It is up to Each One to Stay on the Path of #Light and #Life

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Today’s text:

Feeling disconnected is part of the widening gap between My people and the people of the world.  You cannot walk in both places; you are either part of My kingdom or not.  Those who are righteous by the blood of Christ will become more aware of this disparity.  And, it is up to each one to stay on the path of light and life, says the Lord.             

2 Timothy 3:12-14  Yes, and all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution.  But evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.  But you must continue in the things which you have learned and been assured of, knowing from whom you have learned them.

US mother Melissa Laird whose son was snatched by Barnet Council when he was four, but found ‘unadoptable’, presumably after having been abused sexually, sent me the picture above.


9 thoughts on “It is up to Each One to Stay on the Path of #Light and #Life

  1. So well said and written. I’m out of a job! Jesus also gave the example of 2 roads, one broad and spacious and easy to travel on.. The other narrow, cramped and difficult to walk and in Luke, Jesus added, few are finding the difficult road and even fewer dare to travel it.

    You won’t be popular and there will be no parades for us if we choose that difficult road. But we never want to forget that that road also comes with a reward, a big reward, if we are willing to stick it out the whole way. Half the battle is just not getting put off by intimidation. Satan loves to intimidate. Many get scared off just with that. No need for anything further. Often, but not always, if we get past the intimidation, then doors open and it gets much easier. Satan wants to know what we are made of. We will be tested and challenged. But once proven worthy, we get breaks along the way to the final reward. In my own case, the worst is far in the past. I suspect most will find this the same for them once they have their trial, their testing.

    But we also have each other for comfort, too.


  2. This is the last generation. Satern already has to much power he knows its his final times. Peodophiles have human rights evil bare evil this has been breed for generations evil mum evil dad evil felt in the womb breeds evil child there is such thing as born evil I know I was breed to be one. There are thousands turning into millions all over the world not long overtake the innocent. That’s why days are darker getting worse hes just about there. God will be here to save the world if he don’t next generation will be the ones to take over. There is a Heaven I know don’t ask me how I know I know more than I should possibly know keep spreading the good word. Believe the light will be in this generation there wont be a nuclear war. Its not man destroy man this is one time they cant play God. They used Gods name in courts played God with peoples lives God wont let them take his earth something he created if that was the case he would have ended it thousand of years ago.Keep strong don’t lose faith if you do satern will come for you and he will try to interfere in your life he has no choice know hes out to prove a point he will go for your faith.


    • I really liked some of your points, Tina. One, this is the last generation. Satan has nearly completed his goals to corrupt as many as possible. Two, A suffering adult woman carrying a child, will affect the developing child with her own psychological make-up, So your Satanic cult scenario does reflect that likely inevitability that the child will be born with a pre-disposition to bad. Alisa and Gabriel were spared that by their mom. Thank God for that! three, that God’s plan will come to be, The world will be given one last urgent warning and people best listen to that one. Jesus referred to workers coming in at the last hour and still getting “paid” just like the ones who have been working all along. Excellent.

      God’s name has been abused and ripped off as you point out. Not His fault. Your post was refreshing. Lets see more!


      • I am glad u agree to many people believe no child can be born evil but paedophile family’s have been created for generations government already knows I know this is true because there’s rules of secrecy I don’t care I know the truth that’s what will happen soon paedophile’s families have family trees I know there were thousands in this country when I was around all to be hush hush I was meant to be a breeder so this I know is the truth I ran away at 15yrs old I have suppressed memories from a child all I know is I had children at a young age never knew what happened after then I have had two psychotic breakdowns remember feeling evil in my mothers womb remember being sexual abused by my mother who really was my sister raped and buggered at the age of 4yrs old used in paedophile rings cant remember much more all I know God was with me because I loved my kids I have now infract I cried for other kids at 4yrs old and wished they chose me not them every school my kids have been to have said they never have met happier kids they are happy all the time and show everyone love before my kids I hated life but always had a heart where that love came I don’t know I died that day inside I was in a alien body people I know have said how did u learn to love with all that evil in your life I don’t know all I know that there must be a God it wasn’t just one off evil mother evil dad it was a complete family tree which went back generations so I was bred with pure evil blood gays have rights to adopt children get married Paedophiles have rights in family courts God never created mankind for this there are so many paedophiles now internets people in power in paedophiles rings my family was the worst horrific offender on the books the sickness ones ever on this earth this is the devils spawn I have instincts like a wolf and I have said things in a court that would never be allowed I aint scared of them they have been trained I have what God gave to animals the same as mankind God gave me this to my instincts have never been proven wrong the government will soon say there is to many paedophiles now all we can do is make families like innocent families and this way it stops them hurting innocent children but they already exist and the saddest thing is people who are innocent are mixing with them u would never know any different everyone thought my family were lovely no one had a clue, God will step in before this happens because the truth is they are so close the paedophiles are about to take over there is nearly more than innocent ones. This is the devils plan I know God wont let the sickness evilest scum of the earth allowed to take over this earth. They should be taken off this earth they don’t change they get clever and cleverer like a drug addict people think there thick but believe me when it comes to there fix they are clever I know this as I have been in the drug world to the same with a paedophile there fix a child I know they don’t change I am a paedophile child I don’t care if they read this I have a right to say it more than anyone God wont let them rule the world it was that close when I was young know u hear even more people saying paedophiles rules the courts yes they change they proved it with psychiatrist and top psychologists who read books yes I have experience hear to oh we did surveys well how many said what they wanted to hear and they had remorse they cried yes they cried because they do love children the sick bastards think its natural castrate them that don’t work they use something instead that’s how wicked this world is and they are giving them the go ahead. If people want to stay blind they will miss eternal life I know my instincts tell me there’s a heaven and time is this generation u truly believe to so u know God wont let the devil spawn win I hope u never lose your faith u must notice the days are getting darker and darker that’s a sign I know people blame God for things happening I hated God one time I use to think I never asked to be born I didn’t ask for my life but know I know I was bred it wasn’t Gods doing he gave me love I never chose to bring children into this world my mother and father did it was there desition not his I know he has a plan for me and you which one day will be known you are spreading the word u cant do no more keep it up don’t let the devil trip u up were both giving him a kick in the teeth he will try harder to get to us but remember truth all way wins a lie good always counteracts evil no matter how long it takes


        • I am delighted to see so much come out of you. It does help in healing and it does help others realize the extent of the problem and how much damage is done to a child with this abuse. Hope you will stick around and share some more.

          As for God, He has to let us see who far things can go when we reject his ways in favor of our own. It has to be His way and hopefully we can see that now. It has not worked our way. But I am of the opinion that the world has not yet been shown dramatically, how bad this has all gotten. So I suspect God is going to open an door and expose this like it should be exposed so that none have an excuse for ignoring it or making a poor choice.

          Then we will all have to choose between the worlds way, Also Satan’s way, too, or God’s way. The choice should be obvious but still those choosing God will be few, I gather. But with those few, God can correct the past and teach us how to avoid making this tragic mistake ever again. We can learn from our failed past.

          And the additional benefit of living forever without end is also nice because no one like loosing anyone to death. When we form attachments, those attachments are strong and losing them is bitter burden to bear.


      • I’ll give that a big Amen! 1 Corinthians 13 is known as the “Love” chapter. But But love is bonding and we need to bond in order to resist attack by evil. It is support that we all come to rely upon at one time or another. And a society without love will not last long, either. Love keeps people from being indifferent or worse, attacking kids in the worst of ways.,As narrow and tough as the road to life is, We can all walk it with love and support from each other. God is Love!


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