Twelve Days of #Christmas to Plan a Year of Exposure of #Satanism

I shall expand on the questions below soon, as they are all based on links I have studied.

Meanwhile, this is to let you know my utter commitment to expose satanism in as many facets as they come my way – with the enthusiasm of the Hallelujah in Händel’s Messiah:

Who wants to believe the American preacher who says that satanism is the fastest growing church in Europe?

Who wants to know that in Australia the satanist Bible is made from the skin of the blackest aborigines?

Who wants to appreciate that satanists exist not only in our midst, but also in the global elite?Who wants to acknowledge what satanists are doing to animals, children and adults?

Allow me to take you through my ‘gradual shock therapy’ so that you can benefit from my learning curve.

Allow me to use the twelve nights of Christmas to map out some of the satanic aspects that have come my way only recently:

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  1. Gog and Magog – photographed in the City of London in October this year – the names of an individual and his land – but also the names of hostile nations in the world in Revelation;
  2. 15-year-old Israeli Nathan who saw in his Near-Death Experience what has been described in the Torah and the Bible:
    • Heaven and Hell;
    • God is looking at you whether there is ‘holiness’, looking for ‘repentance’;
    • the revelation of the Messiah is going to happen very soon;
    • the redemption of Israel is going to happen;
    • all nations will unite against Israel:
    • the Second Coming and Israel’s future of World War III triggered by ‘gog’ Obama;
  3. this young woman was clinically dead, too, and shares “What God told me”;
  4. Richard Cole Near-Death Experience when he was 65 felt Jesus putting his arms around him, making him feel unconditional love;
  5. Derek Prince (1915 – 2003) – a former Cambridge professor of Greek who became a wandering preacher, eventually exorcising satanic spirits as a most impressive expert:

8 thoughts on “Twelve Days of #Christmas to Plan a Year of Exposure of #Satanism

  1. 1. I’d like to see something more than Wikipedia for a subject as deep as Gog and Magog. Gog/Magog attack God’s people after they are let out of prison where they have been for 3.5 years. Ezekiel says it is greed that motivates them. Most make the mistake of Taking Israel in Ezekiel to be the fleshly/national Israel, when in reality, it is about the new Israel, spiritual Israel that inherited then mantle when the Jews had it taken from them after they killed God’s son. So the very small group of Jews who followed and accept Christ became the new leaders of that new nation, so to speak. Christians are the new Israel, spiritual Israel of above. All must come to God’s son for deliverance now. Any fleshly Jew now must accept Christ if they are to be blessed by God.
    2. The real Jesus/Messiah will not be coming in the flesh as he offered his flesh in sacrifice before God in heaven on Pentecost after his resurrection. He gave up his life so that Adam’s offspring could become that of Jesus instead. The only Christ/Messiah to come will be a false one, a deceiver with all the power of Satan in him. He will lie and mislead. He will bring unprecedented evil into the world. God will judge him after 7 years.
    3. Israel the nation, will not be redeemed. They will not accept Jesus but they will embrace the antichrist. In the end, Israel the nation, will be destroyed by another nation, at the end of the 7 years of the antichrist. This was foretold by Moses, too, in Deuteronomy around chapter 31 or 32.
    4. The antichrist will be the false end coming. The nations will be subdued and the temple will be rebuilt and the priesthood reinstalled. But these are a rejection of Jesus who sacrificed himself, do that we do not need priests or animal sacrifices. Israel must accept Jesus, and not animals.
    5. Near death experiences are not replacements or substitutes for the Bible. NDEs are not valid evidence of anything since demons can potentially cause NDEs. The Bible is the only certain thing.
    6. Derek Prince had lots of interesting things to say. Casting out demons is possibly impressive. But it is not a replacement for the Bible. The Bible is the word of God and can not lie or be invalidated.
    7. Derek was good in pointing out the Satanic organization, structure, tactics, activities, and propaganda warfare on earth.

    But what I would like to see it in more detail or a better outline and some scriptural reference backing as well. Any good presentation can not be put together quickly or overnight. Its taken me from 2004 to the present to come up with what I have. That’s 11 years.

    I think a good thorough presentation is required and necessary. It should not be missing. Those would be my thoughts in overlooking this blog post.


    • I spoke to someone who has been studying gog and magog for some 20 years. Hence I sent this comment as email in your quest for knowledge:

      Truth1now has his (her?) own stance on these matters….if I were in the same room as him I would suggest he returns to the Bible for whatever information he seeks as this would answer his question without confronting his paradigm (in fact vindicating it).

      After receiving your email with its links, I read the Wiki article on (biblical as opposed to folklore) Gog and Magog and was impressed by the quality of its writing. It covered all the bases I had found in my researches 20 years ago and added a few bits and bobs I didn’t know. I would have been pleased to have been the author.
      If Truth1now really wanted to know more about G/MG he could do a lot worse than reading that article and then following the copious citations and links at the bottom….but I suspect he is grasping for something beyond that which is there….given his clearly stated theological standpoint,if the Bible isn’t enough for him,I surely cannot help him.
      The folkloric Gog and Magog are just as interesting (though their article is nowhere near as well written)
      Gogmagog (folklore) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


      • I was pleased to have a reply and examined by others. But my reply to the unknown source when he says to return back to the Bible, is that the scriptures covered by Wikipedia were grossly deficient compared to mine. This is my article dealing with Gog and Magog:

        They are in Ezekiel’s visions as well as Revelation 20, too, referring to another Gog/Magog at the end of the thousand years of peace.

        Part of the problem is that we are dealing with prophetic symbols. These are cryptic by intent, and are metaphors and symbols. Gog and Magog are symbols. But Wiki and I agree that the event referred to in Ezekiel 28 is in the end times. But where he says “Israel” being attacked, he has obviously ignored that Israel could have more than one meaning and indication and has not supplied why he chose the “old original Israel and not the new “spiritual” one referred to by Paul, where he contrasted the seed of Abraham (Israel) according the flesh and the other seed according to a promise. This Israel was Sarah where as the fleshly Israel was of Hagar who bore Ishmael to Abraham.

        Missing in the Wiki article was also Ezekiel chapters 26 & 27, whereas Derrick Prince only covered Ezekiel 28. Dereck was very good. But he died in 2003 and I wrote my first part of my article linked above in 2004. I made later additions in 2010 and 2013, based in part on new discoveries in the Dead Sea Scrolls. The 2013 material adds Eze. 26 & 27 among others.

        Derek also mentioned Isaiah 14. But he neglected 13, 47, and 48, and 23 & 24, too. They all belong together. Part of the problem is that prophecies were split up into pieces and scattered throughout and thru different writers. One, to show that a consistent coherent picture could be made thru multiple authors in different times and yet still remain unified. This would amount to it showing a Divine author behind it. But as well, it was the wished of the devil that it be made difficult for any to decipher the prophecies by putting them in symbols and scattering them. As well, the cryptic nature helped preserve the bible as well.

        Derek died before much more came to light in scripture as well as in the world. So I benefit from further revelations to help my understanding along.

        I would suggest to my opponent that he address how or why he picks one Israel over the other. My article covering that:

        Gog and Magog attack at the very end of the 7 years of the antichrist. This is when the bones of Israel get brought back to life, so to speak. They get out of prison or camps. The attack scenario given by the wiki article suggests that Israel is perhaps attacked before the temple is rebuilt and before the antichrist arrives. But the attack is to follow the death of the antichrist after he has 7 years. My opponent says I have my own views. Of course. The goal is simply to explain choices for the scenarios suggested.

        My opponent did not address a single specific subject or point. So typically evasive of critics do not hesitate to speak and yet they say virtually nothing.

        But another great challenge for any who take up the interpretation of prophecy, is to make all the many various symbols all fit together without any pieces left out of place. To form a complete integrated logical picture. Interpreting prophecy is not for the light hearted and not for the timid and those who want to just brush over things lightly without a lot of effort. So I leave my two links with tons of into packed into them, should one dare to ponder these things with great care. It will require great care and will not be done in a day.

        I have the highest regard for any who dare to take this subject up. The key is to be persistent.


        • Thank You, truth1now!

          From my scientific insights, I know it’s all about the interplay between ‘visible light’ and ‘invisible light energy’.

          From my ‘symbolic interpretation’ point of view, it’s about ‘good and bad images’, ‘pleasant and unpleasant icons’.

          From my point of view of ‘mental energies’, it’s about
          * ideas and concepts
          * notions and theories
          * opinions and interpretations
          * nomenclature and language.

          The rest is … silence…


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