@UKHomeOffice @metpoliceUK Corrupt or other improper exercise of police powers and privileges @PoliceBrutality

16 02 26 Dare2CarePolice Brutality UK is a blog that shouldn’t have to be created, if sex wasn’t humanity’s Achilles heel and money had not become the tool to control people and Police – through jobs and pensions.

Dare2Care is Sarah Champion’s campaign to PREVENT child abuse. She is Rotherham’s MP and we participated in her well attended event at the House of Commons on Tuesday.

Whistleblower UK got us into the House of Commons the next day – together with 130 more people – mainly blowing the whistle about the NHS. But a police officer and his ‘trade union’ representative were not the only ones who KNEW what organised, orchestrated, historic and current child abuse relies on, as Newsweek reports:

The result of this ‘elite culture’ is an ‘old boys network’ strengthened by freemasonry where Australian survivor Fiona Barnett says: paedophilia is a red herring; ritual abuse is the real issue.

‘Gagging’ takes place through orders, often enough faked, by the law [judges] and its enforcement [police] – through ‘bail conditions’.

I discovered this first by publishing information relating to secret family courts on Victims Unite and got ‘slapped’ by Swansey, Doncaster and Haringey Council.

Now I’m up against the police – just as The Times published yesterday:

My first arrest in the Royal Courts of Justice was due to ‘harassment’. I was suspected of having published the ‘list of abusers’ – what I now refer to as the ‘initial’ document that the mother compiled from the conversations with her children – who were taken into ‘police protection’ on 11.09.14. They have not been handed over to their father, as planned, but haven’t seen their Russian family since January 2015 and remain in ‘care’ until…???

66 named children remain at risk. That initial document was published by Veterans Today but taken down. It contains references to 16 police stations and 20 individuals. It is still available online, but I mustn’t link to it, as my ‘re-arrest’ taught me.

It was due to supposed ‘malicious communication‘: I had published this post on Victims Unite that linked ‘Hampstead Children’ to an album of all of their videos some of which mention some of the 70+ alleged abusers. Both arrests resulted in flat searches and electronic property taken, but no charges.

I am not only protesting my innocence, but also

16 02 25 SRACourt, legal and police procedures are criticised in the report Satanist Ritual Abuse of Children.

My third arrest, after midnight on Sunday 10.01.16 ended up in ‘charges’ of ‘witness intimidation‘: four of the six plaintiffs in Neelu’s case felt soo intimidated that they had to withdraw from their case.

Nice stitch-up nine months after I published

Yesterday we were in the Royal Courts of Justice (re-visiting my place of arrest) because the Treasury Solicitor’s Office, now the Government Legal Department wanted us to pay their ‘costs’ of hiring a private barrister – when we tried to prevent Melissa Laird from being deported, even though she had an oral hearing scheduled – while her son was kept by the same Barnet Council who took the two Hampstead Children…

The Royal Commission into New South Wales Police published in 1997 what is coming out in the UK now:

16 01 29 Children for the Devil 250Next I shall study Children for the Devil in the British Library. It was written by Tim Tate, member of the Roger Cook Report team, but a police officer took the publisher to court and got compensation.

There was an ‘inference’ of implying he was corrupt…


13 thoughts on “@UKHomeOffice @metpoliceUK Corrupt or other improper exercise of police powers and privileges @PoliceBrutality

  1. Sorry you’ve had such a shitty experience with the rozzers, Sabs. Personally, I’ve been really fortunate. My family went through Hell at the hands of an slanderous online hate group led by some creepy cannabis-addicted midget and the Police were really supportive in protecting us from their round-the-clock harassment and intimidation after some madwoman published our names and addresses online.

    Keep smiling and sleep well 🙂


      • Thanks for replying, Sabs. However, you’ve missed my point, which was that lives have been destroyed by a sociopathic Teuton who uploaded our names and addresses to the internet, along with extremely slanderous allegations about us. As a result, many people don’t even go out any more, good teachers, social workers and police officers have had to leave their jobs, children are being turned down for secondary school placements due to the negative publicity, one elderly lady has had a nervous breakdown and one teenage girl has attempted suicide. But hey, as long as you’ve made a few bob out of it and gained some publicity for your amazing bionic youth activating cream and pyramid schemes, you go, girl! Sabby power!

        Besides, we’re all just dolphins in square tanks at the end of the day and I for one salute you. I also believe the Earth is flat and that we’re being controlled by microwaves emitted by giant shape-shifting lizards from outer space, so you know I’m credible.

        Keep up the good work

        PS: Roger Butterfly also says hi 🙂


      • Yes Sabine, all genuine people trying to help stop massive , growing child abuse in all forms will remember the facts you are referring too. People worldwide have been outraged by the Hampstead whistleblower kids revelations and published information about this matter. Finally the truth Satanic ritual child abuse is out there worldwide and the worlds people are under test from God as to whether they will ignore the worldwide spread of SRA and related crimes, such as the growth of organised paedophile networks, or whether the will take action to put a stop to henious crimes against children.
        Police are well known to be persecuting victims, witnesses, activists carers etc http://www.wp.me/p4PPat-2y
        I personally know several ex policeman who resigned due to outrageous corruption and of course our corrupt media don’t want their stories. hence the situation degenerates further each generation until the total wipeout of justice and humanity.
        There are no known serious players in our political systems trying to turn this Titanic ship of desrutuction around.

        Many people ultimeately suffer for their whole lives as shown at http://www.escapingritualabuseinaustralia.com

        Thank God for strong loving truthers like Sabine & co

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  2. Very Strange some people take offence because “wild bombing” by others caused collateral
    damage !

    But where were these so badly damaged when the babies & kids needed help ? If you
    have done no harm, got a clear conscience then you have nothing to fear how- ever
    if you have knowledge, or suspicions rot in hell with the satanists

    And read The Times 25th Feb 2016. ” The police protected Rotherham child sex abusers ”
    they mean paedophiles exactly the same as the Wood Inquiry NSW police paedophiles


        • So they’ve run away and left the children to be – according to them – raped and eaten. That was nice of them, wasn’t it. Funny that Peter (above) forgot to mention that in his “Where were they when the babies & kids needed help?” rant above. He also seems to have decided that his grammatically challenged “If you have done no harm, got a clear conscience then you have nothing to fear” theory doesn’t apply to Abe & Ella. As you’re one of the World’s top mathematicians (allegedly), perhaps you can work that one out for us, Sabine.

          By the way, do you know why Abe & Ella have fallen out with Darius (Guidance 2222)?


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