@cabinetofficeUK We have to finally admit: these #cults are real #satanic #paedophile #evil

Bohemian Grove 1915

Survival and Disclosure Among the Fallen – A reluctant delve into the world beyond the looking glass is a remarkable article by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veterans Today. It covers:

  • Preface
    • Are there worldwide cults whose membership includes the world’s political and religious leaders abusing and murdering children?
    • Secret societies which share an esoteric underbelly of quasi-religious adherence to angels, demons, early gods or anthropomorphised household objects.
    • To survive, we have to finally admit that these cults are real, that they have risen to preeminence in the world – they are our judges, bankers, presidents, run our think tanks, control our nuclear arsenals – decide what we learn, see, hear and what we believe.
  • Denialism
    • Current patterns of denialism, the universal need to simply look away, are suicidal for all of us.
  • It Begins
    • We are touching on paedophile rings and human trafficking within the context of inexplicable human behaviour by so-called “elites”: visions of unimaginable insanity and brutality on a daily basis.
    • Behind the
      • shelling of civilians
      • kidnappings of entire peoples
      • genocide of ISIS
      • beheadings
      • mass rapes
      • the rampage that crosses two continents and is working its way into Europe, there is something more.
    • Theft is Good
      • In Iraq alone over $2 trillion in oil has been stolen since 2010;
      • the loot of the world simply vanishes: entire automobile assembly plants are hauled away; 5,000 years of antiquities.
    • Why Now?
      • We could spend years discussing Freemasonry as a social organization, or as in Britain, a cult that through its penetration of Scotland Yard, the Metropolitan Police and the security agencies threatened British security through covering up a pedophile ring that continues to rule Britain.
      • Every scandal is expanded, fictionalized, until it is poisoned to the point that no mainstream journalist, no prosecutor, no investigative agency, could ever look at it.
      • Disclosures are seeded with disreputable information in order to kill investigations. Too often agencies themselves take part, using the term “conspiracy theory” as an excuse to turn aside.
      • Thus, when solid evidence came to the FBI that children from Father Flanagan’s Boys Town” in Nebraska where being trafficked into the party circles of Washington DC, this story had to be “fictionalized” and killed.
    • Back to Keshe [the promise of free energy]

    • Synthesis
      • Thus, we use direct evidence, things we personally witnessed with the best sources possible, working within the existing narratives and paying close attention to how stories are poisoned, how investigations are quashed but moreover how things tie together.What we are forced to explain is aberrant human behavior.Going back to 2000, a criminal cabal overthrows the US government through the Supreme Court. We have been able to establish, partially at least, that of the 5 judges, of the 9, that supported this move against the Constitution, at least 3 were members of secret societies minimally considered “satanic.”
    • The Crux of It
  • Defining the Supernatural

It is one thing for people to believe things, for the “common man,” continually subjected to mind control, minimally in the guise of news or entertainment, but we suspect further, perhaps much further, to believe these things exist. What can be stated here, categorically as fact, based on irrefutable sources, is that these “elites” believe they are teamed up with beings that came to Earth while mankind was in its infancy, beings that waited for endless centuries.

There are more questions, that is if one accepts any of this as true. If it is not true, and it may well not be true at all, then the power of suggestion itself may be “the new world order.”

If that is not the case, then the events of 9/11, or the creation of the Federal Reserve System back in 1913, may well be proof of rule by demonic forces.

Tim Tate says in his book “Children for the Devil – Ritual Abuse and Satanic Crimes”:

The Church, the Media and the Occult have a lot to answer for.

More on the petition to Set Up a Royal Commission into Ritual Abuse and Satanic Crimes.



8 thoughts on “@cabinetofficeUK We have to finally admit: these #cults are real #satanic #paedophile #evil

  1. Those who revere Satan deny Satan in public, as Satan instructs them to do, In turn, the various elite orders also instruct those below them to deny them as being behind anything. Each descending layer will not implicate those above. This is just standard procedure in any hierarchy. The little guys at the bottom take the bullets. Take enough bullets and you rise up in status.

    But no intelligent person is going to confess that he is committing a crime or that anyone above him authorized a crime. It remains the investigators duty to look critically at any information given him by those questioned, know and expecting that many will lie who are in on it and one can not trust anything at face value. The biggest error ever made in the pursuit of law and justice is to assume anything. While all suspects are innocent till proven guilty, an investigator must presume that any and suspects must remain suspects until fully exonerated or full convicted by evidence possessed by the investigator. Then it goes to trial.

    Most investigators assume innocence and good will when investigating and this is totally wrong. The investigator has a unique job in that he is to assume the worst and take noting for granted. AS I review the medical exams of 2 children, I find that everyone takes everyone else’s word for everything and no one questions anyone. I find no innocent people in the medical exams. Everyone to some degree, was in on the coverup, some far more than other and some far less but no one was guilt free!

    that investigations always proceed incorrectly, is good evidence that there is no honesty or integrity in any investigation that has any government involvement at all. And that would suggest that the whole process serves on those who commit crimes. That would not contradict an assertion that Satan is real and owns the world.


      • Its never fun being a suspect. And many of us are not so much suspects and we are victims of being framed. When authorities have it out for us, there is little we can do to defend ourselves. They lie and cheat at all turns. Trust me, I have been there a few times. I had the US VA try to frame me as being incompetent in the care of my father, because I was “treating him” as thee put it and he was in danger. But since I was clever enough to have a private doctor also treat him, and because I had my father get blood tests twice a year because I did not trust VA doctors, I managed to keep my father. But they withheld mediation and did everything in their power to hurt my father’s health and kill him off as quick as possible, to get at me, who was taking care of my father instead of working. And that is just one such example.

        I am not sure what you distinguish between law and enforcement. But I believe good investigators need to follow the evidence wherever it goes/leads. Authorities, celebrities, even the king, should all be accountable to the law and investigation, too. Wasn’t that what Magna Carta was about? But celebrity types or wealth and power, they have diplomatic immunity. they do not get questioned. Listen, I have had men who likely had some sort of connection to something unusual, and they would look at me intensely, puzzled, shocked, amazed, and bewildered. Problem was, I had no idea who they were or why I was so interesting to them, but i guessed that I must be on someone’s radar somewhere. But what ever they heard did not seem, I gather, to match what they saw in front of them. “No, he can’t be all that!” “its not possible!”

        Sabine, we who fight injustice and hate evil, are always going to be hunted dogs. We h ave done nothing wrong but that will never stop them. But meanwhile, I’d sure like to see some people have to answer for what they have done. I know there was no one in any sort of investigation who did even a simple thing right. not the slightest sincere diligent investigation. This along indicts our society, our respective nations and the entire network of enslaves citizens that governments sit on and reign over. I know that all governments are “in on it. And I know Satan is at the head of it all.
        but if I had one wish, it would be that the “little people” would dare to all be thorough persistent diligent investigators. It is because so few are, that we are in such danger.

        Innocent does not mean we should have a free pass from being investigated if evidence did lead to us. If I bought a car that ended up used in a crime, not knowing it had been used for such, I would expect to be investigated and asked about my purchase. If I had someone I talked to at work quite a bit and they committed a crime, I would not think it wrong for them to ask me what I might know about him. I would do the same.

        the sad thing is that we both know that in our world today, innocent people have far more to fear than guilty ones because innocent people often do not like government and crime, But that does not invalidate doing a through investigation and followed the evidence to wherever it leads. Now it may turn out to be a dead end, and a “person of interest” ceases to be so, having been investigated and found innocent. All loose ties need to be solved, if possible. Most sloppy or devious investigations involved not following rules of procedure. We see that in Hampstead. I deplore that.

        I mentioned that “an investigator must presume that any and all suspects must remain suspects until fully exonerated or full convicted by evidence possessed by the investigator.” Perhaps it was not put as carefully as it should be, but it still seems reasonable to me. Let my rephrase just a little. All suspects should have airtight alibi’s before ceasing to become suspects. In an investigation, one can often turn up more involved guilty parties. You might start out hunting for a killer and find out that many participated in the murder, such as the case involving the JFK assassination. Just because one did not directly murder, does not let them off the hook entire until the whole case is solved. I stand by what I suggested. I appreciate your fears. You are an object of hatred by authorities for having supported this Hampstead affair. Its unjust and its been no fun. I fully understand that. But I will not let my fears cloud my analysis.


          • Law should happen on paper and in courts, but my experience is that politics is what happens behind closed doors, rather than statues and caselaw.

            and police are supposed to be guided by law and procedure but they are not. It is politics and the buddy system. Prisons are out of control madness. for one, solitary confinement does not accomplish anything. too many times, my own opinion is that too many are being kept alive who should be executed, at least in the US. and putting criminals to work is not bad but then it becomes an incentive to put more people in prison. Its hard to find problem that does not become more of a problem with any option you choose. corrupt institutions corrupt everything they touch.

            You and I both suffer from wishing that men would honor law as it is written and intended. Problem is, we don’t know what their real intentions were. And I suspect they are different from what we were thinking. 😉


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