@UKHomeOffice @cpsuk @MetPoliceUK Twitter tweets: Hampstead ‘satanic cult’: Police have their own Pagan Witches up the road!

fhd999ews_tom_cruise_015When the Twitter bird tells us ‘weird and wonderful things’, they are guaranteed to go beyond the topics covered by mainstream media.

This morning’s alert by a fellow child protector results in these fascinating links on the Enigma TV channel:

Waking up from dis-illusionment is a fascinating process for everybody who is willing to look at the world with fresh eyes every morning.

It can also be painful to let go of our illusions and deceptions that created our ‘comfort zone’ of beliefs and knowing from our own experience.

We each travel our own journey of consciousness until, maybe, we oppose deception

Please do check Dr Linda Stalley’s 8-page report about Satanist Ritual Abuse of Children that she submitted to the Children’s Commissioner in January 2012 as part of their national inquiry into sex exploitation in gangs and groups – with the recommendation of

a thorough re-consideration of court cases, police and legal procedures…

Meanwhile, CPS and Police conspire and collude to put us ‘Public Interest whistleblowers’ behind bars instead of doing their job and protect children.


27 thoughts on “@UKHomeOffice @cpsuk @MetPoliceUK Twitter tweets: Hampstead ‘satanic cult’: Police have their own Pagan Witches up the road!

  1. Excellent post/blog report! The HomeOffice has many interesting departments, among them, INFORM and MI5. INFORM was founded and designed to help cover for cults. It is not part of the government but is funded by the HomeOffice. Margaret Thaler Singer’s book, “Cults in Our Midst” exposes the founder of INFORM and her activities in defending cults. so you know have prima facie evidence of the UK funding cult protection agencies. Now its just a matter of how far it goes as the many links here will also show. As well, J. Farmer was employed as a temp there, for training says I. She never did reveal the real purpose of INFORM.


  2. Sabine McNeill and Ella Draper knowingly conspired to illegally upload the children’s videos and the names and contact details of the innocent people they’d accused (and their children). Sabine has become very adept at denying this but she is lying. It has been irrefutably proven that she was complicit in this. She has let slip on more than one occasion what she did. The dumb pair of bitches even announced beforehand that they were going to do it, for Christ’s sake!


    • Ah ha ha ha ha! Ella had nothing to do with it. Show me what evidence you have. As for Sabine, perhaps you might do well to explore Google Drive’s poor security and good reasons not to use anything made by Google. I avoid them as much as possible. And damned Google plus, which should have been called Google minus and behind the 8 ball. Is Sabine a little forgetful. I’m only 57 and I am. That she is at least 70 and still sharper than me but not forgetful? At 70 or more. I’m very happy for her if that is so, but I am also envious and maybe a little skeptical.

      Where did they announce they were going to do it. People can sometimes make threats without any real intention of carrying it out. In fact some make jokes about things they might be better off not doing, just knowing that our corrupt society will twist anything, like Steve Martin did with Alisa’s 2nd interview where he asks about “what was it you said Abraham did to help you remember? Alisa made it clear that they were afraid of dad. That was the truth. Steve turns “help” into torture. Wow, now there’s some real twisting, distorting and lying and deceiving, the likes of which make 911 NYC look rather credible by comparison.

      Max, you don’t expect us to buy all that BS your spouting, do you? Do I look like I was born yesterday? Well, if you do say that, I won’t complain cause I swear I am not a day over 18 anyway. But really, since I gave away the 57 age, for credibilities’ sake, I’ll stick to that.

      but now what I really object to, is you calling two decent honorable innocent people, bitches. In particular, I must address Sabine as I am far more familiar with her. But I really like how Ella’s kids turned out and I know damned well that R.A Demon Daddy certainly did not have anything to do with it, leaving only Ella as influencing the kids.

      What you miss is that one, you are calling the many people who the children accused, as being innocent. Now lets suppose big bad Abraham was an abuser, which I emphatically deny. Were this so, then were I the UK and police, the first thing I would have done to help the falsely accused ones, would be to get them to show their genital areas to prove the kids wrong and to interview them about various things so that they had a chance to completely reclaim their true innocence, which I do not believe they are. Were I one of the accused, I would have come forth, and showed my pubic region in a hurry and would have gladly discussed any accusations made.

      Steve Martin did not do it and said he did not want to traumatize them. What? don’t they want to clear their names? do they want to continue to be suspects? if not, then they should have begged police to come interview them and let them speak out and have their say, sort of like Dearman did on BBC, right? that neither the police nor the accused want to testify or give an interview to police shames both parties.. The police interviews of the children were a total fraud. Steve spent most of his questions on buildings rather than the people the children were accusing. Why is that, Max?

      Further, old boy, the kids were supposed to be able to talk about or tell about whatever they wanted, as much as they wanted, and in as much detail as possible. Yet when Alisa brought up that her and other kids were prostituted, Stever stopped the interview and never went back to it. And Alisa was really pumping that out with force, too. Go back and watch it. Any time her or gabriel brought up anything against dad or others, Steve would say we’ll come back to that but he usually did not and he controlled what they talked about and when. Rather than let them unburden themselves, Steve kept question carefully away from dad and the cult. And you expect me to take Steve and police seriously? Seriously??? I have never seen a greater injustice mockery of law and enforcement. Your police are really F’d up over there.

      Now back to Sabine. Sabine is no dummy and she knows these frauds committed by police, cult members allegedly, and cover-ups for sure! And because she cares about children and humanity and has a sense of morals and right and wrong, she tried to stand up for and defend Ella and point out the wrongs in the police stealing the children, who were taken for only 1 reason! To silence them and punish them for squealing on your secret cult. But you got bigger worries coming. God is going to blow the whistle on you little lying SOBs. Your pathetic attempts to lie and cover-up have not worked yet and will never work. You can take that to the bank.

      Sabine is a genuine decent compassionate person. And the entire alleged cult are pure monsters. And by the way, Alisa mentioned in the 3rd interview, the so called retraction, that Abraham supposedly kicked her real hard in the “front bum.” I don’t believe that for 1 second. Know what I think? I think someone raped Alisa, maybe even a gang rape, and used the Abraham alibi as a cover for a bunch or rapists who were going to make Alisa pay dearly for squealing, because here testimony was the best of the two.

      Further, I see no results of the toxicology tests and I also do not see any photographs of Alisa’s vaginal opening where the hymen should have been. On Frontline, a USA PBS program of investigative journalism, in examining hymens of little girls in a day care center, showed the medical pictures taken of their intact hymens. Now does the UK avoid this, because of it happening so often, or did they have someting in particular to had about Alisa. Lets here it, big mouth. You wanna piece of me? Have at it. Try answering these, you would-be defender of the alleged cult. My gut feeling if that a bunch in that cult took turns on her.

      All I know, Max, is that the early footage in Alisa’s 3rd interview, clearly shows her drugged. Heavily drugged. Gabriel does not appear to be heavily drugged, if drugged at all. Alisa looked like a total wreck put thru a living hell. I only have one explanation for why that could be. She went thru a far worse ordeal than Gabriel did. What could that be? Kicked in the front bum so as to explain a hymen torn to absolute shreds. I’ll even bet they filmed the whole thing and sell it around the world.

      You are a pathetic wretch to defend those SOBs. I have not yet begun to fight. I have not ever fired my cannons yet. Stay tuned. I got something really explosive cooking. I’ll just say that the cult is not going to lie it. Nor will Satan. I’ll be in touch!


      • My goodness, dear Truth 1 Now!

        I wish you also had the opportunity of expressing your conviction and passion to the EU Petitions Committee, as I did in March 2014: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=di-VuxAVBOg

        If I had not had the experience of all these cases, Ella would never had contacted me.

        Your arguments and observations are BRILLIANT.

        My only question is whether ‘Max Frisch’ is one of RD’s 40 sock accounts or one of the 50+ ‘innocent abusers’…


        • Well, it would be better if I could type and spell at the same time. But nothing I could do would equal your Brussels presentation. Now the 40 vs the 50, That’s a tough call. It depends a lot on the choice of religion and how one makes a living. But I reject the Satanists’ 50 innocents and choose the 40 master criminals. Sickend, hardened, beyond redemption, @#$%ing scum. How’s that for expression and eloquence? Just call me silver tongue. Well, at least you know where I stand, right 😉

          And here is one for the cult. They play the “bad.” I’m the guy on the horse.

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    • Conspired? Don’t you mean “came to their rescue by listening to them and seeking to protect them” ? How do you figure the people who sodomised them and undressed in front of them showing their birthmarks etc are “innocent? And Sabine, complicit? HOW? what utter nonsense you come out with. Sounds like you were one of the poor children’s tormentors perhaps? I note your Facebook profile has been taken down


  3. “Meanwhile, CPS and Police conspire and collude to put us ‘Public Interest whistleblowers’ behind bars instead of doing their job and protect children.” HEAR HEAR! Very well said…. this is the crux, is it not?


  4. I have only become aware of Ella, Elisa and Gabriel in the last week. I’ve watched the police interviews with the children, the online statement from Ella, the interview with Alfred Webre with Ella and Abraham, the interview with Alfred and Sabine and have read as much as I can so far on this topic.

    I have already had quite a few sleeples nights worrying about what these kids have been/are going through due to the very people that are supposed to be trusted (I.e the authorities) which have shown to be corrupt beyond belief. I’ve also read that the copper that interviewed the kids is a member of the Freemasons!! That makes this quite a different story as we are all aware of Freemasons/illuminati being the faceless mask behind the powers that be in this world. Hence,the reason that the very people ACTUALLY trying to help these children are being sought by the police etc.

    It disgusts me that we live in a world where this can justified. Little old me would like to help and get involved if I can to help get these children back to their mother and free them from the sick @£%#@’s that are most likely STILL abusing them. If anyone can point me to an active petition or some other kind of activity that I ca


    • John I have a small job for you if you are wiling. First, you need to read this brand new update, practically a new article.
      I need a photo or two in Hampstead and something else that I’d rather say by email:
      What I got on the link shows a greater horror than anyone imagined. In fact, I am still working on it. Do you live near to Hampstead? Does anyone want to venture to Hampstead for a brief photo shoot? you got my email. I am blowing this case wide open. No where to run or hide any longer. The dirt will come out in the wash. You can count on it.


      • Thank you truth1now for your constant defence of loving Sabine, with the golden heart.
        It amases me how foolish her detractors are because they lay their own black hearts on the table for all to see, withe their constant attempts of trickery and deception. We know who controls them, knowing that satan is the age old, master of deception.

        The photo of Alisa at Paragraph 40:25 causes my heart to jump when seeing the powerful spirit of God’s righteousness and wisdom in such a young child. I have no doubt that God will maintain these darling children in spirit to bear witness directly to Christ Jesus at the soon to come judgement of all mankind.

        As soon as i saw this photo it reminded in spirit of Renée Emmanuel in Australia as a little girl when she climbed on to the roof of the house from hell [her occult family home] and played a violin and singing “”Amazing Grace”” to the absolute horror of her devil worshipping family. Obviously she was severly punished by torture again, as was normal at home and in the Covens.

        It would be wonderful if someone can find copies of the Occult books Renée describes in her most recent blog post named “”Memories”” at http://www.escapingritualabuseinaustralia.com

        A former Librarian at the Victorian State Library told me she believes a copy of the original satanic occult “”Black Bible”” is locked away from public view in the State Library.
        Please don’t confuse this book with Anthony Levey’s “”Satanic Bible”” which may have been published a red herring to smokescreen the true occult Bible.

        The genuine “”Black Bible”” is written back to front and has a picture of the serpent climbing into Eve’s vagina. Sorry to have to be so explicit descibing this foul book. There should be many copies in the UK hidden away in various places.


        • I had to look up 40:25 to see what you spoke of. Yes, the indignant look. Alisa was amazing in that part of the interview. so they kept her from just going where she wanted after that and kept her on buildings rather than people doing things. Nothing but lies throughout. If there were even a pinch of honesty and integrity in their law, there would be enough in the Alisa Interviews to put police in jail as well as others and pay out a huge settlement as well. the evidence is so strong, overwhelming and beyond contest. It may one day yet, cost them dearly. It just need Jesus to kick down a door as he has promised the church of Philadelphia in Rev. 3 that he will. and no one will be able to shut it. We are approaching that time. It won’t remove all the problems, but it will expose ALL the evil so that people can make an informed choice per the will of our God, a righteous God.

          As best as I can, I defend all those who defend the cause, not just of two, but even many beyond it. But certainly the two being foremost in my mind. Appreciate your support!


      • Truth1now…a great breakdown of the videos. I’ve only just been made aware of this case (the last few days), wow…they kept this one hidden, I didn’t see any of this over the last 18 months to 2 years…same thing happened with Nicole Kidman’s father, another that passed me by. This Hampstead event is dynamite and even I have been shocked by the revelations (shock, being something of a rarity for me, these days) that have emerged. Those children are and were telling the truth, it is entirely clear that something transpired between the 11th Sept to the 17th Sept, the duration between the 2nd and 3rd interviews, those children were ‘got at’…everything got turned on its head and they didn’t even seem to be the same children from interviews 1 and 2.

        It is not our fault, that wealthy, connected and (so called) respectable people like to indulge in the rape, torture and murder of children (and whereby, the same wealthy/connected/respectables also operate the cover-up), that is just the way it is and likely the way it always have been. I have absolutely no issue with ‘cognitive dissonance’ (or contradiction), if anything it is those with a ‘so called’ respectable veneer that should bear the closest scrutiny, for what I consider re very obvious reasons.

        My recent piece, through the lens of Eyes Wide Shut, might provide some insight into the wider issue and how it exists in plain sight…under our very noses (surely you appreciate that these sociopaths like to showboat their crimes and in plain sight?). The September 11th ‘key date’ is something that I had already connected to elite paedophiles and (Zionist Jew) ‘war on terror’ propagandists. I had already made this claim before I came across this case!


        In your long breakdown you also mention the ‘cowardice clause’…you couldn’t be more right, this is exactly what the ‘masses’ opt for and at every opportunity. Give the ‘masses’ a totally fudged and inside-out version of the truth…and they accept it every time. Most people cannot deal with this stuff and they operate their own form of ‘self imposed’ mind control, anything to escape from facing the ultimate reality. Cowards is exactly what they are…and they will have to answer to the most high, when the time comes.

        Best wishes.

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          • No problem…I have reached a point of no return with this whole sick practice. The abhorrent crimes that they commit are a given (in my eyes), but It is also the blatant ‘showboating’ of their crimes, their misguided intellectual superiority (which only works if you’re brain dead, and thankfully I’m not), and their ‘nose thumbing’ from the sidelines. They seem to spend as much time ‘gloating’, as they do carrying out their sick activities!

            I saw that satanic/masonic/paedo Dearman in a California Dreaming video (as Papa Philips, Mamas & Papas), didn’t the children refer to him (Dearman) as Papa? John ‘Mamas & Papas’ Phillips has been implicated in child abuse/military-based mind control operations (see Dave McGowan) and even a 10 year incestuous relationship with his own daughter Mackenzie (including injecting her with cocaine at aged 10). Phillips seems to have the hallmarks of a major handler…his group were close to Manson’s circle and I’m sure we’re aware of the mind control aspects connected to all that (Process Church/Scientology, Manson an FBI informant). John Phillips’ 3rd marriage was to Aleister Crowley devotee Genevieve Waite.

            The son of U.S. Marine Corp Captain Claude Andrew Phillips and a mother who claimed to have psychic and telekinetic powers, John attended a series of elite military prep schools in the Washington, D.C. area, culminating in an appointment to the prestigious U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis. (Naval Intel, chief mind control programmers etc, L Ron ‘Scientology’ Hubbard was ONI.)

            California Dreaming…
            “Stopped in to a church I passed along the way. Well I got down on my knees and I pretend to pray.”

            Anyone thinking of the similarities with Christ Church?


    • Well, dear little ol’ you, Thank You for getting your heart and mind behind what these children have had to say!

      We seriously hope that their suffering will have been worth it and that they will get back to their Russian mother – as our initial petition requested.

      Now we still have this one going: https://www.change.org/p/eu-parliament-abolish-adoptions-without-parental-consent

      Tim Veater has one, too, but I don’t remember where now: http://veaterecosan.blogspot.co.uk/2015/11/hampstead-case.html

      In the end, everybody finds their own way of joining forces with the right people at the right time.


  5. My first time leaving a comment on this. But I’d like the Hampstead family of the poor abused innocent kids to know there is people who care & pray for them for the appalling way they have been treated. The country should be out marching the streets over this as this could happen to any of our children & any of us parents & grandparents! They really are only still babies looking so sweet yet so able to clearly give account of the terrible unspeakable acts done to them Backed up by a doctor that they have evidence of abuse. Only children of that age could recount so accurately the details they did if it had happened to them, they did not hesitate once when telling of their ongoing ordeal, fact that could easy still could & should be investigated (tho how quick does tattoos take to remove & piercings to close up!!!) Oh little doorways to be blocked & renovations be done (Cover up written all over this) The police should take the allegations serious NOT put the Mother on arrest & More important take the children away from a loving home How can this happen when a Mother hears her children tell her of the horrific things done to them IT WOULD BE you’d think the first thing to do is tell the police, that is what any of us would & Should do if this was the case & now in hind site what should parents do if the unforgivable happened in any of our own family’s Everyone would be at risk of being accused of making up an absurd claim & for what reason would this mother report this unless she believed her children. The Father put on a terrible act of trying to say Oh I can’t even say the words!! Ha ha what an act & he’s saying he’s an actor I’d give that up if he thought he was convincing everyone he was innocent. He knew the people involved with him would keep him safe by not allowing the case to be investigated & with it being athoritys involved wouldn’t it be in their interests to set things right if anything said of the individuals wasn’t true. Also it would be a fairer situation if Family Courts were open with keeping children safer & not allowed to be taken from a parent Mother or Father whoever is deemed able to care in full for them & Not Be taken away all because of doing the proper thing What message is this sending to other Children who are being abused! it shows they will most likely be taken away from their family, given to or even access to the abusers & shows guardians of children they may also be arrested & put under suspicion for. Reporting a vile crime. How can this have happened & does the court not think the children will be safe & happy with the Grandparents in Russia until investagions are made proper Even making the Mother to stay in Brition until all the facts are thoroughly looked at There was a big change in the children in a matter of weeks they were innocent wee things but confident in what they were saying then they seemed to be withdrawn Even the Grandparents noticed a big difference in them from 1 visit to another a week later These children surly NEED to be with family & if courts don’t want the mother to have them at this time they should not even consider giving access at all to the father Then why not the Grandparents or do they have an agenda to have control of the kids & they can be taken anywhere to be abused by only god knows who & if ss is involved what better place to have access to the children you take away This is scary to think this is what These New world Order & their cults are up to & they rule the towns & cities by being in top positions with easy access to children Surly there is someone in a top position that can help to see these things don’t get passed away & people not unpunished & family’s are listened to not have the blame turned on them


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