The Mystery of #Shambhala – the Unifying Principle for #Humanity

The Mystery of Shambhala is a remarkably well researched and written article – in the NEW DAWN – the world’s most unusual magazine, as it describes itself.

Already published in 2002, it is as fascinating today as it was then.

Above all, it is rooted in the descriptions of two explorers who set out in search of Shambhala as a physical place in Tibet.

But it also suggests that you don’t need to travel, for the kindgom of Shambhala is in your own heart…


Forgive Everyone Everything: no 28 of 45 #Lessons in #Life

15 12 24 Lesson 28I got this slide show for Christmas this year.

Lesson 28 hit me most:

  • Forgive Everyone Everything.

That requires quite an effort of

  • turning pain into courage
  • changing anger into pity
  • and transforming emotions into understanding, it seems.

For what is my motor for standing up for Children’s and Grandchildren’s Rights?

I’m sure it’s outrage above all else. At all those perpetrators who not only commit crimes but also cover them up.

  • Who not only kill, abuse and torture physically, but also online, emotionally.
  • Who collude, conspire and contrive, with 40 or so false accounts.
  • Who are hypocrites and intimidators, liars and fakes, abusing position and power, assuming ‘authority’ with wig and robe, uniforms and cells.

And I have to forgive all those victims who hate us as ‘rescuers’ and McKenzie Friends for not having ‘solved their case’ for them.  Continue reading

Twelve Days of #Christmas to Plan a Year of Exposure of #Satanism

I shall expand on the questions below soon, as they are all based on links I have studied.

Meanwhile, this is to let you know my utter commitment to expose satanism in as many facets as they come my way – with the enthusiasm of the Hallelujah in Händel’s Messiah:

Who wants to believe the American preacher who says that satanism is the fastest growing church in Europe?

Who wants to know that in Australia the satanist Bible is made from the skin of the blackest aborigines?

Who wants to appreciate that satanists exist not only in our midst, but also in the global elite? Continue reading

A Prophetic Girl Painting, Healing and Preaching – the #HolySpirit between #Israel and #Palestine

The above video gives hope, as it is all VERY serious what the world has become and what I heard via videos over the last few days:

As The Spectator writes:

a country that has become cavalier about severing that most sacred bond between a newborn and its mother — yes, even if the mother is immature or stupid or on drugs — has lost the moral plot.

Near-Death Experiences #NDE as Messages for Us as Individuals and Humanity as a Whole

This young woman decided to turn her ‘recklessly induced’ near-death experience into a video log. She answered questions that her YouTube audience put to her. On this fourth of five videos she repeated the message twice: KINDNESS matters. For you will feel in your heart what the people felt like when you hurt, abused or tortured them, before you leave your body for good.

She also says that we are all powerful and can change the world is going. APATHY in that regard matters as much as KINDNESS!

On an even more political level, the NDE of a 15-year-old non-religious Israeli who was also ‘clinically dead’ for 15 minutes, was shown the possible WWIII against Israel, triggered by Obama, besides the Second Coming.

I  blogged about it in more detail on

The video below is a 14-minute comment by Dr Patricia Snow based on the original 2-hour interview in Hebrew. Another of her videos is called Cancelling Satan’s Assignments! Continue reading