Message re #ChildAbuse: We can choose to run the Deep Inner Peace Circuitry of our Right Hemisphere!

This video came from Christopher Rudy’s page on ‘light language‘ after I read his email on ‘Global Gratitude’: seven world changes to be thankful for – on the occasion of Thanksgiving in the US.

In the video David Icke introduces the American neuranatomist Jill Bolte Taylor who describes her experience of a stroke in her left brain hemisphere which allowed her to describe the Nirvana or ‘lala land’ that the right hemisphere processes.

What if all child abusers of the world got this message??? The video of her TED talk has been viewed only over 18 million times so far.


5 thoughts on “Message re #ChildAbuse: We can choose to run the Deep Inner Peace Circuitry of our Right Hemisphere!

  1. I speak as one considering the massive hateful intrusion of a hate religion that promotes rape of women who do not believe as they believe. We can talk about harmony and bliss of the mind, but I think its time for hard dose of reality. There is a real malevolent force unleashing a hell upon the world. that force kidnapped two kids and holds them in isolation from the world. Satan is now the publicly declared king of the world. he is going to force women to accommodate foreign men who came here without their own women. I will not stick my head in the sand while this is going on. Women are going to become mere slaves and objects of brutality. I had warned of this on my site, Our governments have betrayed us and especially women, who they pay lip service to, and then turn their back on as the women are raped in masses by savages. This is the Hampstead Conspiracy Coverup, multiplied exponentially.

    Satan will make all women brutally subjugated sex slaves to foreign invaders. I don’t want to hear sunshine and denial, or meditation and going off into la la land. Time for some very serious reality. Satan is real. Luckily, this also like means that God is real and I would strongly recommend that all get to know God thru His bible in one very big crash course of intense study. Only God is going to get us out of this mess now. Only He can battle Satan. God has allowed all to see what sort of person Satan really is. Which one do you like better? God can help and can save, but He demands unconditional surrender and obedience, with everything done His way. No pick and choose. Its all or nothing. don’t confuse God or the Bible with the lying church and denomination leaders. They belong to Satan. He bought them off centuries ago. Avoid established leaders and get to know God for yourself.

    You need to know what He wants and why. With that, you can come under his protection. Otherwise, you will face the rape, pillage, and murder of evil hordes. Now God foretold a false hope, to be presented by Satan, A false, phony, imitation of Jesus to mislead people down the wrong path. You need to know what the right path is and not fall for this phony Jesus. The real one is in heaven and plans to stay there. the false Jesus will come as an alien invasion, complete with UFOs and all. Fall for him and you’re as good as dead. Reject him and stick with God and you will be placed on concentration camps and prisons for your own safe keeping by the will of God. It will not be presented as safe keeping but as punishment and it will be said to be forever, but God says only 3.5 years and it will end up being salvation God’s way. After 3.5 years, our rescue will follow shortly.

    Time to get to work and learn about God today. No more time to delay, the time is up, the game is over. Lets get serious and approach the creator of us all and ask Him for His guidance and wisdom and not our own. I could not be more serious.


  2. Thanks for this Sabine.

    Very moving,inspiring & insightful from Jill Bolte Taylor

    I find it funny how no one who has had what they would describe as a near death experience ever reports seeing The Big Chief & His Big Wrath

    Meditate on that
    @ “truth1now”


    • There are many forms of inspiration, and 2 different sources of inspiration. One needs to be picky about inspiration. The videos I saw were most disturbing. How inspired would I be if I turned my back on what was being done, cruelly and mercilessly, to an innocent trusting European population betrayed by their governments and attacked, raped, and no gratitude toward the freebies those citizens have to cough up for their uninvited guests. If you can turn your back on that, then make no mistake about this. You are in league with the devil, who also happens to specialize in his own brand of inspiration. Drink up Door2Door. Your not out of the water yet. The English Channel is not that hard to cross. You got a chunnel and ferries. May the real God of true inspiration have mercy on the native Euro masses that you obviously disdain. And I do know something about inspiration! More than you I bet!

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