha! You guys kill me. I get your notices of your submission, even if it is not allowed or deleted. Everyone does. But to call me Sabine is no shame for me but it might insulting her a little. But you know full well who Truth1 is. My website? Truth1.org ? Only the greatest site on the internet! I have been doing it since Dec. 1999. But I think you’ll find my articles tend to vary with almost everyone. I am an extreme devotee of the Bible, which you guys hate, right? There just isn’t anyone who can compete with me and not end up looking dumb. Yes, brash, arrogant, conceited and contentious, too. So much to love, eh?

    Besides, who uses sock puppets more than you guys? Oh, wait, I did forget Jacqui Farmer. She is the only one who might be in competition with your guys for sock puppet king/queen. I think she uses a different name, every time she posts on WordPress or Youtube. Now you guys pretend hate her but I don’t believe a word of it. You guys pretend to hate her and be her adversary, but that is just to make her look authentic. But I know dear Jacqui all too well. But Sabine likes her. You can see the numerous links to Hampstead Research (so called) channels on youtube.

    But then again, I have had experiences with “Jax” that no one else has. I know her better and I saved lots of her material to potentially expose her for being “questionable.” You know I have to be careful. I also dug into her history thanks to her book. And I did some more poking around in places, only metaphorically, and I got lots of stuff. Jax also had “friends” working with her. Maybe you know some of them? Scarlett Scoop? Jax let all Scarlett’s posts go thru. In fact, I think the two are an “item.” And there are other mysterious characters I have documented.

    So you are dealing with the real deal, baby. You aint seen nothing like this. I make this look good! Not just good! outrageously fantastic! When you want a good time, you only need to look for me. Everyone is 2nd best at best. Don’t settle for less!


    • I had a thought a night or so ago. There have come about a number of adventurous people, usually teens and young adults, mostly male, who explore the many houses and building all over the USA that are abandoned, and often in very remote places and over grown with shrubs and tree. Sometimes you can even find an old abandoned building in a city or near it. Guess what all these explorers are finding, on fairly consistent basis? Satanic pentagrams on the floor and walls and other Satanic imagery and iconography.

      And usually these places show evidence of recent use. In fact, in one video when two guys or 3 went to a site on a Satanic holiday, I think just before or after Halloween, they came upon a pentagram and candles were lit and burning. The guys ran out of there at the speed of light. so there is lots of solid evidence in what were thought to be remote hidden places so that no one would know, and now the world is finding out that this crap goes on all the time all over the USA. I would find it hard to believe that is is not also going on in the rest of the world. Its proof that Satanic worship does take place all the time, Its not rare or hard to find and they leave evidence behind in copious amounts. Busted!


  5. Obviously there is still much confusion about Babylon the Great.
    Bible, Revelations Chapter 18 help to simplify this issue. I had previously read numerous explanations written by various churches but they all came across, very confusing. There was a common thread of confusion which i felt is based on fear of facing up to the fact that our western societies don’t want to accept that our Governments, Churches, Institutions etc are also involved in evil practices.
    We are always looking for outsiders to blame and SATAN knows that where fear exists he can cause great confusion, because he is the master of confusion, deception and death.
    Revelations 18 says Babylon the Great is the NATION misleading the whole inhabited earth and the USA is the only Nation who has ever been capable of deceiving the whole earth, due to it’s former glory and the former trust she was given by the nations of the earth.
    She has fallen from her glory and is no longer trusted or glorified as we all know.
    Revelations 18 tells us that the HARLOT Rides on the back of the WILD BEAST [ the conglomeration of world Governments deceived by Babylon the Great]
    Our Govt’s have carried our corrupt churches financially for generations via tax free income and massive Govt monies for supposed services but the Harlot has betrayed us all, especially our children.
    Chapters 2 & 3 of Revelations is a rebuke in advance to the worlds failed churches.
    Daniel’s dream in the Bible book of Daniel describes that the earth will have 8 powerful dominant Kingdoms [nations] and i believe the USA is the final 8th Kingdom which is the only Nation who has been able to deceive the whole inhabited earth.
    The 7th Kingdom [Nation] was Great Britain who the Global Satanic Occult tore down via their well planned destruction caused by Hitler & Co.
    The USA had to bail out Britain, hence Britain was forced to hand her Occult power over to the USA and in return Britain was given global dominance over the worlds corrupt banking, financial systems.
    Since that time Britain has fully supported the USA in forcing so-called Capitalistic democracy ont the rest of the world and eventually as planned, both China and Russia fell for the demonic spell of destructive Capitalism which provided the way for the filthy rich Elite global Occult players to bleed the world’s financers to death, as is our current situation.

    The following video explains the 1776 Occult Plan http://www.youtu.be/eNuBFQcz1JM & this video is the warning given in the USA by Myron C Fagan on 3 vinyl records http://www.youtu.be/hFsYSvqKozM


    • Michael M, I liked your post. I might vary just a little on some things, but I do believe we are in the same ballpark here. I Have heard people confuse the symbols, Babylon the Great, the Beast, and the antichrist, who I say is the “false prophet’ in Revelation. Some all the antichrist the beast, but the beast kills Babylon after the antichrist dies unexpectedly. So they are all different.

      I agree that the USA is the “path” the “instrument” of the last days, but ultimately, there is someone who controls the USA, and that is Babylon the great. She was born in Babylon, so to speak. She was supposed to go back to Judah and Jerusalem and attend to God’s everlasting covenant with Him. But most of them never went back and they became merchants and bankers in Babylon and in the empire of the Persians and Medes and on to the present, with the aid of Satan, of course.

      But Moses warned, about chapter 29 or so in Deuteronomy, that in the latter days, God was going to destroy them for not keeping his covenant. And what goes for them goes for Christians since they inherited the amended as promised by God and Moses, covenant.

      The nations shall tire of Babylon and her destruction will be fierce. The call is for good Jews and Christians to get out of Babylon the great if they do not want to suffer with her.

      I might add that Isaiah, Ezekiel and Habakkuk all also speak of Babylon by different names such as Tyre, or the Chaldeans. Tyre was a vast network of traders and merchants, etc.

      My article is, and forgive my lack of modesty, the greatest article ever written on the matter.

      I first published it in 2004 but vastly expanded it in 2010 and even more in 2013. I started the recognition of Babylon in 2004, as I did the tribe of Dan in 2013. There was no recognition of those topics much before my articles. Now many try to distort what they mean.

      But before Babylon gets caught up with, the antichrist must arrive and then 3.5 years later, make a deal with all earth and lock Christians all away and then the great mass killing begins. That lasts for 3.5 years and then the antichrist dies, Babylon the Great is killed in a great fury, and Christians are let loose, and then regret on the art of the nations and they attack the newly freed Christians out of greed as Gog and Magog and fire from heaven destroys them and we have 1000 years to learn and prepare for a final testing. Even then, those who pass will be small compared to those who fall for Satan yet again.

      Then we live happily ever after, having been tested and passed for being perfect.


  6. I have tried 3 time to post a comment, which is lengthy but i keep getting hacked.
    In simple i believe the USA is Babylon the Great and the conglomeration of our churches, teaching against the teachings of Christ are the Harlot

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