Need for thorough consideration of #satanist #ritual #abuse #SRA of children: review of court cases, police, legal procedure & meetings with victims

12 Jan Stanley SRAThis is the Conclusion:

There is a need for an urgent, thorough and pro-active consideration of the nature and extent of satanist ritual abuse of children, including a review of court cases, police and legal procedure, and meetings with victims.

And this is the Report

Satanist Ritual Abuse of Children

 A Submission in response to the Office of the Children’s Commissioner
Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Gangs and Groups (CSEGG)

January 2012

The author is Dr Linda Stalley BM, BS, MRCP(UK), DRCOG on behalf of the Christian Maranatha Community.

Here’s the essence: 

  1. The abuse of victims is often not disclosed until adulthood – usually because of threat-induced fear – and, in the case of satanist ritual abuse, mind control and programming techniques are used to specifically detach the victims from conscious memory of the events which have taken place.
  2. The scale of victimisation and abuse by gangs and groups is unknown.
  3. Satanist Ritual Abuse is an extreme, sadistic, methodical, systematic, sexual, physical, emotional and spiritual form of abuse: orchestrated deliberately in such a way that mind control is established.
  4. Satanist ritual perpetrator groups are composed of individuals who often have professional jobs in the police, legal and social services and local authority. Satanist groups also frequently include members who are freemasons. There is deliberate intent to have members in different spheres of influence to maximise the security of the group. Many groups have extensions to those in other parts of the nation and even other nations which increases their capacity to control their victims.
  5. A significant proportion of the children are born into intergenerationally-involved families, and the abuse begins at birth. It is also established that satanist ritual groups prey on children placed in ‘care’ and vulnerable adults, especially those with learning difficulties, in order to use them for ritualistic purposes.
  6. Inducement of fear is central to satanist ritual abuse and this is used to maintain control of victims.
  7. For every successful conviction against UK satanist ritual abusers there are almost certainly many more who are never investigated. This is sometimes due to police indifference or lack of competence in investigating such crimes, or due to influence exercised by the abusers over some of the police. Successful convictions took place regarding
    1. March 2011: Kidwelly, Wales;
    2. November 1982: Telford, Shropshire;
    3. July 1987: London;
    4. August 1990: Worcester;
    5. July 1992: Liverpool.
  8. The existence of groups involved in satanist ritual abuse is established in the UK and involves the use of children in systematic abuse and exploitation of the worst possible kind. The nature of the abuse and the deliberate and sophisticated mind-controlling techniques used by perpetrator groups means that victims do not present themselves, and indeed are often unaware of the abuse themselves, until early adulthood. Several specialist therapeutic and support groupings have emerged over the past 20 years to help the survivors of this type of extreme abuse and should be asked to help with the ‘Call for Evidence’.
  9. Conclusion

There is a need for an urgent, thorough and pro-active consideration of the nature and extent of satanist ritual abuse of children, including a review of court cases, police and legal procedure, and meetings with victims.

In the context of serious crimes such as child trafficking, please note this report by the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child which criticises the UK, pointing to London as being the capital of child trafficking…

The Daily Mail based this article on the report:

Also, Mr Justice Peter Jackson made a relevant related ruling recently which the Daily Telegraph published:


43 thoughts on “Need for thorough consideration of #satanist #ritual #abuse #SRA of children: review of court cases, police, legal procedure & meetings with victims

    • Nothing will come from trying to get justice for the whistle blower kids. The highest power will not allow it. The truth is it is real every full moon a baby is sacrificed. The devil is ruling the world. If its not stopped soon this will be the real world.

      There are already thousands of peodophile families not that you can tell who they are. They will have a peodophile family and innocent faqmilys soon they already except gay adoptions which I think is wrong, God created man and women to have kids, these kids will grow up thinking this is right. So evil is winning right now. The devil is winning right now this is the generation when God will step in.

      I am from a peodophile family that has been from thousands of generations. This is suppose to be kept quite the government knows, I know there is rules. Peodophiles are breeding and let to have kids. They are more than u can think.Its top secret. If u believe in God prey now and live the good life or u wont go to heaven.

      The devil runs all churches, Jehovah witnesses are the biggest ones he runs.He sends them to doors to try to convert you they are doing this every day. Hes panicking now. He know his time is near.

      The prime minister should step in with the whistle kids case. But he hasn’t, The Madeline Mccan case he did. They should have had social services involved and took away their other kids. There doctors they know leaving a child that young has risks, what if she had been sick she could have chocked.on her own vomit and the other kids. Mothers have done less there kids get adopted so where is the justice. All that money spent on them. Stand up for the kids like the whistle blower kids,

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      • tina, as I see it, the highest power in the world, is God. Satan is allowed a chance to prove who is who but that will not be much longer, either. Maybe 8 years or so. Satan will win more of the world over before hand. Only God can enable a message to get out against the machinations of the devil. Any who try to oppose the devil without God behind them, will fail. Only God can protect from the devil, that is why the devil has done so well in this Hampstead case. Few were true followers of God and all that He asks, relatively speaking. Our own power is not enough against the likes of a power like Satan.


        • Only God exists, satan only exists as a very powerful human delusional condition – why else do satanists need drugs, terror, ritual, murder victims, rape victims and weak-minded non-entity coven members to conjure up their false belief that satan exists? No one needs any of these horrors to know that God IS.


          • I wish you were right about Satan. But the reason his followers have become so successful is due in large part, to his extraordinary intelligence and powers. Besides, if God does exist, and He says Satan exists, then that pretty much seals the deal for me. Others may vary with that. But I believe God and believe the Bible to be His recorded message to us all, if we want to listen.


            • With respect, the only reason satanists prosper materially is because of their unchecked criminal activity. Child porn, drug dealing arms dealing and money laundering are very profitable especially if there’s no risk of getting caught. But haven’t you noticed how stupid they are? Their schemes to intimidate often go wrong because they haven’t thought them through properly and they are frightened of each other. I grant you there are references in the Bible to the existence of satan but as a trickster. a tempter, something outside normal day to day reality – in the realms of what we would call mental ill health.

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              • Yours is a very good reply. My compliments to the chef! Their criminal activity certainly is profitable. But I would suggest that Satan’s insights into what is going on at any second, anywhere is a lot more than just useful. It is essential. As well, in seducing people, Satan can bring about nearly anything. If he promises something, he can deliver it and see that his followers involved, comply with his directions. there is a unity in the world wide network that could be be achieved on its own, given the selfish and stupid nature of humans. Satan has the kind of power that no one dares defy. That is very important. But I agree with you more than disagree on other things mentioned.


      • The latest stuff I hear from former JWs, is that things are not going so well for them. They are becoming far more worldly and more base by the year. If there ever was a denomination in peril, it might be them. I don’t know of another group who inspires as much hatred by former members as the JWs do. But JWs are not very influential on Christianity. But Satan certainly is panicking now. His final hours have arrived and then we are done with him for a 1000 years, before he get one last quick chance to mislead to see if the training if a 1000 years took root in everyone or not.


  1. Awesome reporting! I have been reading “Ritual Abuse in the Twenty First Century.” While the chapter escapes me perhaps cause of confusing with another chapter, I will be discussing it on my website soon. But based on that chapter unspecified for now, I will assert that Cover up and Cover Over are not due to incompetence. Not at all. It is due to deliberate sabotage of the process, having infiltrated most police, social services, media, and most of all, because SRA is so often involved withe the ultra horrible Trauma Based Mind Control (TBMC) practiced by the most secret of agencies of various governments, which then enables control of courts, hospitals, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, many of whom work for these secret government agencies directly. so that there is no where you can go or turn to without running into trouble and coverup. Satanists have infiltrated everything every where. Make no mistake about this! and a number of governments are all allies and practitioners of TBMC, also known by names like MKULTRA, Project Bluebird, Monarch Programming, and others as well. These produce various types of mind control slave.

    This system enable world-wide networking and trafficking of kids, sex, drugs, weapons, espionage, False flag attacks. assassinations and so much more. MK slaves are fail-proof means of keeping secrets, secrets. MK slaves enable complete secret manipulation of the Federal reserve banking system of the USA and I am sure, the UK and others, too. Most SRA exists because of the need for MK slaves. Besides programming slaves, Small less sophisticated cults exist to infiltrate the police and other such agencies.Local cults also enable child porn and distribution and sales of porn, which the government help distribute and conceal from public knowledge. Local cults offer their kids to Satan for trafficking tours inside their country and outside on field trips as well. We know that many schools participate in these sorts of activities.

    By all this we know that the devil reigns supreme and the nations all serve this Satanic demon. There remains two things. One, to publicize what goes on in secret all over the world. 2nd, that only God can really help to get this message out, because of the total compromise of the system that runs the whole world and all nations in it. It will take an act of God to enable this. That means that only supplicating this specific God, the one of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses, and not the Talmud, can we get the protection we will need if this cause is to reach people and warn them of the danger so well hidden from us, but so ever present and active everywhere. to venerate or supplicate any other deity will result in failure. God does not share His help or glory with any “sock puppets” of Satan, which are all the other pagan gods. Yes, Satan has been using many sock puppets for now over 6000 years. So its God or Satan, there are no other real choices. You all have just two. Choose wisely!

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  2. Sabine, the time has come. These revelations can no longer be suppressed. What is unfolding now is unstoppable and the current abusers who think themselves all-powerful will be undone by the truth. Millions of people are now aware of the horrific truth of the satanic abuse of children, who has done it, who is doing it and why. This is a revolution of the heart: those who love and are loving are coming to understand the prison that they have acquiesced to for so long. And soon it will all be washed away.

    Not by fighting, Not by killing. But by love.

    And in this instance, one of the people who shone the light on the path for the others to follow was you.

    Thank you.

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  3. Candle prayers have been said aloud at my church ever since the Whistle-blower children disclosed the truth about Satanic worship .God is certainly the One that can overcome this evil but we are His Agents to carry out His desires And we must speak out about this evil and act upon it .


  4. I’ve just written to the Children’s Commissioner to ask when the Report was actually published and if Jan 2012 as stated, why the delay? Even Pauffley couldn’t have ignored it if she’d had it last March – so is that why she didn’t have it? If it was published in 2012 Next question: who was responsible for distributing such vital information to the English Family Courts?


  5. The police do not make the law ! They Ignore it to protect the paedophiles from
    prosecution, because the police are paedophiles, and they blackmail other deviants
    it is a police industry they run drugs, launder money, traffic children as proven by
    the Royal Commission Inquiry NSW chapter 5. vol. 4. police protection for paedophiles.

    The Law-Makers are MP,s a lot of them are paedos, hence their actions to
    destroy Danczuk MP for exposing Lib Dem paedo Cyril Smith and the Police
    in Rochdale protected him from prosecution, blaming MI5, MI6, uncle tom cobberly and all

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