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Courts and Police need and want EVIDENCE. But what when it gets concealed and / or ignored?

1. Australia, late 1980s: Mornington Peninsula, Victoria:

  • Children ‘born for sacrifice to Satan’;

2. Argentina, early 1990s: ‘Superior Universal Alignment’:

  • People sentenced included a former police officer;

3. Dublin, 2006: Cynthia Owen’s infant was murdered by her parents and at least nine other men:

  • Failure of police to investigate the murder;

4. Lewis, Scotland, 2003: allegations by three children:

  • Police investigation: island-wide satanic paedophile ring, but charges were dropped nine months later;

5. US Military, 1987, Lt Col Michael Aquino:

  • No indictment despite dozens of child witnesses;

6. Brussels, 1989, Marc Dutroux:

  • Common knowledge that police officers and high ranking officials.

These are the cases published by Aangirfan.

16 01 29 Children for the Devil 250In Children for the Devil, Tim Tate publishes inter alia:

  1. Nottingham – 17 May 1989 – 23 children
  2. South London – 12 August 1988
  3. West Midlands – 12 June 1988 – dozens of very young children
  4. Oude Pekela , Holland May 1987 – 90 children
  5. Hamilton, Ontario, February 1985 – judicially recognised on 30 March 1987 by Hon Judge Thomas Beckett
  6. San Francisco – February 1987
  7. Sussex – January 1988.

In 1988, Californian therapist Pamela Hudson put these ‘key indicators’ together after having listened to oodles of children and parents:

  1. Child was molested by other children, child group sex
  2. Child was molested by adult strangers, day care workers
  3. Child reported the following types of physical or psychological abuse:
    • Reports being locked inside a ‘jail’ or cage
    • Reports telling that abusers threatened to kill their parents, siblings or pets, if they told
    • Was buried or put inside caskets, coffins, boxes
    • Was held under water
    • Was threatened with guns or knives
    • Child was injected, drugged or ‘poked’ with needles
    • Children were photographed or filmed during abuse
    • Children were tied by ropes, hung form hooks, placed in closets, spread over inverted pentagrams or inverted cross
    • Child describes abusers wearing robes, masks having candles
    • Children were forced to participate in mock marriages
    • Children were defecated and urinated upon, and forced to ingest both
    • Children observed animals tortured and killed
    • Children described being given fake operations
    • Children describe the torture and sexual assault of others or of themselves
    • Evidential medical examination: findings commensurate with sexual assault
    • Children described small children and babies being killed, carved up and eaten by participants, sometimes including themselves
    • Children report being taken away from the care provider, traveling by car, airplane, helicopter, boats or submarines
    • Children describe being taken to churches, other day care centres and graveyards for more terrorising, torture and sexual assault.

Of course, criminals will prefer to deny than to admit to their guilt.

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7 thoughts on “@MetPoliceUK @cpsUK @UKHomeOffice #Motivation #Inspiration for #Success to Expose #SatanicCults #RitualAbuse and #Police #CoverUps

  1. You know, even if there were no legal victories at all, the fact that so many testify about these things, and that many have done so, and that their stories all harmonize and reinforce each other; that these memories also testify to many communities being cult communities and that these go back to the 1950s, and to be revealed in the 80s on to the present, without let-up, now in the thousands.

    None of this can just be wiped away and ignored. Something does not persist for over 30 years covering 50 years, and just be an anomaly or an aberration. It represents only the tip of the ice berg, such as the one that took Titanic down. Unsinkable they say it was, as it rusts on the sea bottom now. Oh, and I loved the Arnold video. Excellent touch.

    SRA is not rare, its full of detail and consistency. It largely belongs to secret government agencies who depend on Mind Control to carry out their dark missions in secure secrecy. Or at least they thought it was secure. Till MK victims started breaking down in the 80s, that is.

    NKJV) Mark 4:22 “For there is nothing hidden which will not be revealed, nor has anything been kept secret but that it should come to light. 23 “If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear.”

    We have a promise from God that all will be revealed sooner or later. I think the time has come or soon will, when this will be impossible to ignore. We can only wonder at what it will bring.

    I will relate something similar. I was thrown out of Jehovah’s Witnesses, so called but they disown Hi with their wick works; in 1990. They never actually said why I was “disfellowshipped,” but I will make it clear, it was because I exposed the rape of a 17 year old female in our congregation at the time, and it was disguised (covered up) as being a mere adultery. The guy was in his early 50s. And I read a book by a former member of the governing body who got thrown out himself for dissenting opinions, heaven forbid although heaven does not forbid.

    1990. Now in 1997: Eventually the net took off and I mentioned my experience to the many other xJWs on the net and none had ever heard of such a thing among Jehovah’s Witnesses. Still nothing in 1999. But I used to say to them, given the consistent nature of Elders and their ways, that there had to be many more than what I just knew of. 2001, another report surfaces. Just one but it was a start. Then it was 2, then 3, then 10, and soon right off the hook. By 2003, thing were rockin and it just got worse.

    But 10 years went by with nothing. We have about 1 years since the videos surfaced. I first learned thru those videos. They are dear to me and so is the person or persons who might have had a hand in that selfless act, if it wasn’t just Google’s lax security and a hacker taking a ride. I only know that Google, according to what I have read, is a CIA/NSA operation with the appearance of privately owned company. The CIA has been doing this sort of thing for a long time.

    But the world does not likely have 10 years left. Maybe just 8 or 9. If a/the false messiah arrives, then we have precisely 7 years left. So I expect that the time for revealing the evil that has overtaken us is near to being revealed by none other than Jesus, son and real messiah of God, and if you don’t like “Jehovah” as his name, then try this alternate form, YHWH, which some use as it is the original Hebrew form, free of vowels as their language was.

    I believe something will happen. I do not think October 2015 came about for nothing. In that month, much happened all over the world. It sets up lots of possibilities. But maybe all those were setup so that a fire could be ignited at any time with just one match, should the Hampstead case suddenly explode.
    But regardless, its coming out and it can’t be stopped. Jesus will not have it. A door will be opened and no one will be able to shut it, kind of like my big mouth. These are exciting times we live in. And many of us hold 2 children and their equally wounded and hurt parents in great care and tenderness. None of this should ever happen to anyone. So let us rejoice in what is soon to come!


  2. Interesting post and generally on message. Looks like you were ‘de-fellowshipped’ from the ‘Jehovah Witnesses’ ‘Truth1now’ but you have retained their belief in ‘end of times’. I take an ambivalent view to such things I’m afraid. Undoubtedly mysticism and prophesy from the ancient religions have had a huge impact on the human psyche and the human world view, both for good and bad. It is perhaps the most significant single cause of the evangelical and jewish justification for the creation and expansion of the zionist state that perhaps one of the biggest scourges of our age. Whether millennial predictions are true or not – they have been believed and disappointed for more than two thousand years – the danger is that they deflect from human culpability for its actions and consequences in the world or even excusing them as merely being the unavoidable result of divine prophesy. Humans must learn to grow up and take responsibility for what it does and what it has done.


    • Belief in End of Times is not unique to Jehovah’s Witnesses. It is a major part of the Bible in both old and new testments. Many denominations hold to end of times beliefs, some being more concerned about it than others. You are welcomed to believe as you want or not. But I do not need lecturing about whether my beliefs are flexible enough or not to adapt to the modern. Science and I do just fine.

      Nor is there anything I can do about corrupt people misusing religion for their own selfish gain. That has been a problem as old as man. I personally subscribe to peace, non-violence and for the most part, relative subjection to the laws and governments that I might reside in.

      Now I do find this a bit odd that while you do not like Zionist expansion and I am with you all the way on that one, It was the Bible, 1900 years ago, that warned of a coming false messiah that would spur the recreation of Judah, Jerusalem and most especially the temple and priesthood, which rebuilding rejects the sacrifice made by Jesus in behalf of justice in allowing God to reconcile mankind to Himself.

      Stated more plainly, the Bible is against Zionist reestablishment and expansion. But it did warn that would happen. That this could be done 1900 years ago, is evidently unimpressive to yourself, and you have the right to make that choice. I am not so unimpressed by a prediction that preceded it fulfillment by 1900 years. I am rather in awe of that since that Jewish sprout known as Christianity was not popular at the time and was not politically influential. But it still seemed to have a very long range sense of what was going on and would end up, 1900 years later. How in the hell does one do that?

      Divine prophecy does not control us nor force us to do anything. Its lets us be informed so that we do not get caught by surprise and maybe even help us to make a wise decision. Whether I have been wise in that regard, I am willing to let time and circumstance either vindicate me or make me a laughing. God is well aware of my situation and He has the option to do as He pleases, regardless of me or not.

      Meanwhile, I provide good help and insight into the Hampstead affair, so I am told by some. AS it was once said in the Bible, By their fruits you will know them and I try to let my fruits be worthy of picking. God can judge me as He pleases on that count. Pleasure as always. Take care.


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