What #Parents #Sacrificed for their #Children: Food for Feelings on this 1st Sunday of #Advent

15 11 29 BiancaBianca Sparacino used Tumblr to ask for submissions about sacrifices our parents had made for us and got inundated.

These are five she published:

1. “I was no stranger to the fact that my father had injured himself in the war, leaving him mobile but unable to use his hands or upper body properly. I did not know, however, that he had been a renowned painter before he enlisted in the military. People would come to visit him for portraits, and his paintings were revered by many. He wouldn’t have gone into the war if it weren’t for me. He was compelled to help create a world that was peaceful for his young daughter, and he succeeded at the cost of never being able to paint again. My father
gave up his passion for me, he gave up a good career for my future, but he always made it clear that I was the best piece of art he ever created. He never regretted his decision.” — Johana

2. “My mother has always been a hardworking, successful female. She held a high-power job when females simply didn’t hold high-power jobs, and worked to provide for my sisters and I as a single mother. I just found out recently that she did it all without a high-school diploma. She went from failing math class four times to becoming a leader in the creation of formula and software development for multi-billion dollar companies. My mother is the epitome of a badass female. She pushed herself and let no one make her feel small, and she ended up coming out on top. We were always her motivation.” — Alessia

3. “Growing up I remember moving a lot. I never put much thought into this because a lot of people moved around where we were from due to the large developments that were being made in neighbourhoods at the time. One night over coffee my mom asked me if I had ever felt sad about how poor we were, and I started laughing. I never knew we were poor. Soon I found out that we moved because our homes were always taken from us, and that my parents had to beg relatives for food at times just to make sure I was eating properly. My mother and father worked five jobs just to keep us afloat, and I had absolutely no clue. Things at home were always light, they were always so fun. My parents never let their stress show to ensure that I was happy, they always made sure I had everything a young boy could have ever dreamed of.” — Anonymous

4. “I grew up without a mother because she sacrificed her life for mine. When doctors informed my parents that they would not be able to save both my mother and I, my mother boldly told them to focus on me. The decision came with no hesitation according to my Father. She left peacefully with a smile on her face. A few days before she went into labor they had decided to call me Nia, which means purpose.” — Nia

5. “My parents didn’t have to cross an ocean to make a better life for me. We always had food on the table, we were always very close. I didn’t grow up in devastation, in a war zone. My parents came from normal families, and worked very hard to make something of themselves. However, I still appreciate how much they sacrificed for me because as a parent the minute you bring someone into this world, you stop living for yourself and you start living for something bigger. They had no guidelines, and they were children raising children. They had no youth, they had to grow up so much faster than I did. There is no way that couldn’t have been stressful, there’s no way that was easy. I love my parents so much for simply just giving it their all.” — Daniell


5 thoughts on “What #Parents #Sacrificed for their #Children: Food for Feelings on this 1st Sunday of #Advent

    • It will have a huge effect. But Satan rules the world now and he is tightening his grip It will only get worse. Britain will do what it is told to do. Consideration for masses. Not a chance. Satan wants us all dead, if he could. He’ll give it his best. My only advice is to get to know God and become His friend. HE is the only one that can overcome the rebellious jerk who turned on God way back when.


  1. Indeed, what strikes me in reading these, is that parents cared about more than just themselves. Their kids had a large place in their hearts. I can’t help but notice the more recent generations who are all wrapped up in themselves and perhaps even lacking maturity for their age. Its all about them and their needs. Sorry kids! Along with this, a new class of collegians who swallow the worst of political crap such and “speaking from privilege,” or “white privilege” or “male privilege.” Freedom of speech? Not anymore. And the new college grads are just fine with that. Everything is sexist, racist, homophobic. They are so wrapped up in themselves. They think college should be free but fail to mention how that is to be paid. They have no idea. They never had to pay for anything.

    The parents of old, knew how to not get wrapped up in themselves or always be preoccupied with what they wanted. At one time, they used to wait till they had money to buy something. No credit. No instant gratification. No ” I gotta have this right now!” They could wait, they did wait. My parents got a house after they had had me for 11 years. it was an old house missing many amenities there were becoming very common place in 1970. Many of my friends left behind in Redbank, South Portland Maine USA, never did get a house. remained in the small, but very affordable at the time, apartments. Compartments, really.

    We have lost contentment and with it, lost decent self-sacrificing parents. At one time, parents taught kids to go without and sacrifice. It was part of life. Having loving sacrificing parents involves many things. Perhaps we should give more attention as to how we lost so much and how it might be recovered, or maybe we have done too poorly with our kids for too long so that now we are in a hole we can not climb out of.

    Government schools have programmed us into stupidity and selfishness. Both parents (if you’re lucky enough to have both) now work full time and overtime. Kids are raised by anyone but the parents. We must have all been sleeping for some time now. But will we ever wake up is the question. Only just a few I suspect. The only thing history truly teaches those willing to listen, is, that we never learn a thing from history. The best gauge of future performance is past performance. Sobering indeed!


  2. It is so interesting the denial of RSA, maybe it is because it scares people by its heinous intent, here is a Survivor being interviewed by Brian Gerrish, she is eloquent in her presentation.


    And a reminder of what the Hampstead kids said.


    One day it will be believed by the masses and it is not far away, wisebomb


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