@TimTateBooks #Children for the Devil: #Ritual #Abuse and #Satanic #Crime

This book was published in 1991 by the most impressive author, film maker and investigative journalist Tim Tate.

The review says it all:

This is a brilliant book focusing on the ongoing trend of ritual and satanic abuse sweeping our nation and exploiting our children.

For more than a decade very young children from around the world have been trying, quite independently, to tell adults about bizarre religious rituals involving sexual abuse, murder and cannibalism.

These children – some only toddlers – have been mentally and physically scarred by what they have endured and witnessed. They have begged adults to listen and to help them survive.

Children for the Devil is a deeply disturbing account of the systematic torture, abuse and murder of youngsters, and a searing indictment of the official and public complacency which allows it to be swept under the carpet.

His latest blog post says: Of Generals and Child Abuse. How many people may have alerted the Goddard Inquiry?

This is the timeline of significant publications that I’m aware of:

  • 1989: Cook Report – The Devil’s Work;
  • 1990: Listen to the Children – Channel IV – Beatrix Campbell;
  • 1991: Children of the Devil – Methuen – Tim Tate;
  • 2012: Groomed – An uncle who went too far. A mother who didn’t care. A little girl who waited for justice – Lauri Matthew’s childhood experience that turned her into an expert of organised and ritual abuse and founder of the charity Eighteen and Under helping young abuse survivors
  • 2012: Satanist Ritual Abuse – Matanatha Community for Office of Children’s Commissioner
  • 2015: Behind Enemy Lines – From the perspective of 27 Survivors.

Will 2016 become the turning point for denial by secrecy?


2 thoughts on “@TimTateBooks #Children for the Devil: #Ritual #Abuse and #Satanic #Crime

  1. Sabine quoted the good 5 star rating I read on Amazon. This book has the big sign of it being good. Let me show you.

    There is one copy available on Amazon for $200 USD. That means this is a very good book but also for evil, a very damaging book. There was a excellent 5 star rating for this that Sabine quotes. At 200, this book has to be damn good and authorities do not want you to read it. A little more on this:

    a bogus rating below:
    By Chilli on January 13, 2015
    “Tim Tate was taken to the High Court over this book. It was found that the book was ‘utterly without foundation’ and ‘very substantial damages’ were paid out. So the book was withdrawn. “

    TimTate says:
    “I am the author of this book. It is incorrect to state that the book was found to be “utterly without foundation”. A policeman named in the book did sue, claiming that readers might draw an improper inference from four paragraphs only. The publishers settled his action on this basis and the book was withdrawn. But an alleged inference to be drawn from four paragraphs is not the same as a book of 100,000 words being without foundation.”

    Truth1now says: That the courts order the book withdrawn is evidence that courts and governments are complicit in the coverup of this problem. I will have far more to write on my site in the weeks to come.

    Sabine asks: Will 2016 become the turning point for denial by secrecy?

    Truth1 says: I sure hope so, with all my heart.

    Excellent scoop Sabine! I keep track of high priced books that sold for average prices when they came out and they have no celebrity status. I got a good one to add as soon as I read it.


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