A Prophetic Girl Painting, Healing and Preaching – the #HolySpirit between #Israel and #Palestine

The above video gives hope, as it is all VERY serious what the world has become and what I heard via videos over the last few days:

As The Spectator writes:

a country that has become cavalier about severing that most sacred bond between a newborn and its mother — yes, even if the mother is immature or stupid or on drugs — has lost the moral plot.


3 thoughts on “A Prophetic Girl Painting, Healing and Preaching – the #HolySpirit between #Israel and #Palestine

  1. Well, there is good reason to be concerned. How does a government justify taking a child at birth when the mother has not even had a chance to harm the child, yet. And the excuse of possible (but not certain or guaranteed) emotional harm is way beyond the reasonable concept of any law. Law is supposed to punish actual committed crimes, not potential that may not even ever happen. Punishment for no crime? For the risk of crime only? this makes horror movies look tame by comparison. How did we become so irrational and monstrous?

    It is clear that Satanists, and I will not ever use the name Luciferian, indicating an angel of light (my ass), but will always use Satan knowing it pisses him and his followers off, they now control most of the world. It will not take much more to swallow up most of the remaining holdouts. More cult kids will enter the world and form new colonies and work their way into more circles so that no justice of any kind will be possible.

    But humans are great for thinking that they can overcome anything. Irrational exuberance, I would call it. This has escaped our control and is now a raging forest fire all over the world. There is only one hope left to any decent people. Not Superman, not Batman, not a great national leader. It will take Satan’s adversary to stop Satan. If Satan is real, than so is God. but many hate the God option. They don’t like His rules and insistence on those rules.

    but do they like the alternative? I would hope not! It is not God’s will to stop Satan and restore order at this time. Satan will be allowed to test everyone to their limits. God wants to know if we have a point of compromise or not. He only wants those who will not. But they will have to face quite the challenge since Satan will dominate even more, the world. We will be outnumbered and out-gunned. God will help us face it and stand up to it, but He is not going to relived us of it. We will have to take a stand. He wants to know who is and who is not! Satan wants to know that, too. He wants to cost as many as possible their lives.

    so it will not get better. it will get far worse. the whole world will be one big cult to Satan. We need to develop the right priorities and attitudes. escape is not possible but if we dare to trust God, God can lead us thru this successfully. Successfully might mean trusting that God can and will being back people to life who are killed by Satan’s hordes. Can we all have that much trust in God? We need to trust that much.

    If we give God what He asks, He can lighten our load and deliver us, from the destruction Satan is planning for all the world. God is going to interrupt that plan of the devil and frustrate the devil’s plans and God deliver His people. But we need to find out what it takes to be one of His people. We have to know what He wants and expects of us, in order to receive the kind of protection we need against impossible odds. It can be done, but only with great effort and trust. And it involves God’s recorded written instructions that God saw fit to have printed in nearly every language on earth. What a deal, lets not let that pass by! Our lives depend on it!


  2. Hi what happened to the two kids you reported on in Hampstead and the mother?



    On Sunday, December 20, 2015, In the Best Interests of the ‘Whistleblower


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