Where Does Evil Come From? The Answer.

Time To Think

by JAH, first published on Veteran’s Today

Katharine Frisk has asked the question that many billions of people have asked over the millennia, and she says her article is only an attempt, writing: “This is a difficult article for me to write. But the question has come up time and time again on many platforms: Where does evil come from? I am going to attempt to answer this question. And please note it is an attempt, so bear with me, be patient and what is more, feel free to contribute in the comments section below.”

The answer to the question is extremely simple,
so simple that it hides in plain sight.

Good vs. EvilIf you put a letter D in front of the word evil – Devil – you will instantly see where evil comes from. If you put another O in the word God – good – you will see where…

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8 thoughts on “Where Does Evil Come From? The Answer.

  1. I tracked down the origins of this reblog. It’s a good question to ask but the explanation is long and drawn out as important subjects often are. But because I have been over this terrain many times, I feel I do have a good grasp of what was said by others and what can be said.

    I want to cut to the chase. Evil is a result of spirit forces acting upon simple foolish people who were not prepared to make a good decision based on knowledge. The spirits with Satan as their leader, preyed upon people who were not at a stage that could have prepared them for their temptation as well as it could have been had these selfish spirits allowed some time as God no doubt suggested might be wise. God warned them of their fat should their decision prove to be in error. Death.

    It is a lot in our “scientific” and godless society to suggest spirit forces but I assure you all that evil people know full well Satan is real. They worship him without hesitation.

    But now about people, humans. I propose that humans deliberately neglect things like conscience, empathy, satisfying curiosity, ever as we do hunger. Curiosity is an intellectual hunger. We neglect the importance of acting properly, not appreciating that sanity and safety and even sanctity of life depend upon proper conduct, even as our lives depend on food, water, and air.

    I further propose that neglecting or ignoring another human being as being as entitled as you and worthy and deserving of the same consideration from you, as you would give to yourself, is vital and its neglect inexcusable. Our conscience, were it not disturbed, would confirm that.

    I lean upon psychology for the last part. If an infant is reasonably cared for, empathy will be natural. Were most of us not disturbed in the womb, in infancy, and early years, selfishness would not be a big problem. If our needs are well attended to in our earliest days, we would not be carrying around urgent selfish longings. Longings come from neglect unrecognized.

    So I say that to ignore empathy and compassion toward others is the basis of evil. I say that in many people, maybe most people, they can ignore others that they maybe get more at others’ expense. And I say that they do not make this choice without causing great anguish and suffering inside themselves. It takes great amounts of brain energy to suppress the empathetic observations of suffering.

    Denial expends far more energy output than as does empathy and kindness. But that does not stop them from expending that energy and getting what they want at the expense of a majority.

    That is the essence of evil, says I! It is not an action of innocence or ignorance as some might suggest, The mind knows full well what it is doing on some level. We keep it well buried so that we can avoid feeling bad about it. We could being to change it tomorrow if we wanted. We do not want it.

    God gave birth to the human race, so to speak. Now He watches us to see if some and how many, will choose the more sensible path of empathy as opposed to selfishness. Now all that waits if for each to clear show in their actions what they are and what they are made of and if they merit God’s sparing them from the mess that is now all around us. I do hope you will all be moved to do the right thing rather than the selfish easy effortless thing.

    I got a challenge for one and all. If you disagree in anyway, say so and say why and even offer something better. To remain silent if you know better, would be to slight us all. Iron sharpens Iron. We sharpen one another or should!


  2. I feel very uncomfortable with idea that evil is a “thing” in the same sense as a glass of water is, or that invisible evil spirits blow about the world as leaves on an autumn breeze. Humans believe in a lot of things. I have an acquaintance who treats football as a religion and players as gods. This does not mean that they are. We have to distinguish between subjective and objective opinions and often they may be confused. Similarly between the ‘internal’ emotional environment of perception, memory and feelings with the ‘external’ physical reality in all forms and complexity. Even the most rational scientist is not devoid of emotion and it is this that contrasts him with even the most advanced computer. Evil is qualitative, it must be assessed against some objective standard. Historically this is where history and religion has played its part. Whether this emanated from god or a man such as Moses can never really be determined. Our belief that its origins were divine and ethereal, does not make it so, although believing such may help many to lead a ‘good’ life. When a lion gives chase to an antelope, we do not assume it is an evil act, even if we judge it a cruel one. We might apply the same criteria to the native tribesman killing it to feed his tribe. But what of the highly paid American dentist who shoots a well known lion? In fact the act may be less cruel but surely less defensible morally? Less good, in fact possibly positively evil? So we see how circumstances alter cases and what we consider to be good or evil, so to regard evil as just one ‘thing’ flowing from a formless inchoate being can surely not be at all helpful. Rather we should subject the beliefs and the people that hold them to a rational and objective examination, when will probably discover alternative explanations for them and the actions they support. The scriptures contain many wonderful stories and sayings that can help to transform a person’s life and make it more useful and fulfilling. It may even make a better person. But quoting from it selectively to support a particular view is very risky. The god of the Old Testament, and perhaps even of the New, is clearly not averse to torture, capital punishment and even mass genocide! This rather puts a question mark to the rather simplistic ‘good = god’ and ‘evil = devil’ hypothesis doesn’t it. No, it is more important that humans develop standards based on more objective criteria that may or not accord with a biblical one. This was the revolutionary power of the teachings of Jesus and which Christians imperfectly seek to emulate. They may be boiled down to this one simple precept: ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’ later interpreted by thinkers to the injunction to endeavour to ‘do good and avoid doing harm’. Once applied it would of course cure all the ‘evils’ of the world. Conversely that such hatred, selfishness and violence continues indicates how little, and presumably how difficult it is to fulfill and be fulfilled.


    • Well, it was interesting, but I did not see any attempt to actually define veil, which was the objective, was it not? A typical sophist response, which is no response to the argument at hand but confuse and drag the discussion into another unrelated area or barely related.

      Nor was my post exclusively related to the Bible, which is a mis-framing of what I said. Some call those distortions or even deceit. But as for whether the Bible or Christianity is right on wrong on some matter, the question there would be, who is the source of the bible and Christianity and what do we humans offer to judge it or determine its value to define right or wrong, good or evil.

      The idea that humans are superior to the Bible is amusing to me. But now I am going to boil down my previous comment to just this. Evil is a selfish self-centered motivation that only considers its own advantage and considers all others to be unworthy of any consideration. Its a me first and me only perspective. This is the hallmark of Satanist beliefs and attitudes. FACT!

      Your comment “quoting from it selectively to support a particular view is very risky.”

      The next thing to resolve is whether one is guilty of “quoting selectively” or not. And is the quote the basis for a view or did the view come first and cause the person to selectively quote. You did not leave or suggest a method to determine that. It seems you have come up short. Most academics and politicians do that, too.

      But I will say this. Many will not hesitate to use the bible and misuse it, toe. Even the devil quoted from it and uses it. Need I say more. You offer lots of possibilities but refrain from any conclusions other than to try to caste doubt on another person’s view, without actually addressing what the person said or reasoned. I have seen this sort of tactic my whole life.

      I challenge you to actually define your version of evil, if any. Your arguments seem only to suggest that determining it is a challenge since many are not good at seeing both sides from all angles. I will agree that many people only tackle something from their own narrow view. But not all take the narrow approach, nor do all fail in approaching a subject fairly.

      But in previous times and in our world today, we have come to agree on many standards of law that we hold each other accountable to. So standards are possible, it would seem. But the devil is always trying to get us to throw good away and embrace selfish evil. I have offered some views on evil. You have not! So why not grace us with a bit of your wisdom and show us how you have managed this thing called evil. What is it in your terms? Specifics please!


    • I had some more thoughts, Tim, on the discussion at hand. I understand that you do not believe in spirits or a spirit world, or a supernatural realm. You probably subscribe to evolution or similar. Its not like its an uncommon thing. But with beliefs like that, I find your type could not accept a paranormal event nor any sort of unexplainable phenomena because your beliefs do not allow for those. You have decided, they are impossible, regardless of evidence.

      Now I want to point out something very real and scientific. Its called mind control programming. Related to it is the technique of hypnosis as well as drugs, sensory deprivation and the like. The mind is so powerful and flexible, that pushed to its extremes, It can see things that are not there (hallucinations) or not see things that are there. The mind can totally block out reality, and if it so chooses, can create its own artificial reality. It has almost no limits at all.

      But that which makes it so powerful and flexible also is its greatest danger to itself. The mind is capable of self-deception and denial of reality. It’s a scary thing. Once you decide that something in not possible, your mind can guarantee that it will not accept anything that contradicts that decision/belief. To me, your ruling out certain realities and as such, will never be able to admit anything as having a supernatural cause.

      So I am having trouble believing you could be of any further use to this cause, a cause deeply rooted in very old pagan religions so given to the supernatural. Neither God or Satan is something you could accept, am I right?

      But now we got problem number 2. Every child reports ritual abuse and every agency of government, enforcement, courts, prosecutors, police, academia, the media, businessmen, and others all go to work to cover up SRA. What are they so afraid of, Tim? Surely you must have some answers from your concrete system of beliefs. What is it? Why are children routinely called liars or said to be coached or threatened or have false memories implanted, a concept never proven by science, I might add, which is your religion of choice and to some degree, a discipline that I also value.

      There is something very rotten in Denmark and it causes kids all over the world to be kidnapped, raped, prostituted, sacrificed, tortured, programmed and other such monstrous stuff. We deny it all, that any of it ever even happened. The kids, one and all, are all lying. Is that right, Tim?

      So maybe you can see why I don’t see you are particularly useful to this cause because you are in denial of most of it. Maybe you could clear up some things for me. Maybe I have missed some things.

      But as far as I am concerned, if there is to be any hope for children, to stop the madness which stems from secret government based mind controlled programming, of which SRA is an inseparable part of; Why is SRA so important to these bastards who torture children even while they are in the womb and ruing their lives forever after?

      I think you have some explaining to do. I really do. And I am the only SOB that would dare be so confrontational, but if I do not do it, for the sake of the children, who will? Everyone else wants to be polite, dignified, respectful. Well, F all of them. The kids are begging for help and I am not going to ignore it. If that means me being an SOB, then I will be biggest SOB that ever lived. That is what God pays me for, to do, whether you believe that or not.


  3. Last night I came across the recommendation of a book, for the 2nd time in the last 6 months, maybe. I bought it after the 1st recommendation but it gets placed into a cue to await its turn or to become more relevant and get pushed up in the cue.. The book is by M Scott Peck, called, “People of the Lie.” Author Daniel Ryder says the book’s purpose is to determine that evil is. Ryder’s book I was reading last night, “Cover-up of the Century, actually did a good job of addressing it himself. Now on Ryder’s book, what cover-up could be called the cover-up of the century? Hint: he writes about SRA and its treatment and in this book, its cover-up. How good is it? Or maybe I should say, How effective was it?

    Let me answer this way. I have read 54 pages to this point. From that perspective, its wonderful! But there is another perspective. Go onto amazon.com USA and look up the book. the starting price for the 6 copies available is $626. Ouch! Oh, but gets better. the prices sky rocket after that, the highest price was $17,400. That is not a typing mistake. I am reading my copy by means of an inter-library loan. But with a price tag like that, and I have seen this type of thing before, it is an indication that this book is considered dangerous and revealing so that prices are kept very high so as to deny most the opportunity to read it.

    What makes this book so great is that it really only has about 220 pages of written material in a small sized book so the info is concise,. But don’t let that fool you. Its packed with info. His previous book is among the best I have read as well, that being “Breaking the circle of Satanic Ritual Abuse.” But that one goes for $1. One of the best bargains you will ever find for a book. Its a good place to start with SRA or its treatment.

    Indeed, the operations of secret government Mind Control and its accompanying SRA, as well as related SRA cults, truly is the Cover-up of the 21st century and of all time. That with all our connections and means to communicate, hiding anything for long is difficult. But that one can do a remarkable job of keeping it quiet in the age of electronic info is no small accomplishment. that it can be done also indicates a very serious danger to the whole human race.

    This while some even ignore that there is evil or what it might be. Hence the problem!


  4. Sabine, I’m worried about you. Those nasty people over at Hoaxtead Research have posted yet another horrible article about you and I actually cried when I read it.


    The comments below it made me cry even more. I wish they’d stop picking on you. We’re all just dolphins in a square tank at the end of the day and it’s not fair. Hang in there, girlfriend, and good luck with the youth-restoring bionics!



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