Near-Death Experiences #NDE as Messages for Us as Individuals and Humanity as a Whole

This young woman decided to turn her ‘recklessly induced’ near-death experience into a video log. She answered questions that her YouTube audience put to her. On this fourth of five videos she repeated the message twice: KINDNESS matters. For you will feel in your heart what the people felt like when you hurt, abused or tortured them, before you leave your body for good.

She also says that we are all powerful and can change the world is going. APATHY in that regard matters as much as KINDNESS!

On an even more political level, the NDE of a 15-year-old non-religious Israeli who was also ‘clinically dead’ for 15 minutes, was shown the possible WWIII against Israel, triggered by Obama, besides the Second Coming.

I  blogged about it in more detail on

The video below is a 14-minute comment by Dr Patricia Snow based on the original 2-hour interview in Hebrew. Another of her videos is called Cancelling Satan’s Assignments!

Remember this article by a remarkable blogger who has unfortunately ceased to report: VIP Child Abuse and the missing religion.

And if you want yet another message about our changing times and our COLLECTIVE responsibility to make a difference, do listen to Jerry Wills when he spoke at the UFO Conference in Norway in 2014. His 60 years of life experiences with ‘aliens’ are distinctly more fascinating than the X-Factor and his voice is beautiful to listen to.


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