@UKHomeOffice @MoJGovUK #RitualAbuse and #SatanicCults: Do they or Don’t they exist? #Children for the Devil

19 01 30 Roger Cook mapDenying crimes is the first stage of actively covering 16 01 29 Children for the Devil 250them up – whether by Councilsonlineby Policein courts and by mainstream media.

Tim Tate, researcher in the team who produced the Cook Report in 1989, wrote in Children for the Devil in 1991:

  • the Church, the Press and the Occult have a lot to answer for.

During the research for his book, he encountered these public reactions:

  1. dismissal as FANTASY;
  2. dismissal as a diversion from the ‘real problem’ of INCEST;
  3. dismissal as invention of SENSATION-SEEKING journalists;
  4. horrified acceptance of the concept that these children could be telling the TRUTH.

And he discovered the two ‘camps’

  • protectors of Children’s Rights as accusers of abusers
  • and deniers of satanic ritual abuse as defenders of criminals.

This poses questions regarding ‘cases’ of molested, mutilated and murdered children. How many must have been

  1. heard by therapists;
  2. reported to police;
  3. investigated professionally and effectively by police;
  4. tried lawfully, without cover-up?

These are the prerequisites:

  • Therapists require open minds, unconditional love and uncritical acceptance;
  • Police must not be involved themselves as a prior condition;
    • the Hampstead children named 16 stations and 20 individuals;
    • this is where the cover-up begins;
    • online harassment, libel, slander and defaming follows;
  • Courts legitimise criminals
    • and this is where ‘cases’ end, while children continue to suffer, from generation to generation;
    • for ‘intergenerational incest’ is one of the characteristics of ‘cult families’ who breed and groom their children into ritual abuse and satanic crimes as a lifestyle;
    • when 20 ‘special children’ get forcibly adopted for the purpose of ‘group abuse’ of 66 of them altogether, it gets too much, doesn’t it?

But: the Royal Commission into New South Wales Police set an embarrassing precedent in 1997:

Since then, Operation Hydrant reveals:

Are there any connections between denying the holocaust and denying satanic crimes and ritual abuse?

Does the holocaust have anything in common with satanic abuse?

The rest is making up your own mind – thanks to googling…


8 thoughts on “@UKHomeOffice @MoJGovUK #RitualAbuse and #SatanicCults: Do they or Don’t they exist? #Children for the Devil

  1. Tunnels under schools, kidnapping children for sexual slavery, black costumes at weird ceremonies, ritual killing of black babies. Sound familiar? Can a perfectly sane retired head of the FBI be making all this up?

    As Gandhi said, “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win”.
    Truth will out.


  2. I will say, at least in the USA and Canada, we have a number of good reliable therapists who can treat the very special requirement of Mind Control programming victims, who are always also SRA victims, since SRA and Mind Control Programming go hand in hand.

    But all the same, it is risky to be one of these therapists. Why so? It has to do with human nature. Our brains are incredible creations. The brain can deduce nearly anything with time and experience. Individually and collectively over time. The brain also has protection mechanisms. These are very powerful, too. So powerful that they can completely block off reality and created their own world of their own creation, completely cut off from the real world and the senses of that world.

    What that means is that in the face of extreme horror, the mind can block it out and store it in secret and go into denial and act as if nothing ever happened. They now call this “Dissociation.” It can be used to create alternate personalities that can be programmed.

    When a person who was programmed enters therapy, they have no idea what they experienced as kids in horrifying experiences. It was all diverted an blocked out of the conscious mind, and stored in secure secret places in the brain. So the conscious person may think and believe that their parents are normal and typical, if not quite nice. The parents might have raped the child and taken the child to ceremonies where many raped them and did other horrible things. But the conscious patient will not know any of this.

    Now part 2! When we are born, we instinctively cling to our parents for security and safety, and love. They are so important that child will often sacrifice its own needs in order to please a parent. So the child will instinctively blame itself and feel shame as if the child were to blame for needing or wanting. Bear with me. A child wants and needs to believe that mom and dad are wonderful. A child will often ignore or run and flee from anything that would suggest otherwise. Can you accept and believe this? If you can, then you will now understand how people with evil inclinations can misuse these needs and frame a therapist in the process.

    When an unsuspecting person has certain traits and nightmares and such, these will often indicate hidden SRA. FACT! The symptoms are very common and similar. In some ways, Alisa and Gabriel were giving off signs of extreme cult abuse but Tavistock ignored the signs they recognized quite well, and told the kids’ mom nothing. Tavistock knew full well what was going on. They were in on it!

    So a person is sent to a therapist who specialized in SRA and Mind control programming and all that goes with that. What they can not know when a patient shows up, is how the patient is going to react to memories as they come out of hiding and into the consciousness. They might accept it and let the process continue or they might get scared and upset and not want to continue therapy any longer. In fact, they may even get so upset and scared that they want to go into denial, stop the memories coming up and even go so far as to blame the therapist as putting ideas into their heads, as if that were even possible. They are not rational and these are what evil exploits to frame therapists.

    Now in the early days, therapists kept hearing the same things, over and over, in patients. So they would sometimes let a patient know, when certain signs came up in dreams or whatever, what was behind the visions, flashes, dreams, etc. Some patients do not believe, but do not run or stop, either. Some run like hell in terror. The main lesson is that you can not force a patient to face what is inside them. You can lead a horse to water, but you can not make it drink.

    But if a patient is especially upset that mom and dad are really monsters and so is their community, or church or whatever, then the patient may reject the whole concept and stop therapy. Some might sue the therapist. Stone the messenger, right? So a therapist risks a lot in helping. Therapists need legal protection from patients who are not stable or reliable, even in the best of cases.

    But our system likes to threaten therapists and blame the therapist for false memory implantation, which is total crap. Bad patients are not that common. But they do happen. Therapists today do not reveal to the patient, before hand, what is coming. They let it come when it is ready and then the patient can not claim the therapist did it by telling them in advance.

    False Memory Syndrome is a total lie and needs to be exposed for what it is. This BS is used and applied to many things, including our own Alisa and Gabriel, who have not really recanted anything at all, if you notice their continued accusations even after being taken captive and even in the medical exams.

    Please get the word out about this. This is one of the biggest obstacles and the only thing keep it alive is people not knowing what it really is.


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