The history of claims that secret Satanic cults are abusing children. Satanic Ritual Abuse


4 thoughts on “The history of claims that secret Satanic cults are abusing children. Satanic Ritual Abuse

  1. I Have been reading about the early 90s claims of false memory syndrome (FMS), which syndrome did not begin with psychologist nor was it ever accepted by the APA. As well, it undermines or contradicts the essence of most law which has always highly regarded eye witness testimony. FMS was fabricated to discredit a 6 year trial, the most expensive on record. “Ritual Abuse in the 21st Century,” chapters 6 and 7 discuss this in detail. The McMartin case was sabotaged and lacked a true investigation. Sound familiar to anyone? Can you say Hampstead-Barnett? A dig was organized and supervised by an X-FBI Agent, Ted Gunderson. They showed unequivocally that there had been tunnels and they discovered artifacts of a Satanic nature and implication as well in the debris fill that attempted a coverup. In my book, a proved coverup should also prove guilt. No need to coverup if there is not guilt.

    The problem has been, since the 80s began, that enough people were in all the places needed such as police, lawyers, doctors, judges, academics and others, that allowed these cases to be covered up. We are outnumbered and outgunned and have been since 1980, at least, to the present, in which child stealing has become the new government rage thru child “protection” services, which in some nations do not have to have evidence of physical abuse but can now claim mere “possible” emotional abuse. In other words, it is not even certain that abuse will ever be committed, but on the suspicion that maybe it might later happen, they steal the kids. So one does not need to commit any crime. Really, what is there that we could not convict anyone of, in suggesting they may or may not commit a crime someday so we need to lock everyone up now, just in case.

    Further, the judgement of a CPS officer is all that is needed, and it is not subject to any real review. Judges just rubber stamp such nonsense. No facts have to be listed to justify the judgment. Imagine a serious crime like taking a child from a parent without any solid facts at all? This is not only insanity run amok, it is extremely criminal. All aspects of government and enforcement are controlled by monstrous gangsters now. Even the thin veil of pretense of law is gone. Nothing to hide. its all done in the open and most of the population has not a clue. We have become so dumbed down by the national school systems and TV/Movies, that we can no longer look after our own long term best interests. We have become mere infants, intellectually, and we are in desperate need of a diaper change in the head.

    We have failed to be responsible accountable human beings. We failed ourselves and each other. Can we recover? I say no, sadly. Let me put it this way, once the Titanic hit the iceberg and ruptured its side for some distance, the fatal damage was done. It did not immediately sink, but in 2 hours it was beneath the waves and 1500 living beings lost their lives in a most painful way.

    We have lost too much ground to ever recover now. What will take place now is separating the sheep, so few in number today, from the goats, so vast and numerous that they surround us in all directions. The battle can no longer be won by the good side, the intelligent side. It is now a battle between supernatural forces aligned on two opposing sides. The victory will be God’s, but His harvest may not be that impressive, at least as it appears. But the survivors by some merit, will be what God needs to start the world over again, with lessons drawn from what we are experiencing now. We can not afford to let evil get too big as it has now. Our time to act was long in the past. in the future, we will need to be proactive and alert to small infringements of intellectual error and moral deception.

    But our only mission now is to show to God that we might be worthy and useful to Him as subjects who will finally listen to Him, rather than think we have all the answers when “we” told Him to buzz off in the Garden of Eden. We will not be allowed to make that mistake again. Its His way or the highway to you know where!

    Or as they say, hindsight is 20/20 vision. 😉


    • Well said truth1now, I believe you are correct, without a doubt and most people will say you are mad, but we are in good company because they also accused Jesus of being mad.
      Gods will, will be done and the final Bible prophecies are unfolding now, in their appointed time but most people will continue ignoring reality discerned only from loving hearts and healthy minds.

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      • Its good to hear a reinforcing voice for a change. I can’t deny that. My only bewilderment is in how few seem to grasp the enormity of what is confronting us now. We are seeing the finale’ coming to a head and I don’t think many really believe it. But I have very recently heard two people, two witnesses if you will, recognize the importance of this most unique time in the history of mankind. David Shurter and Fiona Barnett both recognize that the ever growing number of people becoming aware of the Satanic cults and worshipers harming children is really the principle test we all face and getting this right will determine much in regards to salvation. And I am compelled to speak of a man, who for whatever controversy he might or might nor stir, in campaigning as a spiritual guide, said he was not going to write about those things as long as Ella’s 2 kids were not returned to her. Because if the world does not care about something like that, then what possible point would there be to trying to enlighten the world to anything else?

        I deeply value that opinion. I found the videos of the kids in February and we near the next February. I have pondered this case and written things and read things on the subject. Almost nothing else has held my attention since. I thought early on that this case had the marks of Divine interest in it. Dave and Fiona seem to agree. You and I most likely agree. If people can not be concerned about all that has in the past and continues to, happen to children, then nothing else really matters a damn. So I appeal to God for mercy, not to me, but to entire world of children who have not been allowed a somewhat carefree childhood. I would give anything for that. And as important, that we really take to heart what has happened to get us to here so that we can avoid ever ever making this mistake ever again. The horror that a lesson like this should go to waste is or would be the greatest of all tragedies. We must learn from our mistakes. That is our purpose in living. To make wrong right, if allowed that chance, and it just so happens that that was the plan of God all along. I am sure I will hear no complaints from you about that. Its nice to meet one once in a while. Only by the hand of God, we shall overcome!



    For anyone who wishes, here is a template email you can just add your signature to & send:

    Kathryn Hudson – Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards
    Telephone: 020 7219 0320


    Dear Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards:

    RE: Request for an ethics inquiry into the conduct of four serving MPs:

    1) Dr Julian Lewis MP
    2) Peter Lilley MP
    3) Peter Bottomley MP
    4) Sir Edward Leigh MP

    It has been alleged that the MPs above were knowingly involved – either as perpetrators, accessories or both – in a national Child Sex Trafficking operation and organised Child Sexual Abuse that saw vulnerable adolescents (legal minors) trafficked to Westminster from the Bryn Alyn Community children’s homes in North Wales to be sexually assaulted by MPs at addresses in London.

    Specific charges relating to the above were made against Messrs Lewis, Lilley, Bottomley and Leigh – by child abuse victims/survivors, whistle-blowers and eyewitnesses – to journalists working on a print title of the 1990s called Scallywag.

    The editorial team at Scallywag duly reported the children’s allegations of MPs’ involvement in Child Sex Trafficking and organised Child Sexual Abuse to its readers located throughout the United Kingdom.

    The MPs Lewis, Lilley, Bottomley and Leigh did not litigate to disprove the allegations.

    Allegations of criminal conduct are of course a matter for the police, who naturally have been notified of Scallywag’s reports and findings. (On this score it is our understanding that current police investigations are indeed looking at whether MPs engaged in criminal Child Sex Trafficking and organised Child Sexual Abuse over a sustained period.)

    But what the police cannot investigate is whether the MPs concerned behaved in accordance with accepted standards of ethics to which the public rightly holds its elected representatives.

    We believe an investigation into whether the relevant MPs’ conduct met the accepted ethical standards can only be addressed by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards. As such, we are writing to you to request an urgent ethics inquiry into the four serving MPs identified above: namely Julian Lewis MP, Peter Lilley MP, Peter Bottomley MP and Sir Edward Leigh MP.

    Please view here the original Scallywag articles, which set out in some detail the specific allegations of unethical conduct against the MPs concerned:

    Thank you for considering our request for an investigation. May we wish you all peace and happiness this festive season, and we look forward to receiving your response in due course.

    Merry Christmas,

    [your name here, or email anonymously if you aren’t comfortable including your name]

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